Darren Vine logged up his second feature win of the season with victory in Round 3 of the Polar Ice Midget Series at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on Saturday November 4.

The returning Brendan Palmer (EastLink Air Breka/Esslinger) topped the points table after qualifying and led the way on the green in the 25-lap main event only for the red lights to appear before the field reached the back straight.   Darren Dillon (Eagle/Gaerte) had climbed Adam Wallis’ right rear wheel in the first turn and rolled a couple of times.  He was uninjured but out of the race due to the damage while Wallis was also sidelined with a broken right rear shock.

When the race resumed Palmer again led away only for Darren Vine (Mike Vine Turbos Spike/Esslinger) to surge past and head the field at the completion of the first rotation.  Rusty Whittaker (P2) also accounted for Palmer during the opening lap while Scott Farmer, Michael Harders, Reid Mackay and Anthony Chaffey pushed towards the front.  A spun car during lap 8 brought on the yellow lights and caused the demise of Dan Biner (NSW) with a bent front axle and Brad Harrison a flat right front tyre.

The restart gave Whittaker (Ti Bolts & Pace Partz King/Esslinger) a chance to attack Vine but it all came to nothing when he spun and although he was avoided by the cars behind was rear of the field for the restart.  On the next start Scott Farmer (Spike/Esslinger) moved inside Vine to take over the front running only for Vine to recover the lead before the lap was completed.  Whittaker quickly picked up some positions but encountered a bunch of cars including Scott Doyle, Scott Wilson and Jason Bell which momentarily slowed his progress while he threaded his way past.

Vine continued to lead with Farmer settled in second and Palmer next, but it was clearly visible that both Anthony Chaffey (Western Landscape Supplies Spike/Mopar) and Whittaker were gaining places as the laps began to run out.  Chaffey succeeded in passing Palmer for third near the end while Whittaker managed to climb his way back to sixth.  The top six were Darren Vine, Scott Farmer, Anthony Chaffey, Brendan Palmer, Michael Harders and Whittaker.  Michael Harders also had the honour of winning the first allocation of bonus money from Bob Baker’s Random Draw and picked up $ 500 in addition to his prize-money.

The Timed Hot Laps were run on a fast track and the quickest time see-sawed between a couple of drivers.  At the completion it was Rusty Whittaker (13.664) just ahead of Brendan Palmer (13.681) and Scott Farmer (13.709).  In all, there were ten cars that timed in under 14 seconds.

Reid Mackay (Direct Plasterboard Outlet CP3/Hawk) showed good speed to charge from the second row to win the opening heat from Farmer and Whittaker.  Scott Wilson (Western Landscape Supplies Boss/Stanton SR 11) swept into the lead of heat 2 but proceedings were brought a halt during the second lap when Brad Young (Federal Tyres Spike/Gaerte) spun and was collected by Dan Biner (Syndicate Communications Boss/Esslinger) and Adam Wallis who finished with wheels up.  Wilson continued to lead after the restart but Darren Vine (P5) was on a mission and grab the point with a couple of laps remaining.

Vine tasted success again in the next heat with Adam Wallis (Boss Chassis Aust Boss/Esslinger) and Rusty Whittaker chasing him all the way to the end.  In the last qualifier, pole man Scott Wilson was in trouble for jumping the start and sent back to the second row.  Reid Mackay took charge of the lead from the start and again showed plenty of speed only to roll during the second lap.  With the race back under way there was a three-way battle for the lead between Brad Young, Scott Farmer and Brendan Palmer.  They ran wheel to wheel for a couple of laps before a touch caused Farmer to spear into the fence in turn 3.  Palmer eventually fought his way to the front where he finished ahead of Young and Darren Dillon.

The damage to the cars of Farmer and Mackay was extensive with Farmer’s Spike needing a new front axle and replacement diff while Mackay had a hole in his oil tank plus a broken Jacob’s Ladder and other suspension components.  With many people pitching in to help with the repairs ever effort was made to get the cars ready for the feature.  However, without another diff it looked like Farmer was finished for the night only for Rusty Whittaker to offer his spare.  These two young guns battle hard on the track but respect each other’s abilities and it was a very generous gesture by the defending Polar Ice Champion.  Mackay needed an oil tank and Michael Harders came to his aid with one and helped with the fittings needed to connect the hoses and fit the tank.  Young Mackay made the race just in time and battled with a car that wasn’t handling the best to salvage a hard earned 8th.

Good to see Scott Doyle, Brock Dean and Brendan Palmer making their first appearance for the season.  Dean suffered an engine miss early in the night which didn’t help his qualifying points but after changing a crank trigger was 7th in the A Main.  Doyle, in his own Beast/Gaerte, had contested the first round of the 2017/18 Speedcar Super Series at Gunnedah a couple of weeks prior and picked up a Top 10 finish at Archerfield.

New South Welshman Dan Biner had a night he would rather forget being innocently involved in other people accidents on two occasions.  Team owner Jamie Hall (Syndicate Communications Racing) was philosophical about it and said they would be back again during the season.

The Malt family has been involved in Brisbane speedway for decades and now they can add midgets to the many divisions in which they have competed.  Audie Malt joined the ranks after buying the Scott Glazebrook Spike/Hawk from Perth.  This night was his first time behind the wheel and he was happy to just run up some laps.  Unfortunately, some damage forced him out of the feature.

Both Rob Stewart and Nathan Mathers were early withdrawals after hot laps.  The oil filter on Stewarts engine came loose and it dropped some oil so the it was decided not to run it again until everything was checked.  Mathers had endured a roll-over in his Compact a week ago and with his neck still sore found it too irritating for a night of rigorous racing.

The last meeting for 2017 for the Brisbane midgets will be at the Archerfield Speedway on Saturday November 25 for the Polar Ice Series Round 4.  With the car count growing at each show and the high calibre of racing thus far this season, it will, no doubt, be another night of thrills and spills and exciting wheel to wheel action.

Timed Hot laps

Rusty Whittaker – 13.664

Brendan Palmer – 13.681

Scott Farmer – 13.709

Heat 1

1          Reid Mackay              2          Scott Farmer               3          Rusty Whittaker

Heat 2

1          Darren Vine                 2          Scott Wilson                3          Brendan Palmer

Heat 3

1          Darren Vine                 2          Adam Wallis                3          Rusty Whittaker

Heat 4

1          Brendan Palmer          2          Brad Young                 3          Darren Dillon


1          Darren Vine                 2          Scott Farmer               3          Anthony Chaffey

4          Brendan Palmer          5          Michael Harders         6          Rusty Whittaker

7          Brock Dean                 8          Reid Mackay              9          Scott Wilson

10        Scott Doyle                 11        Mitchell Rooke            12        Brad Young



QSRA President John Dean along with Archerfield’s John Kelly are working on a show set down for January the 20th 2018 paying a very attractive prize purse and aiming for 4K to win !

Expressions of interest in running this event are needed asap any interstate drivers wanting to attend there will be a very healthy tow money figure on offer also.

Please contact John Dean direct for more info on 0418 781 418 and get the info you need first hand.


Polar Ice Midget Series returns to Archerfield this weekend again with some heavy hitters !

Darren Vine returns in the 6Q along with Scott Wilson in the 42Q , Anthony Chaffey in his 25Q and Brock Dean in the 99.

First to turn a wheel this season will be Cal Whatmore , Darren Dillon and Audie Malt.

This Saturday race fans we will catch you at Archerfield Speedway for some open wheel Midget car action.

Nominations are

Q6 Darren Vine
Q12 Audie Malt
Q14 Mick Harders
Q15 Darren Dillon
Q18 Nathan Mathers
Q22 Scotty Farmer
Q25 Anthony Chaffey
Q28 Bradley Harrison
Q34 Mitchell Rooke
Q36 Cal Whatmore
Q40 Dallas Sharp
Q41 Dan Occhipinti
Q42 Scott Wilson
Q48 Brad Young
N62 Dan Biner
Q76 Reid Mackay
Q78 Rusty Whittaker
Q80 Scott Doyle
Q82 Jason Bell
Q89 Adam Wallis
Q91 Robbie Stewart
Q99 Brock Dean



When a youngster grows up watching midget racing at the famed Western Springs Speedway in Auckland there is a good chance his ambition will be to eventually race a midget.  That is the story of New Zealand born Scott Farmer who has been a revelation since buying one of Brett Thomas’ midgets earlier this year.  He has been on the cusp of winning a feature race a couple of times but on each occasion, came up short.  That all changed on Saturday October 7 when he won Round 2 of the Polar Ice Midget Series at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway.

Farmer (Spike/Esslinger) started the 25-lap feature from the second row behind pole sitter Rusty Whittaker (Ti Bolts & Race Partz King/Esslinger) and his front row partner Adam Wallis (Boss Chassis Aust Boss/Esslinger).  Whittaker took the command of the race on the green light with Wallis, Darren Vine (Mike Vine Turbos XXX/Turbo Esslinger) and Farmer next in line.  Further back Reid Mackay (P6), Troy Ware (P7) and Anthony Chaffey (P8) were advancing forward while Michael Harders quickly passed some cars after starting from the rear.  Harders was due to start from P5 but when a push car hit his left rear tyre he was forced to stop and replace the wheel before the race began.

Wallis rolled to a stop during lap 8 when the oil pump drive broke which brought on the yellow lights.  When racing resumed Farmer was second behind Whittaker while Ware (Ware Constructions Spike/Mopar) grabbed the third spot before 10 laps had been completed.  Mackay and Vine were battling hard behind the lead trio with Anthony Chaffey (WLS Landscape Supplies Spike/Mopar) solid in sixth.  Whittaker, the reigning Polar Ice Champion, looked to have the race in the bag until he caught a rut in lap 18 which slowed his progress momentarily and gave Farmer an opportunity to race past and into the lead.

Farmer would not relinquish the lead during the remaining laps and went on to score his maiden feature win.  Whittaker finished second ahead of Ware with Reid Mackay winning the battle with Vine.  It was a good race to win as the round carried Double Points towards the 2017-18 Polar Ice Series.

 The timed Hot laps featured a spirited swapping of the fastest lap between Scott Farmer and Troy Ware until Adam Wallis came from nowhere in the final lap to be the quickest with a 14.026 time.  During his Hot Lap segment Dallas Sharp, unfortunately, hit the fence and rolled but with some swift work and help from others was ready for his first heat.

Rusty Whittaker took the honours in the opening heat from Rob Stewart (Jester Race Engines Spike/Brayton Ford) and Reid Mackay (Direct Plasterboard Outlet CP3/Hawk).  Both Corey Stothard and Mark George failed to finish and their problems would eventually prove to be terminal.  Kristy Bonsey (Breka/Gaerte) led the opening laps of the second qualifier until a fuel fitting came loose.  Troy Ware surged forward from the third row to claim the win after an intense duel with Darren Vine.

Troy Ware didn’t get the result he wanted in heat 3 after he rolled heavily a couple of times after catching a rut.  The car wasn’t badly damaged and would be repaired in time for the feature. Wallis and Vine then raced wheel to wheel for some laps before Wallis secured the win from Vine and Mackay.  Anthony Chaffey (WLS Landscape Supplies Spike/Mopar) scored his first win in his new car in the last qualifier from Whittaker and Michael Harders (Auto Upgrade Spike/KRE Eagle).  Rob Stewart hit the wall during the race after a new torsion bar stop broke.  The resultant damage ended his night.

Relative newcomers Mitchell Rooke and Nathan Mathers were steady all night and benefitted from the experience.  Mathers has put together a new Eagle car for the season fitted with the Esslinger engine used last season by Darren Vine.

Next outing for the QSRA is round 3 of the Polar Ice Series at Archerfield on November 4.  The 2017-18 Speedcar Super Series kicks off next Saturday, October 14, at the Gunnedah Speedway in western New South Wales.  The contracted Queensland drivers are Troy Ware, Adam Wallis, Scott Doyle and New Zealander Jimi-Ray Quin in the Greenwood Family CP3/Eagle while a couple of others including Scott Wilson and Anthony Chaffey are also keen to race in Gunnedah.

Long term QSRA car owner and driver Peter Harders is facing a very delicate operation this week while current car owner Rodney Singleton is having further knee surgery to rectify a long-term problem.  We wish them both well for successful outcomes and a speedy recovery

Timed Hot Laps

Adam Wallis – 14.026

Scott Farmer – 14.042

Troy Ware – 14.110

Heat 1

1          Rusty Whittaker                      2          Rob Stewart                3          Reid Mackay

Heat 2

1          Troy Ware                               2          Darren Vine                 3          Anthony Chaffey

Heat 3

1          Adam Wallis                            2          Darren Vine                 3          Reid Mackay

Heat 4

1          Anthony Chaffey                    2          Rusty Whittaker          3          Michael Harders


1          Scott Farmer                           2          Rusty Whittaker          3          Troy Ware

4          Reid Mackay                          5          Darren Vine                 6          Anthony Chaffey

7          Brad Young                             8          Mitchell Rooke            9          Michael Harders

10        Dallas Sharp



The Polar Ice Midget Series R2 hits Archerfield Speedway this Saturday the 7th of October !

With what appears to be another quality field headed by R1 winner Darren Vine along with Wallis, MacKay, George, Rooke and Stewart.

Turning wheels for the first show this season are Chaffey, Ware, Doyle, Mathers and Stothard.

We have been advised that any late nominations recieved after 5.30pm today ( Monday the 2nd ) will be ROF the entire night.

Nominations are

14Q Mick Harders
16Q Mark George
18Q Nathan Mathers
19Q Darren Vine
22Q Scott Farmer
23Q Kristy Bonsey
25Q Anthony Chaffey
34Q Mitchell Rooke
40Q Dallas Sharp
44Q Corey Stothard
48Q Brad Young
61Q Scott Doyle
71Q Troy Ware
76Q Reid MacKay
78Q Rusty Whittaker
89Q Adam Wallis
91Q Robbie Stewart




Darren Vine started the 2017-18 season the way he began last season with a decisive victory in the opening round of the Polar Ice Midget Series at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on Saturday September 16.

Mark George (Flashlube Breka/Porsche) finished the qualifying heats at the top of the points table and was determined to make it difficult for Vine who started the 20-lap main beside him.  Due to a blustery wind, the track had been dry and slick most of the night.  However, when John Kelly reworked the top of the track at interval it allowed for two lane racing.  George won the run into the first corner with Vine (Spike/Esslinger) running high on the track.  Vine’s car was obviously set up to run with his right rear on the edge of the cushion and he surged into the lead during the third rotation.

George was soon under siege from Michael Harders (Auto Upgrade Spike/KRE Deppe) on the low side while Adam Wallis (Boss Chassis Aust Boss/Esslinger) also used the high line and quickly advanced from the third row and soon jumped ahead of Harders.  Scott Farmer (Spike/Esslinger) had started in the second row but lost three positions in the opening lap which meant he had to pass cars before he could threaten the leaders.

The yellow lights appeared during lap 11 when Rob Stewart (Jester Race Engines Spike/Brayton Ford) spun into the fence at the end of the back straight and was out with a damaged Jacob’s-Ladder and broken torsion bar stop.  The restart order had Adam Wallis still on a blinder of a charge now right on Vine’s rear push bar while Farmer had fought his way back to fourth behind Harders with George fifth.  Wallis tried to challenge for the lead but Vine had speed to burn and maintained command.  Farmer rounded up Harders during lap 15 only to spin a lap later and be tagged by Brad Young (Federal Tyres Spike/Gaerte).  Both could go again but from the rear with only a handful of laps left.

Darren Vine, the reigning QSRA Club Champion, was the deserving winner of the opening PIMS round with Adam Wallis putting in a super impressive drive in his first night in the seat of the Neilson Motorsport Boss finishing as runner up with Michael Harders beginning his campaign with a good performance.  During the off season, the Vine team procured the Esslinger engine used by Adam Clarke last season and it was obviously to Darren’s liking.  Scott Farmer was disappointed after the race but would learn from a mistake that is made even by more experienced drivers.

With a lower than expected car count for the opening night three qualifying heats were run with each driver having two outings.  Vine led the way from the front row in the opening heat with Scott Wilson (WLS Landscape Supplies Boss/Stanton SR 11) and Scott Farmer slicing and dicing through from the back of the field.  There was a minor interruption when young Compact convert Mitchell Rooke (Rod Singleton Racing Spike/Esslinger) had a spin but it made no difference to Vine who won from Mark George and Wilson.

Heat 2 was run after the first round of sprintcar heats and the track was now very slick.  It caught out Brad Young in the first lap when he spun and was collected by Robbie Stewart and Wilson who fell on to his side.  With all three cars out, it left just four to contest the event.  Farmer started up front and stayed there ahead of George and Harders. Kristy Bonsey (BC Motorsport Breka/Gaerte) was behind these three but it was clearly visible that her left rear tyre was deflating.  Bonsey battled on but with just one lap remaining the tyre blew and she rolled to a stop which brought on the yellow lights and consequently the race was declared.

The last heat also wasn’t without incident.  Adam Wallis used the open space he enjoyed starting from pole position to hit the front from the outset.  Brad Young was in trouble when he half spun entering turn 3 and then went the other way causing the car to roll over onto the top of the cage.  There was no serious damage and after being put back onto his wheels was ready to go again.   Adam Wallis secured his first win for his new team while Michael Harders kept ahead of Reid Mackay (Direct Plasterboard Outlet CP3/Hawk) to end up in second.

The season didn’t begin well for defending Polar Ice Champion Rusty Whittaker who suffered an oil pressure problem during Hot Laps and decided to park the car to not cause any further damage.  Adam Wallis didn’t make it past engine starts before he was in trouble.  A vehicle pushing another car cut across his bow and damaged the front end of the Boss chassis breaking a shock tower off the front left of the car.  It was fortunate that Brad Hilder (BHR Fabrications) was on hand to weld on a replacement piece and the car was soon repaired.  Young Mitchell Rooke enjoyed his first race meeting in a midget and will improve with each outing.

The next show for the QSRA speedcars is Round 2 of the Polar Ice Series at Archerfield on Saturday October 7.  It will be a big week-end of racing with the Bathurst 1000 the following day.  More drivers have already indicated their intention to be at the next show.  One driver could be the recipient of $ 500 in Bob Baker’s random draw which should be a major incentive for all teams.

Heat 1

1          Darren Vine                 2          Mark George                          3          Scott Wilson

Heat 2

1          Scott Farmer               2          Mark George                          3          Michael Harders

Heat 3

1          Adam Wallis                2          Michael Harders                     3          Reid Mackay


1          Darren Vine                 2          Adam Wallis                            3          Michael Harders

4          Mark George              5          Scott Wilson                            6          Reid Mackay

7          Brad Young                 8          Mitchell Rooke                        9          Scott Farmer



Polar Ice Midget Series 2017/18 is about to kick off this weekend at Brisbane’s Archerfield Speedway

There are a few returning faces along with a couple of new

Current Polar Ice Champion Rusty Whittaker is back in the 78Q King along with Darren Vine, Reid MacKay, Scott Farmer and Mark George.

Adam Wallis steps into the Neilson Motorsport Boss Esslinger 89Q and Fellow BOSS driver Scott Wilson rolls out his 42Q Stanton SR11.

Polar Ice Midget Series heats up this Saturday night!!

See you all there!

6Q Darren Vine

14Q Michael Harders

16Q Mark George

18Q Nathan Mathers

22Q Scott Farmer

23Q Kristy Bonesy

34Q Mitchell Rooke

40Q Dallas Sharp

42Q Scott Wilson

48Q Brad Young

76Q Reid Mackay

78Q Rusty Whittaker

89Q Adam Wallis



Don’t forget racers the 2017 QSRA Show and Shine Inspection Day is Sunday the 10th of September kick off at 9 and ends 3pm sharp.

Held again at Flashlube 188 Kerry Road Archerfield, club membership forms will be available to complete and also car rego forms for Speedcars Australia are now ready to fill out.

There have been a few licences arrived these will be there to collect on the day if you have renewed yours recently it may pay to express post them now so they are ready to collect on the 10th.

Also all quad/mule riders you need to hold an insurance card as of this season so if you haven’t sorted this you are running out of time and it won’t be a fun opening night pushing your driver around the pits by hand SO get cracking !!

Anyone running the second practice at Archerfield this weekend make sure you have paid all your fees and had the car and safety gear inspected BEFORE you hit the dirt otherwise we will catch everyone at the Show and Shine 



Just a reminder to anyone wishing to renew their club memberships for the 2017/18 season they are due now with the season approching very quickly the date and venue for the show and shine is still to be set however will be advertised as soon as we can confirm.

Anyone wishing to pay the club fee via direct deposit and fill the membership form out at the show day you can use

BSB 124057
ACCOUNT 22219841
** Please use your surname ONLY as the reference **

The clubs email is still
and forms can also be emailed to you from this address , filled out , scanned and returned

Full Membership ( Drivers , Car owners and full voting rights ) is now $100.00

Associate Membership ( quad riders for Insurance cards and non voting ) $25.00

The Speedcars Australia AGM is very soon also and the car rego fee will be confirmed then also along with the release of the 17/18 renewal forms

Proposed dates so far

2nd September Practice BIS
9th September Practice BIS
16th September Polar Ice R1
7th October Polar Ice R2
28th October Polar Ice R3
11th November Polar Ice R4
25th November Polar Ice R5
3rd January Polar Ice R6
19th January World Midget Title
20th January World Midget Title
9th February Aust Speedcar Title SA
10th February Aust Speedcar Title SA
24th February Polar Ice R7
10th March Polar Ice R8
24th March Polar Ice R9
31st March Qld Title Maryborough
1st April Qld Title Maryborough
5th May BIS 50 Lapper
26th May Polar Ice FInale

** Danny Davidson Memorial and possiable SSS date/s to be added

The AGM was also held recently, the only change is Rodney Harders is replaced by David Williams on the committee otherwise all remains the same with the Executive and other committee members.



This years annual awards banquet will be held at the Tavernetta Function Centre 144 Dorville Rd, Carseldine 4034.

Tickets must be pre paid (no door sales) We need to confirm meal numbers 10 days prior to the night so please contact Lance Towns on 0419 745503 to secure your spot.

Legendry MC Wade Aunger will be in the house !!

Tables seat 10 per person.

Direct deposits can be made via
BOQ BSB :124057
ACCOUNT : 22219841

To save any embarrassment at the door PLEASE put your surname as the reference.

Tickets are $75 per person includes a full meal

Raffles ,Live band,Wade Aunger,New Champions !!