Queensland Title Nomination so far include

1A Kaidon Brown
6Q Darren Vine
8Q Brock Dean
11Q “The Beenleigh Bullet” Charlie Brown
14N Nathan Smee
15N DJ Raw
18Q Nathan Mathers
21Q Bradley Harrison
22Q Scotty “The Fisher” Farmer
26Q “Captain” Chris Singleton
28N Dean Meadows
29Q “The Hunter Valley Hurricane” Adam Clarke
34N Jeffery Burns
36Q Cal Whatmore “JNR”
46Q Glenn Wright
51Q Tim Farrell
57N Harley Smee
63N Mitch Brien
67Q Riki Harrison
71SA Troy Ware
76N Bob Jackson
81Q Brad Dawson
89Q Rusty Whittaker
89A Scotty Doyle
89N Braydan Willmington
93Q Nick McDowell
94Q Jason McDowell
95Q Gavin McDowell
97N Matt Jackson

Nominations must be into Brock Dean THIS Sunday the 13th by 6pm QLD time to make to heats

There is NO tire rule !

There is a $50 nomination fee.

#qldtitleinlismore #lismorenissan #lismorespeedway #qldtitle

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