Nominations are required for the Speedcar Super Series Opening round which is the “Stan Burrow Stampede” locked in for the 5th of November at Archerfield and also the “New Years Speed” QSRA Club show scheduled for December the 31st in Toowoomba !

You must nominate to Brock Dean asap on 0410 195 355

Don’t delay nominate today !!



New Zealander Chris Gwilliam was an all the way winner of Round 2 of the Polar Ice Midget Series at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on October 8. With two wins from only three meetings in the Dwayne Neilson Boss/Esslinger he has carried on the winning culture created by the team over the seasons past and just when every one thought with the departure of Kendall was going to make life easier along comes another very fast Kiwi.

The first couple of attempts to get the A Main under way were hindered by minor incidents and a jumped start that saw Brendan Palmer (position 3) sent back a row. Both Scott Doyle (Boss Hogs Steakhouse Beast/Gaerte) and (Brad Young (Federal Tyres Spike/Gaerte) suffered damage in the skirmishes that sent them to the infield.  When the race finally made it through the first corner Gwilliam (Boss Chassis Aust/Esslinger) was in front, after he sped from his outside front row starting position, ahead of pole-sitter Troy Ware.

Ware (Ware Constructions Spike/Mopar) had topped the qualifying points chart but didn’t appear to have the same pace in the feature as he showed in the earlier heats. Former Queensland Champion Rusty Whittaker (Ti Bolts & Race Parts King/Esslinger) was next in line and closing while Darren Vine (Mike Vine Turbos Spike/Esslinger) was also chasing hard.  Unfortunately, Vine slowed during lap 8 and pulled in a lap later with his front wheels not pointing forward after a bolt broke in the steering.  Young Reid Mackay (Duchy’s Concreting CP3/Gaerte) was now fourth but had his hands full with Brendan Palmer (EastLink Air Breka/Esslinger) who was all over his rear push bar.

At the 10 lap mark Gwilliam was still in front with Ware in close company while Whittaker was getting faster as the race went on and set the quickest lap time of the race (13.772) during lap 7. Lap 12 and Whittaker accounted for Ware and set out after the leader as they raced past lapped cars.  In the last couple of laps Whittaker was up to Gwilliam but couldn’t find an opening and followed the Kiwi across the finish line with Ware third.  Despite constant pressure Mackay didn’t waiver and held out Palmer for fourth.  Brock Dean (ACERS Engine Reconditioning Breka/Gaerte) was a solid sixth after coming from the back of the field after being an innocent victim in one of the opening lap incidents.  Some consistent laps from relative newcomers Dallas Sharp, Cal Whatmore and Corey Stothard will, no doubt, see them promoted from back of the field starts in the future.  Gwilliam’s time for the 20 laps was 4:46.578 just a smidge slower that Matt Smith’s (NSW) 4.45.979 record.

Due to the hot conditions during the day promoter John Kelly had the track well-watered so everyone was mindful of the conditions during the timed Hot Laps. Rusty Whittaker (13.943) set the mark in the first group and was still the quickest man after the third group with Troy Ware (13.953) and Chris Gwilliam (14.090) just falling short.

Scott Doyle started from the front row in the opening heat and blitzed the field with Palmer and Ware in the places while Whatmore withdrew with an engine miss. Darren Vine started outside Reid Mackay in the second qualifier and led from start to finish with Gwilliam and Dean also getting past Mackay.  A coming together in the first corner of the third heat left Ware parked and sent to the rear for the restart.  He was now on a mission and with elbows up charged through the field to get to the front late in the race.  His time of 2:18.680 was slower than Michael Pickens (NZ) 2:16.720 record but considering he had to pass a number of cars and make up a lot of ground, it was an excellent time.  Charlie Brown (Rod Singleton Racing Spike/Esslinger) suffered an ignition failure during the race and was done for the night.  Doyle scored again in the last heat winning by a large margin.  Mackay suffered a broken oil line before the race started but noticed the oil pressure dropping and switched off the engine before any damage was done.

The next meeting for the Brisbane midgets is the opening round of the 2016-17 Diamond Air Speedcar Super Series at Archerfield on November 5. Included in the nominations are Adam Clarke, Mark Brown and Michael Stewart.  In the past they have all been good performers at Archerfield so their battles with form drivers Gwilliam, Vine, Ware, Palmer and company should be sensational.  Mark Brown has already announced this will be his last racing season but has some unfinished business and after winning the Speedcar Super Series five times in the past is keen to do it again.

It is now less than four months before Speedcar drivers from all around Australia, possibly including Tasmania, will converge on Brisbane to contest the Australian Speedcar Championship at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on February 3 & 4. A number of drivers from America and New Zealand have already indicated their intention to be here and more information will be forthcoming when it is available.

Heat 1

1              Scott Doyle                         2              Brendan Palmer                               3              Troy Ware


Heat 2

1              Darren Vine                        2              Chris Gwilliam (NZ)                          3              Brock Dean

Heat 3

1              Troy Ware                           2              Brock Dean                                         3              Brad Young

Heat 4

1              Scott Doyle                         2              Darren Vine                                        3              Brendan Palmer

A Main (Provisional results)

1              Chris Gwilliam (NZ)          2              Rusty Whittaker                               3              Troy Ware

4              Reid Mackay                      5              Brendan Palmer                               6              Brock Dean


7              Dallas Sharp                        8              Cal Whatmore                                   9              Corey Stothard

10           Jason McDowell



This weekend the QSRA returns to Archerfield Speedway for the second round in the Polar Ice Midget Series

Round one winner Darren Vine has nominated along with Brendan Palmer, Brock Dean, Reid McKay and Troy Ware.

Kiwi Chris Gwilliam will board another flight to jet over for the show as well.

Polar Ice Midget Series R2 ……. It’s on !!

2Q Chris Gwilliam

3Q Charlie Brown

6Q Darren Vine

28Q Michael Wilson

36Q Cal Whatmore

40Q Dallas Sharp

41Q Brendan Palmer

44Q Corey Stothard

48Q Brad Young

58Q Rusty Whitaker

71Q Troy Ware

76Q Reid McKay

80Q Scott Doyle

93Q Jason McDowell

96Q Shane McDowell

99Q Brock Dean




Anyone intending on running the Polar Ice Midget Series R2 on Saturday the 8th of October MUST nominate to Brock Dean by 6pm THIS Sunday the 2nd !!

Failure to do so will result in being left out of the field and a ROF penalty will apply ….. Its up to you



The high banked Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway is renowned for producing some great racing and there was no exception when Chris Gwilliam piloted the Dwayne Neilson Boss/Esslinger to victory in the feature race on Saturday September 24. It was the New Zealander’s first feature win in Australia and only his second meeting in the Neilson car.

On a very big night of speedway the Speedcar feature race lined up at 11.15 pm after the Sprintcar main and as a consequence the race distance was reduced to 12 laps. Top man from the heats, Brendan Palmer (EastLinkAir Breka/Esslinger), was pole-sitter for the feature and blasted into the lead at the start.  He went straight to the top of the track which appeared to be the fastest way around the Toowoomba oval.  Gwilliam, who started beside Palmer, gave chase by using the bottom of the track which was also the shortest distance.  He kept closing on the leader only to see Palmer pull away exiting the turns.

The yellow lights appeared during lap 4 when Troy Ware (Ware Constructions Spike/Mopar) caught a rut and spun around finishing beside the inside wall but was able to go again. During the caution period Brock Dean (ACERS Engine Reconditioners Breka/Gaerte) wisely withdrew when his foot felt cold possibly due to a methanol fuel leak.  Last start winner Darren Vine had been moving swiftly from the fourth row and kept heading towards the front after dices with Ware, Dean, Scott Doyle and Brad Young and was third by lap 5.

Gwilliam maintained the pressure on Palmer and as the race headed into the last couple of laps the leader appeared to be struggling with brake issues as the rear brake rotor glowed bright red. Gwilliam became the new leader during lap 10 and when Palmer tried to regain his position he lost second place to Vine.  Vine charged into the last lap with Gwilliam in his sights but fell short and had to be satisfied with second.  Despite being a shorter than normal race it was a great contest with plenty of passing and the result not determined until near the end.

The first heat was run in bright sunshine at one end of the track and shade at the other and the track still quite wet. Not the ideal situation but everyone coped as best they could with the conditions.  Gwilliam set the pace from the green but proceedings came to a stop during the second lap when Darren Vine (Mike Vine Turbos Spike/Esslinger) spun and was collected by close following Troy Ware who rolled onto his side.  Unfortunately both were out of the restart.  Gwilliam went on to take the win from Palmer and Scott Doyle (Boss Hogs Steakhouse Beast/Gaerte).

Ware recovered from his earlier accident to be the all the way winner in the second heat from Reid Mackay (Dutchys Concreting XXX/Gaerte) and Brad Young (Federal Tyres Spike/Gaerte). Brock Dean finished at the back but was happy to even be there after his truck had suffered clutch problems when they were half way to Toowoomba.  He was forced to return home and transfer his race car and all of his equipment to his other truck and then head off again.  After all his hard work and dedication, he deserved a better result for the night.  Palmer powered from the second row to win the last heat with Dean and Mackay in the places.


There was a another Expat New Zealander racing on the night but not a name familiar to the current crop of competitors. Doug Kay raced ‘midgets’ in the Shakey Isles during the 1980’s but gave up racing when he moved to Australia.  In recent years he was a part of the very successful Dwayne Neilson/Michael Kendall team but when Kendall retired at the end of the last season he decided he needed a new challenge.  He joined with Cal Whatmore to look after car set-up and to mentor the road-racing convert.  Kay ran Whatmore’s Speedy Refrigeration Spike in the first heat and within a couple of laps was up to speed.  He said that now he has driven the car he has a better understanding of how it should be setup.  He hasn’t discounted having some more outings in the future.

Young gun Charlie Brown had a disappointing night after the Singleton Racing Esslinger developed a miss during engine starts. Despite the best efforts of car owner Rodney Singleton the problem couldn’t be overcome at the track.

Round 2 of the Polar Ice Midget Series is set for the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on Saturday October 8 with the Speedcar/Midget Super Series following on November 5 also at Archerfield. A number of drivers are still to make their first appearance of the season as they complete rebuilds or upgrades.  A couple who are aiming to be ready for the Super Series round are Michael Harders, Adam Wallis and Matt Greenwood.

Heat 1

1 Chris Gwilliam (NZ) 2 Brendan Palmer 3 Scott Doyle

Heat 2

1 Troy Ware 2 Reid Mackay 3 Brad Young

Heat 3

1 Brendan Palmer 2 Brock Dean 3 Reid Mackay


1 Chris Gwilliam (NZ) 2 Darren Vine 3 Brendan Palmer

4 Reid Mackay 5 Troy Ware 6 Brad Young

7 Scott Doyle 8 Cal Whatmore



Australian Compact Champion Darren Vine started the 2016-17 season in the best possible way with victory in both the Compact and Midget feature races at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on Saturday September 17. There were many changes to cars and drivers during the winter but with twenty-one cars on hand for the first night it augurs well for the big season ahead.

The heats were drawn and then inverted for the second round but when the dust settled Troy Ware (44) was top qualifier ahead of Brock Dean (39) Brad Young (38) and Scott Doyle, Vine and Anthony Chaffey all tied on 37. When the green lights appeared for the opening round of the Polar Ice Midget Series Ware (Ware Constructions Spike/Mopar) charged to the front in the 25 lap main with Dean, Chaffey and Doyle slotted in behind.  Unfortunately, Doyle’s race was short when he suffered a blown tyre during the second lap and was fortunate to be able to get off the track without any contact.  Lance Towns (i Custom Colour Phone Repairs Breka/Gaerte) was spun around during lap 4 and was sent to the back for the second start.  During the hectic opening laps Brad Young (Federal Tyres Spike/Gaerte) had a coming together with another car which pushed the left side crash bar onto the rear tyre.  It didn’t cause a stoppage and he was able to continue on but finished the race with a big groove in the tyre that was almost right through the rubber at the end.

At the 10 lap mark Ware held a comfortable lead from Dean, Chaffey, Young, Lance Burgess (NZ), Vine, Chris Gwilliam (NZ) and Mark George. The following lap Chaffey (Terry Holland MAC/Eagle) moved to second and Burgess advanced to fourth as the field began to close in on the tail Enders.  Ware’s good run came to a sudden stop at the end of lap 16 when he was hit by a lapped car and spun around.  No damage was suffered but he was rear of field for the restart and his chance for a first up main event win was gone.

Chaffey led the away the field but within half a lap the running order quickly changed with Vine (Mike Vine Turbos Spike/Esslinger) going to second and Dean (ACERS Engine Reconditioners Breka/Gaerte) shuffled back to fifth. Chaffey maintained the point but Vine applied the pressure and with less than three laps remaining went to the front where he stayed to the end.  Chaffey held second until the last lap when his engine faltered and he had to watch Gwilliam, Burgess and Dean go past while he struggled to the end in fifth.  Darren Vine’s car is a Spike formerly owned by Jason Gray with a normally aspirated Esslinger engine.  The car is owned by good friend and long-time pit crew member Paul McMannim and is a great back up to the Vine family XXX/Turbo Esslinger.

Kiwis Chris Gwilliam and Leon Burgess are familiar faces to Brisbane speedway followers but this season will see them as regular competitors in the River City. Gwilliam has slotted into the seat of the Dwayne Neilson Boss/Esslinger and Burgess and his team have purchased one of the former Brett Thomas/Illuminated Water cars and are focused on the Australian Speedcar Championship at Archerfield in February.


The first round of heats went through without interruption with Young and Towns claiming the wins. Standout F500 driver Charlie Brown made his maiden appearance in the Rod Singleton Spike/Esslinger in the first heat and was content to get the feel of the car.  Brendan Palmer (EastLink Breka/Esslinger) led the way until half way in the second heat when the engine dropped a cylinder and he wisely pulled in.  His team made many changes but the problem couldn’t be overcome at the track and he sat out the rest of the meeting.  Heat 3 suffered with a couple of spins and minor incidents with Chis Gwilliam (Boss Chassis/Esslinger) the victor over Vine and Burgess.  Ware claimed the win in the last heat over Scott Doyle and Mark George.


Corey Stothard had updated to a Mopar engine during the off-season but broke a fuel fitting when the car was pushed over the concrete lip on the track when he went out for engine starts. It was repaired only for the power steering pump to fail when he eventually got the car going.  Michael Harders had a guest drive in the Foreman Brothers Stealth/Porsche and was grateful to be able to get in some laps.  Rusty Whittaker had a quiet night by his standards but came forward late in the feature to finish seventh.


Next Saturday, September 24, the Brisbane Speedcars venture up the ‘Big Hill’ to Toowoomba for a meeting at the Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway. Keep an eye on the QSRA website for the list of nominations which will include New Zealander Chris Gwilliam.


Heat 1   Brad Young 2 Anthony Chaffey 3 Troy Ware

Heat 2

1 Lance Towns 2 Brock Dean 3 Reid Mackay

Heat 3

1 Chris Gwilliam (NZ) 2 Darren Vine 3 Lance Burgess (NZ)

Heat 4

1 Troy Ware 2 Scott Doyle 3 Mark George


A Main

1 Darren Vine 2 Chris Gwilliam (NZ) 3 Leon Burgess (NZ)

4 Brock Dean 5 Anthony Chaffey 6 Brad Young

7 Rusty Whittaker 8 Mark George 9 Charlie Brown

10 Robb Stewart 11 Lane towns 12 Dallas Sharp

13 Cal Whatmore 14 Michael Harders




Hey Race Fans don’t forget to check out our smaller sister class in the Queensland Compact Speedcars/TQs you may just recognise some names there who currently race Speedcars

This division is growing at a rapid rate here in Queensland and is well worth a like on FB so check out the hard charging racers in the Compact Speedcars either on line or at the track  !




Just a reminder the controlled R/R tyre for the Polar Ice Midget series is an American Racer SD38 or harder compound.

Other Polar Ice Rules and Regs if you don’t have them will be available at the track this weekend !



This is it race fans we are just days away from the season opener back at Archerfield Speedway !!

The 2016/17 Polar Ice Midget Series kicks us off with a fantastic line up of Midgets set to rock the oval !

With the likes of young Rusty Whittaker , Troy Ware ,  Reid MacKay , Mark George , Darren Vine and Anthony Chaffey all nominated not forgetting the two car team of mega powers Brendan Palmer and Dallas Sharp and if that wasn’t enough don’t forget the Stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a guns the kiwis !!  Leon Burgess and Chris Gwilliam !!

Wholly smoke !! That’s epic !

Archerfield Speedway race fans this Saturday night you wont want to miss this !

Nominations so far are

2Q Chris Gwilliam (NZ)

3Q Charlie Brown

4Q Anthony Chaffey

6Q Darren Vine

16Q Mark George

17Q Leon Burgess (NZ)

33Q Lance Towns

36Q Callum Whatmore

40Q Dallas Sharp

41Q Brendan Palmer

44Q Corey Stothard

58Q Rusty Whittaker

71Q Troy Ware

76Q Reid MacKay

91Q Robbie Stewart



New Speedcars Australia Board & Executive Committee Announcement
Wednesday 24th August 2016
Speedcars Australia Inc PR

Speedcars Australia Incorporated are pleased to announce our new Executive Committee effective immediately, as elected by the Speedcars Australia Inc board.

Michael Harders (QLD) who has spent a combined 4 years in the national Secretary role, has today been elected as the Speedcars Australia President. Harders replaces long term presidential stalwart Mark Cooper (NSW), who recently stepped down from his NSW Delegate position. We thank Mark for his dedication and efforts having represented both Speedcars Australia and NSW for a number of years. Subsequently we also welcome Glenn Gorham back to the board as the replacement NSW delegate. Glenn was previously on the Speedcars Australia board before moving offshore for work.

Brendan Sexton returns as Speedcars Australia Inc’s Treasurer & Public Officer; while we also welcome Alison Dwyer as the new national Secretary. Neither role represents a delegate position, but staff roles as engaged by the board.

A national Technical Committee is also in development, to be headed by Michael Harders with technical representatives elected by their respective States. Further news will be shared once the technical committee is formed.

Effective immediately, new contact details for Speedcars Australia Inc are as follows:

Michael Harders
0411 209 030

Treasurer & Public Officer:
Brendan Sexton
0414 377 055

Alison Dwyer
0419 352 231

Speedcars Australia Board:
QLD Michael Harders, Delegate
QLD John Dean, QSRA President
NSW Glenn Gorham, Delegate
NSW Dean Wellfare, SANSW President
VIC Leroy Beasley, Delegate
VIC Tim Fisher, VSDA President
TAS Kim Webster, Delegate
TAS Geoff Henri, TSDA President
SA Ben Hall, Delegate
SA Mark Harrington, SASA President
WA Keith McAllan, Delegate
WA Trevor Henderson, WASDA President

National Technical Committee:
State technical representatives to be confirmed
Michael Harders (Committee Head)

For any further information, please contact Speedcars Australia inc via or your local delegate.