Polar Ice Midget Series returns to Archerfield this weekend again with some heavy hitters !

Darren Vine returns in the 6Q along with Scott Wilson in the 42Q , Anthony Chaffey in his 25Q and Brock Dean in the 99.

First to turn a wheel this season will be Cal Whatmore , Darren Dillon and Audie Malt.

This Saturday race fans we will catch you at Archerfield Speedway for some open wheel Midget car action.

Nominations are

Q6 Darren Vine
Q12 Audie Malt
Q14 Mick Harders
Q15 Darren Dillon
Q18 Nathan Mathers
Q22 Scotty Farmer
Q25 Anthony Chaffey
Q28 Bradley Harrison
Q34 Mitchell Rooke
Q36 Cal Whatmore
Q40 Dallas Sharp
Q41 Dan Occhipinti
Q42 Scott Wilson
Q48 Brad Young
N62 Dan Biner
Q76 Reid Mackay
Q78 Rusty Whittaker
Q80 Scott Doyle
Q82 Jason Bell
Q89 Adam Wallis
Q91 Robbie Stewart
Q99 Brock Dean


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