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CONFIRMED !! The 2018/19 Stan Burrow Stampede will be on the 4th of January 2019

Thanks to Lerlene Burrow and Brian Spann putting $2,000 into this show so not only will the John Kelly and the Archerfield Promotion pay the Polar Ice Midget Series prize purse but its now topped up by 2K this will be another awesome tribute to the legend Stan Burrow.

This is still a Polar Ice round so the controlled tyre rule is in place.


John Dean and Dave Lander have locked in the 2018/19 Queensland Title heading just over the border into Lismore Saturday the 19th of January !!

A deal struck will see the prestigious blue ribbon event held over one night in the tight little bull ring of Lismore.

Put it on the calendar race fans we are off to Lismore !!



Huge thanks to Dylan Byrne and Riki Harrison jumping on board with this seasons Polar Ice Midget Series and laying down the Quicktime Challenge

Only at the Polar Ice rounds Nexgen and Nupave will also be sponsoring 2nd and 3rd place trophies on the podium !

Each quickman will get to sign the board , date it and write his time then at the end of season annual awards banquet this board will be auctioned off

Each quicktime winner will win $100 on the night and a cool tail tank sticker to match.

This opening round will debut the Nexgen and Nupave Quicktime $100 ……. Who will it be ??!!


POLAR ICE R1 2018/19

Polar Ice Midget Series kicks into life for the 18/19 season this Saturday at Archerfield Speedway with a normal season opening small list of nominations there must be a few still waiting on engines

The Bob Baker lucky feature cash prize returns this season however doesnt look to be under threat this weekend coming.

There is the $100 up for grabs for Quicktime thanks to Nexgen/Nupave

Former A1 Adam Clarke returns to the hot seat in the JBR Spike Inglis Chev combo as well as Aussies “Young Money” Rusty Whittaker with the 89ers in the Neilson Motorsport owned Boss Chassis.

The 2017/18 Rooke of the Year Mitchell Rooke returns with Rodney Singleton Racing in the 3Q Spike Esslinger , Darren Vine slots back into the IBRP Cool Chassis Esslinger from Yamanto.

Troy Ware returns in the Troy Ware Constructions 71Q along with Brad Dawson in the GSA Spike Eagle 81Q, Callum Whatmore with his 36Q Spike Gaerte and a new Rooke this season is Tom Clauss in his Eagle powered Inglis Eagle.

The lone New South Welshman heading north this weekend with his Spike Esslinger 33N is DJ Raw.

Like it says a small but very fast field for this weekends QSRA opener make sure you get trackside for the wheel to wheel action coming !


The QSRA AGM will be on October the 10th (28 days from today) same place in New Market with a 6.30PM kick off as we don’t all want to be there until midnight.
As the previous meeting was postponed the nominations and proxies remain the same so you dont have to go through that again.
See you then !


Polar Ice Midget Series is just around the corner now anyone wishing to have their cars inspected for opening night need to contact John Dean on 0418 781 418 to arrange this to happen.

Nominations for the QSRA events need to be into Brock Dean no later than 6pm Sunday BEFORE the show.

Its easy to do simply text your car number and the word “IN” to Brock Dean on 0410 195 355.

Polar Ice rules and regs will be avalaible for those who missed Sundays Show and Shine on the opening night, please be aware this season’s noimination fee per round has risen to $50 per car this is payable to Barry Lane before engine starts.


Its coming !!!!! Sponsors are locked and loaded for this seasons Polar Ice Midget Series AND this season returning is the nights “Quicktime” winner !!!

Its simple hammer down nail the fastest lap in the hotlap/time trial session and $100 (paid on the night) goes straight to the fastman !

What’s the catch you say ?? No catch just put your best lap down and if its you’re number on the top of the times its all yours !

Standby for these amazing sponsors release backing the QSRA and the 18/19 Quicktime award



This seasons “Show n Shine” will be held again at Mark George’s work under cover @ Sunshine State 4×4 188 Kerry Road Archerfield Saturday 8th September from 12 until 5pm

Anyone wishing to run the practice on that evening at Archerfield Speedway will need their rockets inspected and all fees paid in full.

Forms for the club and also the car rego papers will be available on the afternoon !

Catch you all there then