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***New race date!!**
Archerfield promotion have added a date in April for the Polar Ice Midget Series and the added event is Saturday the 8th!
Lock it in the top of the ladder is close and certinally one not to be missed!
25th March 2017 Queensland Title
8th April Polar Ice Midget Series
29th April Polar Ice Midget Series/2017 Danny Davidson Memorial
13th May Brisbane 50 Lapper
27th May Polar Ice Grand Finale/Jim Holden Tribute Night


Its Queensland Title time this weekend !!

This is also a round in the 6 crown series to be run at Archerfield Speedway.

Nominations so far include

3Q Charlie Brown
5Q Rodney Harders
6Q Darren Vine
11N Adam Wallis
13Q Tony Stephen

14Q Michael Harders
16Q Mark George
22V Joseph Lostitch current Tas1
23Q Kristy Bonsey
29Q Adam Clarke
36Q Callum Whatmore
41Q Brendan Palmer
44Q Corey Stothard
48Q Tony Eickenloff
51Q Darren Dillon

69Q Nathan Smee
71Q Troy Ware
76Q Reid Mackay
78Q Rusty Whitaker
80Q Scott Doyle
82Q Jason Bell
96Q Shayne McDowell
97V Kaiden Brown
99Q Brock Dean

Dont forget to be in early for your favorite seat race fans !

Can Adam Clarke bag another feature and state title win ? Will the locals Troy Ware,Brock Dean and Rusty Whittaker grab the eagle or will Shayne McDowell,Corey Stothard or Scott Doyle be the dark horses ? All will be revealed this Saturday night !



25th February Polar Ice Series Archerfield

4th March Speedcar Super Series Toowoomba

11th March Polar Ice Series Archerfield

25th March 2017 QLD Title Archerfield/Polar Ice Series

29th April Polar Ice Series Archerfield

13th May Brisbane 50 Lapper Archerfield

27th May Polar Ice Series Grand Finale

2017 Danny Davidson Memorial date to be confirmed in this list.



Top qualifier, Pole Shuffle winner and the leader of every one of the 40 laps of the final was how Rico Abreu won his first Australian Speedcar Championship at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on Saturday February 4.

As the 22 cars formed up for the 40 lap main event Grand Marshall Ron Wanless, who won this event in 1978 and 1979, directed them to line up in rows of four to salute the crowd. Once back in line the race was sent on its way with Abreu (Keith Kunz Motorsport Bullet/Toyota) immediately going to the front from Hayden Williams, Michael Pickens, Adam Clarke and Nathan Smee.  Both Alex Bright (USA – Graham Jones Racing Spike/Esslinger) and Matt Smith (NSW – GO Racing Spike/Hawk) dropped back from their third row starting positions as Zach Daum moved forward from row 4 and Brady Bacon (USA) from the row behind.  The track was slick on the bottom with a cushion near the top where most of the fast cars were running.

The cars behind the lead group were embroiled in their own battles as they endeavoured to get to the front. The only stoppage of the race occurred on lap 12 when Darren Vine clashed with another car and stopped broadside in the back straight but restarted at the back of the line.  When the green lights were turned on again Pickens made his move and advanced to second with Williams unable to counter the move.  Brad Mosen (NZ) was out on lap 15 and then, to everyone’s surprise, Pickens pulled to the infield a couple of laps later with a sick motor.

With Pickens out of the picture Bacon (GO Racing Bullet/Toyota) was now third after a sensational drive through traffic and he soon accounted for Williams to be second just before the half way point while Smee (TFH/Illuminated Industries Spike/Eagle Chev) was third ahead of Clarke (Jack Berry Racing Spike/Esslinger) and Bright. With the leaders now amongst lapped cars it presented Bacon with an opportunity as they threaded their way past cars.  At times Bacon would get close only for Abreu to pull away when he cleared traffic.

Williams was out on lap 28 and during the remaining laps there was no change at the front with Rico Abreu crowned the 2017 Australian Speedcar Champion from Brady Bacon and Nathan Smee.  Alex Bright maintained his long list of consistent Australian Championship performances with fourth placing while Michael Stewart (NSW) advanced from the seventh row to be fifth in an impressive drive from the youngster.  Abreu received loud applause form the healthy crowd as he circled the track after the race and again during the presentations.

Twelve 10 lap heats were run on Friday night February 3 with wins to Nathan Smee (2), Anthony Chaffey, Zach Daum, Hayden Williams (2), Matt Smith, Rico Abreu (2), Adam Clarke, Brady Bacon and Michael Pickens. In Daum’s win he lowered the 10 lap record from 2:16.720 to 2:15.201.  The previous holder Michael Pickens was second and Michael Stewart (NSW) third with all three under the old time.

Abreu finished top of the points with 70 and suffered his only defeat for the whole week-end when he finished second to Anthony Chaffey in his first outing. Next in points at the end of the first night were defending champion Michal Pickens 65, Hayden Williams 63, Nathan Smee 61 and Zach Daum 58.

Kaidon Brown (NSW), Abreu, Bright and Andrew Felker (USA) were the winners in the last round of heats on night two with the four races going non-stop. With forty cars, still mobile a C Main was run with Michael Harders and Darren Dillon transferring to the back of the B Main.  The track was then prepared for the Pole Shuffle, B Main and the big race.

The Shuffle was dominated by drivers starting on the inside with Smee defeating Daum only to lose to Matt Smith. Smith was beaten by Clarke who was the only repeat winner when he accounted for Bright.  When Clarke and Pickens faced off their first start was aborted and Clarke was controversially sent to the infield.  Pickens was beaten by Williams who then faced Abreu in a best of three contest for the final.  However, Abreu was too good and won two in a row to claim pole position.

The B Main was, as expected, a helter-skelter affair as the 18 cars vied for the four transfer spots. Scott Farmer (TFH Spike/Esslinger) took advantage of some jostling in the opening lap to get to the front from the third row.  He led for five rotations before Travis Mills (Vic) took over and looked to have the race in his keeping until his car faltered in lap 12 and he dejectedly pulled infield.  This left Scott Doyle at the point from Farmer, Darren Vine and a host of others.  Vine grabbed second in the last couple of laps with Farmer and Troy Jenkins (BOC Stealth/Toyota) making up the four to transfer.  However, Doyle’s engine broke a timing belt as he headed back to the pits and was unable to take his place in the A Main.  This gave Rusty Whittaker (Ti Bolts & Race Partz King/Esslinger) a start with Aidan Corish (NSW) and Neville Lance the two emergencies.

The Kratzmann Caravans sponsored event originally started with 41 contestants but Lee Redmond (WA) suffered a terminal engine problem in his opening heat and was out of the championship.  An amazing statistic about the heats was that every car, apart from Redmond, fronted for all their heats and ten of the sixteen heats were run without a stoppage.  There was only one roll-over with no serious damage suffered.  The American Kunz brothers, Keith and Rusty, showed how experienced they are with their cars finishing first and second respectively.

Special thanks to

Kratzmann Caravans

John & Kathy Kelly and the staff of the Archerfield Speedway

Barry Lane

Angela Harders and her Angels

Bennie Bishop

Speedcars Australia

Queensland Speedcar Racing Assn

All the drivers, owners and crews

The officials that kept things moving smoothly

Night 1

Heat 1

1          Nathan Smee (NSW) 2          Alex Bright (USA)                   3          Brady Bacon (USA)

Heat 2

1          Anthony Chaffey (Qld)  2       Rico Abreu (USA)                   3          Brad Mosen (NZ)

Heat 3

1          Zach Daum (USA)      2          Michael Pickens (NZ) 3          Michael Stewart (NSW)

Heat 4

1          Hayden Williams (NZ)  2          Troy Ware (Qld)                      3          Andrew Felker (USA)

Heat 5

1          Matt Smith (NSW)      2          Chris Gwilliam (NZ)                3          Anthony Chaffey (Qld)

Heat 6

1          Rico Abreu (USA)       2          Brad Mosen (NZ)                    3          Dayne Kingshott (WA)

Heat 7

1          Hayden Williams (NZ) 2          Michael Pickens (NZ)             3          Andrew Felker (USA)

Heat 8

1          Adam Clarke (NSW)  2          Scott Farmer                           3          Rusty Whittaker

Heat 9

1          Nathan Smee (NSW) 2          Michael Stewart (NSW)          3          Matt Smith (NSW)

Heat 10

1          Rico Abreu (USA)       2          Dayne Kingshott (WA)            3          Michael Harders (Qld)

Heat 11

1          Brady Bacon (USA)    2          Brock Dean                             3          Troy Jenkins (NSW)

Heat 12

1          Michael Pickens (NZ) 2          Zach Daum (USA)                  3          Alex Bright (USA)

Night 2

Heat 13

1          Kaidon Brown (NSW) 2          Matt Smith (NSW)                  3          Matt Jackson (NSW)

Heat 14

1          Rico Abreu (USA)       2          Hayden Williams (NZ)            3          Scott Doyle (Qld)

Heat 15

1          Alex Bright (USA)       2          Adam Clarke (NSW)              3          Brendan Palmer (Qld)

Heat 16

1          Andrew Felker (USA) 2          Chris Gwilliam (NZ)                3          Travis Mills (Vic)

C Main

1          Michael Harders (Qld)            2        Darren Dillon (Qld)                  3          Dallas Sharp (Qld)

Pole Shuffle

Nathan Smee              def       Zach Daum

Matt Smith                  def       Nathan Smee

Adam Clarke               def       Matt Smith

Adam Clarke               def       Alex Bright

Michael Pickens         def       Adam Clarke

Hayden Williams         def       Michael Pickens

Rico Abreu                  def       Hayden Williams         2 – 0

B Main

1          Scott Doyle (Qld)        2          Darren Vine (Qld)                   3          Scott Farmer (Qld)

4          Troy Jenkins (NSW)   5          Rusty Whittaker (Qld)             6          Aidan Corish (NSW)

7          Neville Lance (WA)     8          Cal Whatmore (Qld)               9          Mark George (Qld)

10        Darren Dillon (Qld)      11        Dan Biner (NSW)

Australian Championship

1          Rico Abreu (USA)                   2          Brady Bacon (USA)    3          Nathan Smee (NSW)

4          Alex Bright (USA)                   5          Michael Stewart (NSW)  6      Adam Clarke (NSW)

7          Dayne Kingshott (WA)            8          Zach Daum (USA)      9          Andrew Felker (USA)

10        Matt Smith (NSW)                  11        Brendan Palmer (Qld) 12      Kaidon Brown (NSW)

13        Anthony Chaffey (Qld)           14        Brock Dean                 15        Troy Jenkins (NSW)

16        Rusty Whittaker (Qld)             17        Chris Gwilliam (NZ)




Not the ideal time to be down and out in title week but we all wish Speedcars Australia President Mick Harders a speedy recovery from a stint in the “purple” gown ! Gas it up Mick !!



After rain washed out the first night of the World Midget Championship at the Castrol Edge Lismore Speedway on Australia Day Rico Abreu (USA) showed his class by winning both the 20 lap feature race held over from night one and the 40 lap final later in the night to be the overall series winner.

The first feature was run at 5:00 pm (DST) on night two with the temperature still in the 30’s. Consequently, the track dried out as the race progressed but it made little difference to Abreu (Keith Kunz Motorsport Bullet/Toyota) who led from the outset and headed home Brady Bacon (GO Racing Bullet/Toyota) and West Australian Dayne Kingshott (McAllan Motorsport MAC/Eagle).  Abreu maintained good pace the whole way through and is the new 20 lap record holder at Lismore.

Abreu (13.425) was top of the time chart in Time Trials ahead of Bacon (13.567) and Kingshott (14.848) after Bacon had set the quickest time on night one with a 13.203 lap. Before the rain arrived Matt Smith (NSW) and Abreu won the two heats that were held.  Unfortunately, Smith would not be back for night two as he was contesting the Australian Sprintcar Championship at Parramatta.

The Saturday night heats went through without any incidents with both Abreu and Bacon scoring two heat wins each leaving the former top of the points for the 8 car Pole Shuffle. Michael Stewart in the Dillon Motorsport Breka/Fontana from South Australia picked up two seconds with Kingshott, American Andrew Felker and Brendan Palmer all in the mix.  After losing an engine at Archerfield Scott Wilson had borrowed a Mopar engine from Col and Jason Bell and worked hard all week to have it installed for Saturday night at Lismore.  However, he suffered some minor problems early in the night and the engine wasn’t right until feature race time.

After the track was reworked the Pole Shuffle went as expected with Brock Dean accounting for Darren Dillon in the first round only to lose to Brendan Palmer who also defeated Andrew Felker. Dayne Kingshott sent Palmer back to the infield and then Michael Stewart gained the upper hand in the next round.  Stewart lost to Brady Bacon which meant the American pair of Bacon and Abreu faced off in the final.  It was also brother against brother with Rusty Kunz turning the spanners for Bacon’s car against the Keith Kunz prepared Abreu car.  Abreu was too good even though Bacon gave it his best shot.

With time becoming an issue the cars were pushed away for the 40 lap final just after 10:00 pm. Abreu burst into the lead at the start with Bacon right on his tail while Kingshott and Stewart battled for third.  Bacon made his move during lap 5 to take over the lead and was soon a couple of car lengths in front.  Kingshott had gone to third as Stewart now had to deal with Felker and Brendan Palmer.  When the lead duo caught lapped cars, Abreu closed in and on lap 15 recaptured the point.  Felker fell out with a blown tyre ten laps later as Dean went to fifth.  Bacon dropped back another spot when Kingshott went by on lap 28 but Abreu was holding a good break on second place.  The race looked as if it was going to go non-stop until Palmer came to a stop with just 10 laps remaining causing the only yellow light of the two nights of speedcar action.

It is customary for double row restarts at Lismore so the field was bunched up again for the last quarter of the race. Abreu surged to the front where he stayed with Kingshott, in his first meeting in the Keith McAllan car, second and Brady Bacon third.  Brock Dean kept moving forward to be a well-deserved fourth.  Rico Abreu was the overall series winner from Bacon and Dean.

Next week-end is the 2017 Australian Speedcar Championship at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway.  Qualifying heats are on Friday night February 3 followed by the last round of heats, Pole Shuffle, B Main and the 40 lap Championship final the next night.  See the Australians Adam Clarke, Nathan Smee, Dayne Kingshott, Michael Stewart, Rusty Whittaker, Troy Ware and Michael Harders and more take on the Americans Rico Abreu, Brady Bacon, Andrew Felker, Zach Daum and Alex Bright and the ‘Flying Kiwis’ Michael Pickens, current title holder, Hayden Williams, Leon Burgess and Chris Gwilliam.

Meet the drivers at the ‘Social/Calcutta’ on Thursday night, February 2, 6:00 pm at the Acacia Ridge Hotel just 2 kilometres from the track. Tickets are $55.00 a head for a 3 course buffet with the evening being compered by Bennie Bishop.  Everyone is welcome but tickets MUST be pre-booked by contacting Angie Harders on 0412 598 244 or email

Lismore Speedway 26 January 2017

Time Trials

Brady Bacon (USA) 13.203

Rico Abreu (USA) 13.352

Andrew Felker (USA) 13.638

Heat 1

1 Matt Smith (NSW) 2 Brady Bacon (USA) 3 Dayne Kingshott (WA)

Heat 2

1 Rico Abreu (USA) 2 Michael Stewart (NSW) 3 Andrew Felker (USA)

Meeting then washed out

28 January 2017

Feature # 1 (20 laps)

1 Rico Abreu (USA) 2 Brady Bacon (USA) 3 Dayne Kingshott (WA) 4 Andrew Felker (USA) 5 Brock Dean 6 Michael Stewart (NSW)

7 Brendan Palmer 8 Darren Dillon 9 Mitch Haynes 10 Dallas Sharp

Time Trials

Rico Abreu (USA) 13.425

Brady Bacon (USA) 13.567

Dayne Kingshott (WA) 13.844

Heat 1

1 Rico Abreu (USA) 2 Michael Stewart (NSW) 3 Brock Dean

Heat 2

1 Brady Bacon (USA) 2 Andrew Felker (USA) 3 Dayne Kingshott (WA)

Heat 3

1 Rico Abreu (USA) 2 Dayne Kingshott (WA) 3 Andrew Felker (USA)

Heat 4

1 Brady Bacon (USA) 2 Michael Stewart (NSW) 3 Brendan Palmer

Pole Shuffle

Brock Dean def Darren Dillon

Brendan Palmer def Brock Dean

Brendan palmer def Andrew Felker

Dayne Kingshott def Brendan Palmer

Michael Stewart def Dayne Kingshott

Brady Bacon def Michael Stewart

Rico Abreu def Brady Bacon

A Main (40 laps)

1 Rico Abreu (USA) 2 Dayne Kingshott (WA) 3 Brady Bacon (USA) 4 Brock Dean 5 Michael Stewart (NSW) 6 Darren Dillon 7 Dallas Sharp 8 Scott Wilson

Keith Kunz and Rico 1



NOTE: In the event any of the below times are amended, Speedcars Australia will notify all driver/owners via the SMS/email contact information provided on your nomination form.

Thursday, 2nd Feb – MANDATORY Scrutineering at Archerfield Speedway from 8am to 3pm:

Scrutineering will be performed from 8am-3pm on all nominated Speedcars (primary and spare cars) against the 2016-2017 Speedcars Australia Inc Racing Manual. Scales will set-up for cars to be weighed. Competitors will be deducted 25 points and start rear of field (ROF) in the first round if heats if their nominated car/s do not attend scrutineering during this allocated time.

Thursday, 2nd Feb – 76th Australian Speedcar Championship Calcutta:

Tonight from 6pm, the QLD Speedcar Racing Association will host our annual Championship calcutta with an impressive smorgasbord meal along with a great party atmosphere at the Acacia Ridge Tavern (situated approximately 2km from the track). Tickets are $55pp which includes a 3 course buffet meal. Tickets will not be available at the door & must be pre-booked directly with the QSRA to allow for catering. Contact Angie Harders on 0412 598 244 or email to book your tickets!

Friday, 3rd Feb – Competition Night One:

Pits Open – 2:30pm. MANDATORY Drivers Briefing – 4pm. Any driver not attending will incur a loss of 25 racing points. A roll will be called. Drivers may have one (1) crew member in attendance with them.

Saturday, 4th Feb – Competition Night Two:

Pits Open – 2:30pm. MANDATORY Drivers Briefing – 4pm. Any driver not attending will incur a loss of 25 racing points. A roll will be called. Drivers may have one (1) crew member in attendance with them.

Sunday, 5th Feb – Rain Date.




Please note there will be no door sales on the night we need to confirm numbers at the end of business today (27th)

You will need to contact Angie Harders if you haven’t done so already

Angie Harders 0412 598 244




From the back to the front Brad Young and the Federal Tyres Team slot into sponsoring heat race 1 and well as 20 in the 2017 Australian Speedcar Title!

Thanks again Brad and the Federal Tyres Team !