33 Nominations locked in for this weekends Brisbane 50 Lapper !

Who’s your pick ?

1Q Spike KRE Michael Harders

2Q Breka Toyota Jason Bell

3Q Spike Esslinger Scott Doyle

4Q MAC Eagle Anthony Chaffey

5Q Eagle Eagle Rodney Harders

6Q Spike Esslinger Leon Burgess (NZ)

10Q Alach Esslinger Ken Stanaway

12Q GRP Gaerte Tony Michell

16Q Breka Gaerte Mark George

19Q XXX Esslinger Darren Vine

21Q Stealth Porsche Mitch Haynes

25SA Eagle Hawk Dallas Sharp

26Q Spike Esslinger Chris Singleton

28Q King Mopar Michael Wilson

29Q Spike Esslinger Adam Clarke

33Q Breka Gaerte Lance Towns

36Q Spike Brayton Callum Whatmore

41N XXX Gaerte Jordan McKay

42Q Boss SR11 Mopar Scott Wilson

48Q Spike Gaerte Brad Young

58Q King Esslinger Rusty Whittaker

76Q XXX Gaerte Don McKay

71Q Spike Mopar Troy Ware

79W Eagle Toyota Nick Rowe

82Q Breka SR11 Hayden Williams (NZ)

87N Spike Esslinger Aiden Corish

89Q Boss Esslinger Michael Kendall (NZ)

93Q Stealth GaerteNick McDowell

95Q Stealth Gaerte Gavin McDowell

96Q Spike Volvo Jason McDowell

97W Eagle Toyota Jack Black

99Q Breka Hawk Brock Dean


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