Over the last 9 seasons here in Queensland we have been blessed to have a local series based at Archerfield Speedway which without any doubt not only lifted the profile of Midgets in the state but on a national level as well.

The series stability secured car numbers as well as a lot of outside interest which resulted in fans and ultimately at the end of the day bums on seats.

Jack Berry wasn’t just an ex racer he was and still is a very mad Midget supporter so when approached to look at a long running series he grabbed the chance like a racer out of P1 for the main event and ran with it ……the rest was history being written for our state.

Todd Wanless drew first blood back in 2010/11 with a series victory running his Spike Hawk 39Q as Brendan Palmer chased and claimed his name in the record books with a title in 2011/12 running a JBR 29Q machine.

A lone Kiwi by the name of Michael Kendall flew in from Auckland and set the scene on fire in Queensland taking the next four crowns consecutively in 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 not without some tough hard fought laps from the likes of Brett Thomas , Michael Harders and Darren Vine to name a few.

Kendall departed for the UK in 16/17 so it was Sunny Coaster Rusty Whittaker’s time to shine running his Dad’s 78Q King car taking his first series crown.

Back to a Kiwi winner in 2016/17 and this time young gun Scotty Farmer took out the title running the 22Q Spike Esslinger TFH car.

Rusty Whittaker again claiming another Polar Ice Midget Series crown in 2018/19 this time with the team that went to 4 title’s with Kendall in the 89Q Boss Esslinger.

With heavy work commitments in the 2019/20 season Jack and his Polar Ice Company like the series need to ensure the next project is a success and feed the business as the business needs so that being said the Polar Ice Midget Series comes to a close as the most successful series Queensland has ever had to date.

Everyone here in the QSRA , The Racers and The Fans we would like to thank Jack Berry and the entire Polar Ice team in Ipswich for their support over the last 9 seasons because without you guys we wouldn’t have had the Polar Ice Midget Series

Take a bow Jack Berry you are a legend and again thank you very much!

With that being said stand by for news to this morning on another series with more info to be released as soon as some finer details are confirmed!

Rest assured fans the QSRA are going racing in the 19/20 season and if the past few years anything to go off we are all in for one heck of a ride!

Previous Polar Ice Midget Series Winners are,

Todd Wanless 2010/11
Brendan Palmer 2011/12
Michael Kendall 2012/13
Michael Kendall 2013/14
Michael Kendal 2014/15
Michael Kendall 2015/16
Rusty Whittaker 2016/17
Scotty Farmer 2017/18
Rusty Whittaker 2018/19

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