The QSRA Annual Awards Banquet “Night of Stars” was held on Saturday and it was literally a night of stars with new champions being crowned along with three life members being officially inducted.

QSRA President Gary Greenwood then delivered his season speech also presenting the President’s Award/Club Member of the Year to a loyal member in Brad Allen, Brad is always at the track taking various pics and clips to share helping out where and when possible on race nights.

Gary presented Keli Vine an appreciation award and flowers from the QSRA for hours and hours spent arranging the night and the amazing venue we had.

The nights MC Trevor Petts opened the evening to the 105 plus attendee’s present with an Ash Media compiled season video to the iconic song Thunderstruck.

The Rooke of the Year was next to roll out and this year saw 5 in contention for the hardware with stellar runs from all 5 throughout the shows however it was his 6th placing overall in the Polar Ice Midget Series that earned the 45Q Pilot Tom Clauss the 18/19 honours.

Taking out the Best Presented Car and Crew for the season was the 51Q team of the two “T’S” Tim Farrell and Tim North, Always immaculate the two “T’s” strive to ensure the racer is fast not only on the track but sitting static as well it’s a true credit to the Gold Coast based team.

After having a couple of tear ups along with a couple of great lap sessions this year’s Encouragement Awards went the way of young Bodie Smith, Driving the Smith Family 77Q Spike Bodie has shown glimpses of his natural ability and will certainly be one to watch for in the not too distant future.

Moving from winning the “B” Grade title in the 17/18 season to 3rd in the main game was this years Most Improved Driver and that would be Mitchell Rooke, Remaining consistent in the Singleton Racing 3Q Mitchell has been working away show after show keeping the laps clean and fast with the results showing the rewards.

The Bandit Brad Dawson was next to be called up this time for the seasons Biggest and Most Roll Overs in the 81Q, Having good crew around on these types of nights is essential and the 81Q guys generally had the car back on track for the next race that evening so it’s a true testimony to the team.

Winning the Queensland Title for his third time was New South Welshman Nathan Smee in the GRD 14N after what turned out to be a bigger talking point than when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton for the top job in American the QSRA excepted an offer to take the title to Lismore both the Smee’s hit the podium and the only car separating the duo was Rusty Whittaker who excepted the Queensland Title Perpetual Eagle Trophy for the Nathan.

Taking home the awards for the Most Heat Wins paired with the Most Feature Wins was no other than Darren Vine, Kicking off the season in the IBRP 35Q then switching the 6Q Paulie Mac machine only to finish out the season in the MVT 19Q car Viney proving once again he’s never to be counted out on pace and performance.

The Keith Hutton Hard Charger Award was worked out on passing points throughout the season and it came down to the wire between Darren Vine and Rusty Whittaker with Rusty taking the win and his first Hutton Award.

With The Hunter Valley Hurricane unable to attend car owner Jack Berry accepted the award for winning the 18/19 Danny Davidson Memorial in the 29Q car, with the JBR having an up and down stint results wise in the Spike/Inglis Chev they did Queensland very proud in Perth taking 2nd in the National Title for the season. This was also the point where Jack was (finally) (officially) awarded his Life Membership Award from last season where unfortunately Jack was sick in Melbourne and unable to attend.

The seasons Crew Chief of the Year Award is always a hard one to allocate as nearly all crews when there’s a wreck or parts to loan to get another car going are only two happy to help however this year we had a stand out crew chief basically putting everything on the line to field a car and support the club and that was “Rocket” Rodney Singleton.
Like a deer in head lights when his name was announced Rodney accepted the award with as much pride and passion as he does fielding a car and a well-deserved award it was.

The “B” grade top three were next on the list and this year from 3rd to 1st we saw Tommy Clauss home in number 3, The Bandit in 2nd and finally shaking the monkey off his back Cal Whatmore JNR taking home the title.

The QSRA Championship was another point’s chase that was hotly contested with Mitchell Rooke in 3rd, Viney in 2nd and Rusty Whittaker taking out his second club championship.

The seasons sponsors awards were next on the list with appreciation plaques heading home to Dylan Byrne from Nexgen, Riki Harrison from NuPave, both Dylan and Riki received a QuickTime Board signed and dated by all the seasons winners, Todd Wanless for RAW Metal Corp, Graham Flynn from Revolution Racegear Sunshine Coast, Bob Baker for his incentive cash and naturally Jack Berry for the Polar Ice Midget Series.

Again a huge thanks to these guys for supporting our shows.

This lead Trevor into the Polar Ice Midget Series top ten, kicking off in 10th place was Chris “Singo” Singleton running down a top ten in a couple of cars those being the 26Q then finishing off in the 46 car of Dylan Byrne, Having what can only be considered a “Character building” season being in the wrong place at the wrong times was the hard man Scotty Doyle in the 89A car slotted into 9th after a couple of promising clear runs next season I’m sure will be bigger and better for the Doyles,8th place overall went to car 8 and that is Brock Dean, Brock only having a handful of runs in the new King car however proving the wiley fox still has what it takes to get it done,7th in the series overall was the 67Q King car of Riki Harrison another car showing a lot of potential straight off the blocks, Tom Clauss parked the 45Q in 6th overall and as mentioned was enough to bank the Rookie of the Year title along the way, The Bandit held on for 5th even after a few tear ups showing that against diversity the crew never stopped believing (F#8k it , fix it , send it) Cal Whatmore JNR showed why he had that “B” Grade title set in his sights taking out 4th overall in the Polar Ice series another driver to start the season with a different combination to what he ended however getting the job done for fourth.

As mentioned the Most Improved Driver along with the Chew Chief of the Year and 3rd in the A Grade Championship awards heading the way of the 3Q Guys what was next? Third overall in Polar Ice should be your answer.

The Most Heat Wins, The Most Feature Wins, 2nd in the Club Points score and now 2nd in Polar Ice was Darren Vine and the Mike Vine Turbos Team.

The Keith Hutton Hard Charger Award on the table, taking home the hardware for the QSRA Club Championship we were lead into the final Ash Media Video for our series ….. The Polar ice Series which ultimately announced at the end that officially you’re new Series Champion was Rusty Whittaker.

With Rusty’s win this season that took the Neilson Motorsport car owners Dwayne and Christine Neilson to 5 Polar Ice and QSRA Club Championship’s and as a result the QSRA awarded an achievement recognition award to Dwayne, The team claimed the series in 12/13, 13/14, 14/15, 15/16 and now in 18/19 with runner up last season with Rusty in just 9 seasons.

This led Trevor and Gary into presenting two QSRA Life Member Awards and inducting both Brock Dean and Dwayne Neilson into the prestigious group. After over 10 years of service and work for the club being on the committee along with the work behind the scenes to ensure the club remains strong and into the new phase of Speedcar racing, both recipients were honoured with the acknowledgments.

The raffles were a huge success and spread around all the tables which was amazing to see Matthew Paul snapped some awesome pics all night and Trevor wrapped up wishing everyone a safe off season (which includes roll overs in the garage there Bandit!!) and we will see them all back around September.

Huge thanks to everyone who has helped out this season in any way shape and form it is all greatly appreciated Thanks to all the sponsors who came along for the ride in 18/19 !
See you all track side in 19/20

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