After a mega 3 days Sid Whittaker and John Dean have sold the entire #brisbanebig50 lapper sponsorship laps !!

 Huge thanks to all who have jumped on board and paying so promptly for the event scheduled for tomorrow night at Archerfield.
Listed below are the very generous fans who are riding along from lap 1 through to 50 tomorrow night
Thanks again and see you all tomorrow night
1 American Tire and Racing Services
2 Ti Bolts and Race Partz
3 Nexgen Transport
4 Nexgen Transport
5 Tamex Transport
6 In Memory of Shane Sollitt
7 Shock Absorber Therapy
8 Mudd Mafia
9 DTR Mechanical
10 BOSS Hoggs Steakhouse
11 Rondalee Metal Fabrications
12 JG Aircon and Electrical
13 Torque Wear Australia
14 BOSS Chassis Australia
15 Sunshine Coast Reinforcing
16 Inglis Race Engines
17 James Hardie Australia
18 DSI Road Profiling
19 Mike Vine Turbos
20 Western Landscape Supplies
21 Kelly’s Winfield Team Racing
22 Inksane Tattoos
23 J & B Pest Control
24 Federal Tires
25 Ridgetrans Sand and Gravel
26 Syndicate Communications NSW
27 Rondalee Metal Fabrications
28 BHR Fabrications
29 Polar Ice
30 Bob Baker
31 TFH Temporary Fence Hire
32 Singleton Racing #3
33 I Custom Colours
34 Highline Fabrication
35 Craig Thompson Machining
36 DSI Road Profiling
37 Mobile Injector Services
38 Nu Pave
39 Bryan Clauson Celebration of Life
40 Ash Media Speedway Footage
41 Eastlink Air
42 Spint Shack
43 Queensland Speedcar Racing Association
44 Speedcar Super Series
45 In appreciation of Barry Lane
46 Quillerat Racing Team #46
47 Priddey Trucking Company
48 Federal Tires
49 Pimpama Landscape Supplies
50 Sidtech
#brisbanebig50 #qld50lapper #13may2017

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