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Race Fans this October the 26th will see round one in the NuPave Asphalt Services Nexgen Hire High Bank Hussle at the Hi Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway

Book in October 26, December 7, February 22 and in conjunction with the 2019/20 Queensland Speedcar State Title April 12 for the Hussle Dates

The first 3 rounds will have a joker option to invert the top 10 after the heats for the feature starting grid so who will take on the joker?

Who’s your pick to be the round one victor in a good old fashion Highbank Hussle!


Do you want a $100 gift card to spend in store at American Tire and Racing Services ?

Well these can be purchased not only as gifts for loved ones but if you run American Racers on all four corners of your hot rod and run 7th in any of the 11 round feature events at Archerfield Speedway then one of these bad boys is heading your way !!

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This weekend race fans we enter into another era in Midgets for Queensland not only the 2019/20 race season but we will be racing for the American Tire and Racing Services Archerfield Midget Series!

The finer details behind the scenes have been sorted and we are good to go for the 11 round series calendar.

Brad Dawson’s GSA Advanced Machining will be covering the “Fastman” award on the nights along with the combination of MIS-Mobile Injector Services/Racepro Trailers and Fabrication covering podium trophies we are good to take the green in the American Tire and Racing Services Archerfield Midget Series.

The series lucky place getter in 7th in the feature event’s will receive an in store $100 voucher at American Tire and Racing Services providing they have a racer on each corner.

A full colour copy of the rules and regulations will be available this weekend and handed to each driver/car owner for reference.

The right hand rear tire ruling remains the same as previous Polar Ice Rounds (SD38)

Rounds for the American Tire and Racing Services Archerfield Midget Series are

Round 1 Sat 5th Oct 2019

Round 2 Sat 2nd Nov 2019

Round 3 Sat 16th Nov 2019

Round 4 Thur 26th Dec 2019

Round 5 Fri 10th Jan 2020

Round 6 Sat 25th Jan 2020

Round 7 Sat 15th Feb 2020

Round 8 Sat 14th Mar 2020

Round 9 Sat 4th Apr 2020

Round 10 Sat 18th Apr 2020

Round 11 Sat 30th May 2020

Nomination fee for round one needs to be paid via the trybooking link on

Round one nominations are the strongest we have seen in years and include

3Q Cal Whatmore

5Q Audie Malt

6Q Darren Vine

16Q Matt O’Neil

23Q Zac McDonald

34Q Mitchell Rooke

37Q Lachy Paulger

41Q Glen Wright

45Q Tom Clauss

66Q Barry Gibbes

77Q Bodie Smith

80Q Scott Doyle

81Q Brad Dawson

82Q Graham Flynn

89Q Rusty Whittaker

94Q Jason McDowell

95Q Gavin McDowell

97V Kaidon Brown

99Q Brock Dean



Over the last 9 seasons here in Queensland we have been blessed to have a local series based at Archerfield Speedway which without any doubt not only lifted the profile of Midgets in the state but on a national level as well.

The series stability secured car numbers as well as a lot of outside interest which resulted in fans and ultimately at the end of the day bums on seats.

Jack Berry wasn’t just an ex racer he was and still is a very mad Midget supporter so when approached to look at a long running series he grabbed the chance like a racer out of P1 for the main event and ran with it ……the rest was history being written for our state.

Todd Wanless drew first blood back in 2010/11 with a series victory running his Spike Hawk 39Q as Brendan Palmer chased and claimed his name in the record books with a title in 2011/12 running a JBR 29Q machine.

A lone Kiwi by the name of Michael Kendall flew in from Auckland and set the scene on fire in Queensland taking the next four crowns consecutively in 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 not without some tough hard fought laps from the likes of Brett Thomas , Michael Harders and Darren Vine to name a few.

Kendall departed for the UK in 16/17 so it was Sunny Coaster Rusty Whittaker’s time to shine running his Dad’s 78Q King car taking his first series crown.

Back to a Kiwi winner in 2016/17 and this time young gun Scotty Farmer took out the title running the 22Q Spike Esslinger TFH car.

Rusty Whittaker again claiming another Polar Ice Midget Series crown in 2018/19 this time with the team that went to 4 title’s with Kendall in the 89Q Boss Esslinger.

With heavy work commitments in the 2019/20 season Jack and his Polar Ice Company like the series need to ensure the next project is a success and feed the business as the business needs so that being said the Polar Ice Midget Series comes to a close as the most successful series Queensland has ever had to date.

Everyone here in the QSRA , The Racers and The Fans we would like to thank Jack Berry and the entire Polar Ice team in Ipswich for their support over the last 9 seasons because without you guys we wouldn’t have had the Polar Ice Midget Series

Take a bow Jack Berry you are a legend and again thank you very much!

With that being said stand by for news to this morning on another series with more info to be released as soon as some finer details are confirmed!

Rest assured fans the QSRA are going racing in the 19/20 season and if the past few years anything to go off we are all in for one heck of a ride!

Previous Polar Ice Midget Series Winners are,

Todd Wanless 2010/11
Brendan Palmer 2011/12
Michael Kendall 2012/13
Michael Kendall 2013/14
Michael Kendal 2014/15
Michael Kendall 2015/16
Rusty Whittaker 2016/17
Scotty Farmer 2017/18
Rusty Whittaker 2018/19


Nominations are now open race fans for next weekends grand opening night at Archerfield speedway to get our season underway for the 19/20 show down.

Nominations must be into Brock Dean 0410 195 355 by 6pm this Sunday so its super easy simply text your race number and a message nominating I.E (99Q In for Archerfield) this will allow the track to allocate a pit bay for yourself so theirs no confusion on parking on the night secondly once you nominate follow the link and pay the nomination fee on line (that way you don’t have to worry at the track) all nominations will appear immediately via the try booking portal and you will be ticked off (don’t forget to print your receipt for tax purposes )

The season is nearly upon us racers are you ready ?…


Race fans with the new race season on our door step for 2019/20 show down so we have a recap on last season’s top ten updates kicking off with Current Polar Ice and QSRA Champion Rusty Whittaker

Returning for the Neilson Motorsport team Rusty slots back into the controls of the 89Q BOSS Chassis Craig Thompson Esslinger the car has been freshened and will style a host of new colours and names to suit Craig Thompson has spun some magic in the engine department with Scott Inglis completing the dyno before being relocated between the rails of the BOSS. The team looking to complete in all the local shows before heading south to the National Title in February and the big shows in Sydney are on the cards.

Runner up in last season’s Polar Ice Series was veteran gasman Darren Vine in a fleet of various rockets however all Thompson Esslinger powered. The 35Q IBRP car kicked off then swapping to the 6Q and 19Q family cars to complete the season. In the new season “Viney” returns again in the family cars however both will run under the “6Q” branding and swapping to the Kiwi made King Chassis brand one will house a fresh Stanton SR11 while one retains the super strong Turbo Slinger. The 6Q guys are looking to compete in the local shows as well as the Australian Title.

Mitchell Rooke took out the third place honours in the 18/19 showdown with Rodney Singleton in the Singleton Racing/RJR Kitchens Spike Esslinger #3Q .This new season will see the “silent assassin” in the family owned 34Q which incidentally is the car driven to multiple victories and strong placings at the hands of Darren Vine in last season’s battles that being a Spike RSI Esslinger. The RJR Kitchens team are looking to head to Warrnambool also to contest the Australian Title as well as the local scene.

Cal Whatmore JNR had another stellar run throughout the 18/19 season finishing 4th overall in the 9th year of the Polar Ice Midget Series running the Speedy Air Conditioning 36Q Spike Gaerte. Cal not only supported the local shows but also travelled south a fair bit punching out a classic heat race win at Parramatta and while some may say “it’s only a heat race” the ones who know that’s a huge feat at that super-fast speedway this season Whatmore JNR joins forces with the team who took out 3rd overall last season and drops his seat into the 3Q Singleton Racing Spike. Cal and the team are looking to do the local shows as well as Sydney with Warrnambool “pencilled” in at this stage they are seeing how the laps turn.

The Bandit Brad Dawson who took out 5th overall in last season’s Polar Ice and QSRA Championship had a very “topsie turvey” season in 18/19 however with a new Spike Chassis powered by a very strong SR11X the Bandit will be a force to look out for backed by his GSA Advanced Machining, HI Tech Oils/Corporate Protection Australia/LIST Consulting/United Waste Services/Stanton Racing Engines also ride along with the 81Q machine. Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway, HI Tech Oils Toowoomba Speedway, Valvoline Raceway Parramatta and Premier Speedway Warrnambool are on the hit list for the boys in 19/20.

The 2018/19 Rookie of the Year also had another season of fast laps as well as his fair share of bad luck however persistency and consistency paid off in the end with the 45Q Tom Clauss team and their Eagle Chassis Inglis Eagle combination, Tom showed more and more serious race pace on each outing in the TPC Earthmoving/Springfield Lakes Panel and Paint car so this season he will again be aiming for the pointy end looking to compete in the local Queensland shows only at this stage.

One of the NuPave Racers who took out 7th in Polar Ice and 9th in the QSRA Championship last season was none other than “Little Hardcore Hendo” Riki Harrison in the 67Q King Mopar, Riki ran a handful of shows with some very fast laps laid down however a couple of on track “woopsies” saw him robbed of some better results other than DNF’s ,At this stage it’s unclear as to the racing scene as Riki focuses on his Nupave Asphalt Services business and its growth however 19/20 isn’t ruled out yet ….. Watch this space.

8 for #8! Brock Dean finished the 18/19 season after only a handful of shows in the brand new 8Q King Chassis car powered by a DTR Hawk in 8th for Polar Ice and the club points score. Brock is certainly no stranger to victory lane visiting the podium on a number of occasions in the few shows they completed during the later stage of the season however in true Dean Form they certainly turned some super-fast laps. 19/20 is unclear at this stage weather it’s in the 8Q Midget or Sprintcar you can guarantee they will be fast.

“If he didn’t have bad luck he would have had none at all” was thrown around our 9th place getter and that was Scotty Doyle in the 89A BOSS Esslinger, Finishing in the QSRA Points score a bit better with a 6th however a lot of DNF’s hindered the Southside Tornado. The team are reverting back to the 80Q number once seen on the Family owned Beast Chassis along with an array of names on the car and also a power plant owned by the Doyle Family however yet another Craig Thompson assembled Esslinger will be under the hood of this car. In the 19/20 season they are looking to all the local Queensland racing, some southern State Titles, The Big One in Warrnambool and International shows in Sydney.

Rounding out the top ten in the 18/19 season was “The Captain” and roving part time race reporter Chris Singleton regular pilot of the 26Q Spike Esslinger. Singo unfortunately “having a wild old time” ending the Spikes career not before showing a tonne of promise with a strong fresh Craig Thompson Esslinger and the car being spannered by kiwi Matt Black. An ex- Dean Aggressor was purchased by Singo to be assembled to see the remainder of the season however the ride with the Nexgen Hire 46Q Team became available and this is where Singo saw the season out, In the 19/20 season they are running the same Aggressor Chassis this time powered by an DTR Race Engines Eagle and plan to take the season as it comes racing where and whenever possible.

That’s a wrap race fans on last season’s top ten this season we have new drivers, new sponsors, new race dates, new colours …… and a new season!! See you track side




Race Fans the NuPave Asphalt Services Nexgen Hire High Bank Hussle is coming to Toowoomba are you ready for a good old fashioned shoot out?

Book in October 26, December 7, February 22 and in conjunction with the 2019/20 Queensland Speedcar State Title April 12.

The will be a $50 nomination fee per round with a portion of this going into the overall prize purse at the end of season Annual Awards Banquet.

To take out the Highbank Hussle overall first place is paying $2,500 second $1,500 and third $1000

A full list of Rules and Regs (including formats and tire rules) are being finalised and will be available as soon as the committee give the green flag to print there should also be a link to download your own copy here soon

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Calling all GSA Advanced Machining “Fastmen” this season there will be this board to autograph ,date and jot down your time as well as a tank sticker to wear proudly as the Fastman for the round in time trials/hot laps

One board will be presented to the GSA Team at the annual awards banquet and the other will be up for action on the same night.

Adam Clarke drew first blood last season who’s your pick for October 5 ?