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Have you ever wondered what’s in the numbers?

Let’s take a look at hot laps and there’s some interesting times from the Nupave/Nexgen Quicktime 18/19 season

Now we all remember Adam Clarke blasting to the current one lap record with a 12.866 back on the 18th of May way back in 2013 ….. Seems so long ago!

He again laid down an impressive time in the opening round last season with a 14.709 pipping Rusty Whittaker on 14.873 and Darren Vine in the IBRP 35Q who locked in a 14.886

Round two of the same season a little later in October it was Rusty Whittaker clocking 13.374 the first of the “13’s” which would turn out to be one of the only two in the season and set by Whittaker in the 89Q car.

Whittaker backed up his QuickTime stanza in round three with a 14.170 leading the time charts over a huge 19 car field with just over 2 seconds from 1st to 19th …… everyone was very close!

Round four on the 8th of December saw Rusty Whittaker complete the hat trick of QuickTime’s with a 15.100 ahead of Charlie Brown and Tim Farrell.

Darren Vine edged out Adam Clarke on boxing night in round five of 2018 clocking a 14.071 to Clarkies 14.203 and Rusty Whittaker’s 14.312.

Viney in the 6Q again topped the timing monitors on a super heavy track early January 2019 with a 15.892 ahead of a season best time for Glenn Wright banking a 16.146 and Bodie Smith at 16.271

Tim “The Hitman” Farrell locked in a 15.457 on the 26th of January in the 51Q ahead of another season PB from Tom Clauss in with a 15.536 to Rusty Whittaker in 3rd at 15.965

Rusty then took the line honours in the only February show at Archerfield leading a huge 21 car field with a 15.517 from Brock Dean’s 15.545 and Vine on a 15.580

The 9th of March saw the 35Q Callum Walker rein clocking a 14.024 ahead of Scotty Farmer in the 22Q who ran a 14.058 and Vine’s 14.118

Walker then backed up another QuickTime on the 6th of April again in the IBRP 35Q at 14.944 literally a fraction in front of Brad Harrison’s 14.947 and Farmers 15.255

Change of numbers, same result saw Rusty Whittaker now in the re-numbered BOSS car which now carried the 78Q digits topping the 18 car ladder with the seasons only other “13” at 13.650 over Farmer at 13.703 and Sydney-Sider Kaidon Brown at 13.729.

Farmer took out the season ending QuickTime of our 18/19 season with a 14.811 from Brock Dean at 14.939 and Zac MacDonald banked his season best at 14.946 in the Seasons Hot lap Sessions.

11 rounds plus the 50 lapper we invaded the “13’s” only twice!
We topped the ladder by hitting the “14’s” six times and ventured into the “15’s” just four times to take the nights “QuickTime” Title

In the 19/20 season GSA Fastman Award came on board, the hot lap session had been moved to after the Sprintcars, the biggest field we have ever had on opening night in over a decade with 19 entries and it was Kaidon Brown already giving the lap record a nudge by laying down a 13.289 from Brock Dean 13.339 and Viney again showing a ton of pace with a 13.444.

Clarke 14.709
Whittaker 13.374
Whittaker 14.170
Whittaker 15.100
Vine 14.071
Vine 15.892
Farrell 15.457
Whittaker 15.517
Walker 14.024
Walker 14.944
Whittaker 13.650
Farmer 14.811

Brown 13.289

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“Options , options gets your options!”

With a 5k Purse for the top three up for grabs so you will need to pick your weapon of choice !

Nexgen/Nupave are putting up 5k towards the overall prize purse so whats your pick for a right rear bullet ?

Hoosier or American Racer ?

Nominations must be into Brock on 0410 195355 simply text your car number and the words “In for Toowoomba” it’s literally that easy!

Then complete the second part of the nomination and head to the try booking site on www.trybooking.com , click buy tickets, in the search type “QSRA” and hey presto there it is …… don’t forget to print the receipt for tax audit purposes if required.

Michael Harders handed out 18 sets of rules and regs for both the Club run series at the opening night of the ATRS Archerfield series so if this is your first show and you don’t have a copy please let us know in the comment section of this post

See you all at the Hussle!

Hussle Rounds are,

October 26th
December 7th
February 22nd
April 12th (In conjunction with the Queensland Title)

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Some people have been asking what the Bob Baker Challenge is exactly so in a nut shell here we have it

Bob Baker offers a cash incentive to not only support the QSRA shows but ensure every effort is made to make the big race each night

To win the $500 cash that is offered the following conditions have to be met

There must be 16 to 19 cars on the track fired up ready to take the green for the first attempt in the main event.

A random draw of the starters (1 to 16 up to 19) will be done prior to the start of the race.

The car drawn once passing the green on the first attempt to run the event wins the $500 providing they attended the previous QSRA sanctioned show.

If one or more car(s) moved up one or more positions it is the car that starts in the draw position.

If the field starts 19 to 24 there will be $1000 up for grabs!
The winner of the lucky draw will not be announced until they finish the race unless that car DNF’s they will be announced then to help ease the pain of the DNF
Bob Baker has been offering the Challenge since 2017 and we are thrilled to have Bob back on board for the ATRS Archerfield Midget Series as well as the Highbank Hussle in conjunction with the Queensland Title in Toowoomba!

That’s 16 QSRA Shows including the 50 lapper!

Audie Malt picked up the $500 on opening night in the American Tire and Racing Services Archerfield Midget Series our next QSRA sanctioned show is the NuPave/Nexgen Highbank Hussle on the 26th of October ……. Who will take the Challenge??


***Attention this weekends Racers !***

For this weekends season opener don’t forget to pay the nomination fee BEFORE the link closes at 6pm this Friday as NO CASH will be taken at the track.

Its simple just follow the link and pay the nomination fee on line all nominations will appear immediately via the try booking portal and you will be ticked off (don’t forget to print your receipt for tax purposes)

The season is nearly upon us racers are you ready ?



Calling all GSA Advanced Machining “Fastmen” this season there will be this board to autograph ,date and jot down your time as well as a tank sticker to wear proudly as the Fastman for the round in time trials/hot laps

One board will be presented to the GSA Team at the annual awards banquet and the other will be up for action on the same night.

Adam Clarke drew first blood last season who’s your pick for October 5 ?


Do you want $100 extra in your pocket Midget racers ?

GSA Advanced Machining are an Australian owned, family run machine shop located in Eagle Farm just a hop skip and a jump from Archerfield Speedway

They are a full-service machining shop excelling in CNC Machining and Design, GSA specialize in precision-machined components from the engine controls industry to custom projects

GSA offers high quality, fine tolerance machining, cylindrical grinding and honing services they also believe in delivering quality through commitment thus having a safe, clean environment helps deliver this to their customers!

Race fans get set to see this seasons “GSA Advanced Machining Fastman Award” heading to Archerfield Speedway


Car Rego’s can now be paid online for the new race season simply follow the link and walk through the simple steps to lock in your number.

Remember all cars are to be paid,inspected and full memberships paid by the driver and car owner BEFORE seeing the dirt.

All regos will carry a small admin fee for the service (detailed in your purchase)

Also please remember to print the reciept for your records,personal audits and your company records 


QSRA Club Meeting Time !!
Chris Foreman has rule change approvals and declines from the recent Speedcars Australia AGM to let everyone know as well as national bits and pieces .
7pm SHARP kick off


How easy was it to book the Annual Awards Night tickets on line ?

Well here is your chance to have another go !

The 2019/20 QSRA club membership fee’s are due simply follow the link and the site walks you through it ….. simple.

***Remember to print your purchase as this will become your receipt and your responsibility***

Remember there will be NO MEMBERSHIP forms to complete anymore and NO CASH taken at any meetings once you have purchased on line you are done and then able to renew Speedway Australia Licences as required.

Dont forget the QSRA AGM next Wednesday the 3rd in the Vintage Speedcar Club Rooms kick off 7pm sharp and please dont arrive thinking about filling out a form you will only frustrate yourself.