It’s nearly here ! Nominations must be into Brock Dean ASAP on 0410 195355 for the 2018 Stan Burrows Stampede

nominations so far

N5 Andy Hassan
Q5 Darren Vine
Q12 Audie Malt
N13 Adam Clarke
Q15 Darren Dillon
Q16 Mark George
Q18 Nathan Mathers
N21 Robert Mackay
Q22 Scotty Farmer
Q24 Lance Towns
Q25 Anthony Chaffey
Q28 Bradley Harrison
Q34 Mitchell Rooke
Q36 Cal Whatmore
Q40 Dallas Sharp
N41 Jordan Mackay
NZ42 Hayden Williams
Q48 Brad Young
N65 Don Mackay
Q69 Nathan Smee
Q76 Reid Mackay
Q78 Rusty Whittaker
V97 Kaiden Brown
Q99 Brock Dean


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