The years annual 50 lap event hits Archerfield this weekend and lap sponsor slots are still avaliable by contacting Lance Towns on 0419 745 503.

This weekends 50 lapper nominations as follows

3Q Charlie Brown
5Q Rodney Harders
6Q Darren Vine
21Q Mitch Haynes
22Q Scott Farmer
26N Jamie Hall
27Q Troy Ware
28Q Bradley Harrison
40Q Dallas Sharp
41Q Brendan Palmer
44Q Corey Stodhard
62N Dan Biner
69Q Nathan Smee
76Q Reid MacKay
78Q Rusty Whittaker
80Q Scott Doyle
82Q Hayden Williams (NZ)
89Q Chris Gwilliam (NZ)
91Q Robbie Stewart
97V Kaiden Brown
99Q Brock Dean
99N Jackk Black

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