Polar Ice Series


Due to the recent weather bringing a downer on laps turned here in Queensland QSRA President John Dean and Archerfield Promotions have been working hard behind the scenes to get all of our shows in before the end of the season and hopefully without anymore water from the gods !!

So that in mind some shows are now double headers !!

24th March Polar Ice / 2018 Danny Davidson Memorial R7
31st March Qld Title Maryborough
1st April Qld Title Maryborough
14th April Polar Ice R8
5th May BIS 50 Lapper / Polar Ice R9 ***Twist to come !!!***
19th May Polar Ice (R6 Rain out TBC)
26th May Polar Ice Finale


This coming Saturday race fans we try again !!

Polar Ice Midget Series returns to Archerfield Speedway

Fingers crossed the weather plays nice and we can get this show under way there are some regular big hitters and lap record setters nominated along with some very fast and tidy rookies

Let’s get it on !

Q12 Audie Malt
Q16 Mark George
Q18 Nathan Mathers
Q19 Darren Vine
Q22 Scotty Farmer
Q23 Justin Paull
Q28 Bradley Harrison
Q34 Mitchell Rooke
Q36 Cal Whatmore
Q40 Dallas Sharp
Q41 Brendan Palmer
Q48 Brad Young
Q51 Tim Farrell
Q76 Reid MacKay
Q81 Brad Dawson
Q89 Rusty Whittaker


This weekend race fans the Jack Berry sponsored Polar Ice Midget Series hits Archerfield again for an all open wheel night !

Current points leader Scotty Farmer will be there along with the guys hot on his tail Darren Vine , Reid McKay and Brad Young.

Its nearing the “game on” section of the series where the contenders step up and the pretenders step back these next few rounds will be all about all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed !

This weekends nominations include

12Q Audie Malt

15Q Darren Dillon

16Q Mark George

19Q Darren Vine

22Q Scotty Farmer

23Q Rusty Whittaker

24Q Lance Towns

27Q Shane Malt

28Q Bradley Harrison

34Q Mitchell Rooke

36Q Cal Whatmore JNR

40Q Dallas Sharp

41Q Brendan Palmer

48Q Brad Young

51Q Tim Farrell

81Q Brad Dawson

89Q Michael Harders

91Q Robbie Stewart

98Q Reid MacKay

99Q Brock Dean


So this weekend race fans ! Archerfield Speedway ! THE Place to be !!




Four times Australian Speedcar Champion and current NSW titleholder Adam Clarke heads the impressive entry list for the 2018 Stan Burrow Midget Stampede at Brisbane’s Ausdeck Patios & Roofing Archerfield Speedway, Saturday night, January 20.

New Zealand will be represented in the starting line-up with the inclusion of Hayden Williams driving Scott Wilson’s Boss Stanton SRII.

Former National Champion Nathan Smee also is included on the 27- car entry list and will race the Brett Thomas Spike entry.

Event honours one of Queensland Speedcar Racing Association’s longest serving drivers, Stan Burrow who passed away due to complications from back surgery in 2016.Clarke, winner of the inaugural Stan Burrow Midget Stampede in 2017, heads to Brisbane fresh from his NSW Speedcar Championship victory at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway on January 1.

A total prize money purse of $13,000 is up for grabs, paying $3000 to win. Runner-up in the main events pockets $1500 and third placegetter gets $800.

Son of a gun Kaidon Brown has entered following his recent stint in New Zealand where he represented Australia in the annual international series.

Darren Vine is the form driver in the QSRA ranks and has recorded three feature race wins so far this season in his 6Q and 19Q cars.

Current Polar Ice Midget Series Champion Rusty Whittaker is a confirmed starter in the King/Esslinger. When he took out the 2015 Queensland Championship, Whittaker became the youngest winner of the state title at 18 years of age.

Brock Dean (Breka/Hawk), Anthony Chaffey (Spike/Mopar), Scott Farmer (Spike/Esslinger) and Rodney Harders (Eagle) also have entered.

A mega “Thank you” must go to Stan’s Wife Lerlene Burrow and good friend of Stan, Brian Spann donating $2000 cold hard cash into the total prize purse!! But does it stop there?? Sure doesn’t … the first QSRA driver home will receive not only the prize money allocated to that finishing spot BUT an extra $750 kindly donated from Lerlene Burrow also.

Don’t forget the Bob Baker “dash for cash” returns this show so the guys who qualify for the extra cash on the main event will be in a treat again.

Huge thanks also going out to Speedcars Australia for adding a grant of $3,500 going towards tow money and advertising for the event. So thanks to Michael Harders and the Speedcars Australia team.

Prize payout will consist of

1st $3000

2nd $1500

3rd $800

4th 700

5th 600

6th 500

7th 400

8th 300

9th 200

10th 200

11th 200

12th 200

13th 200

14th 200

15th 200

16th 200

17th 200

18th 200

19th 100

20th 100

Nominations include

Q5 Rodney Harders

 N5 Andy Hassan

 Q6 Darren Vine

 Q12 Audie Malt

 N13 Adam Clarke

 Q15 Darren Dillon

 Q16 Mark George

 Q18 Nathan Mathers

 N21 Robert Mackay

 Q22 Scotty Farmer

 Q24 Lance Towns

 Q25 Anthony Chaffey

 Q28 Bradley Harrison

 Q34 Mitchell Rooke

 Q36 Cal Whatmore JNR

 Q40 Dallas Sharp

 N41 Jordan Mackay

 NZ42 Hayden Williams

 Q48 Brad Young

 N65 Don Mackay

 Q69 Nathan Smee

 Q76 Reid Mackay

 Q78 Rusty Whittaker

 Q91 Robbie Stewart

 V97 Kaiden Brown TBC

 Q98 Callum Walker

 Q99 Brock Dean


Scott Farmer began 2018 with an all the win in Round 5 of the Polar Ice Midget Series at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on Wednesday January 3.  The midgets were a support section to a round of World Series Sprintcars so it was an opportunity to showcase midget racing in front of a healthy crowd.  It was fortunate that the meeting even went ahead as two storms threatened to dump heavy rain on the area late in the afternoon but somehow the speedway was spared any precipitation.

Everyone was anticipating another great showdown between Darren Vine and Farmer when they qualified for the front row of the feature only for Vine to withdraw after a minor rocker problem was detected and it was decided not to risk any further damage.  With Farmer (TFH Spike/Esslinger) now on pole for the 20-lap affair he immediately raced into the lead from the get go.  Darren Dillon (Zox Performance Eagle/Gaerte) settled into second while Brock Dean (All Car Engine Reconditioning Services Breka/Hawk) momentarily jumped ahead of Adam Wallis (Boss Chassis Aust Boss/Esslinger) and Brad Harrison (Nupave Asphalt Services King/Mopar).  Dean soon dropped back a couple of spots and then withdrew with an engine not quite right.  Wallis then accounted for Harrison and then set out after Dillon.  The former Australian Compact Champion was hugging the pole line while Wallis ran further up the track trying to build momentum.

Rodney Harders (Eagle/Eagle) spun to a stop during lap 6 after contact with another car which lined up the field nose to tail for the second green light.  Shortly after the restart Wallis grabbed second but couldn’t shake Dillon.  Behind the lead trio a large group of cars including Harrison, Mark George (Breka/Porsche), Reid Mackay (Direct Plasterboard Outlet CP3/Hawk) and Nathan Mathers were exchanging places lap by lap.  George showed his experience and continued to manoeuvre past cars and as the race progressed into the last handful of laps had moved to fourth.  Meanwhile Dillon hadn’t given up and with just over three laps remaining regained position two.

Farmer collected his second win of the season with Darren Dillon gaining his first podium position after returning to the sport while Adam Wallis overcame some rotten luck in recent meetings to finish third.  Mark George was fourth with car owner Chris Foreman pleased that his Porsche engine had performed well after some problems at previous shows.  Farmer came into the round just 4 points ahead of Vine in the Polar Ice Series so now has opened a broader margin on his opponents.

With a ‘Draw and Invert’ format for the heats it was not surprising that the four qualifiers had four different winners.  Farmer went from pole to take out the first heat while Dillon (P7) and Brock Dean (P9) came from near the back to finish in the top five.  Scott Wilson (WLS Landscape Supplies Boss/Stanton SR 11) opened a commanding lead in the opening laps of the second heat only to slow and withdraw after a couple of laps.  Brad Harrison was the new leader and despite being chased by Vine and Young held on for the win as well as setting the quickest lap (14.271) of the race.  The reason for Wilson’s departure was due to the breakage of the steering box mount.  The unit dropped onto his knees and he did well to find the infield without any mishap.

Dallas Sharp (Llewellyn Motors Eagle/Gaerte) charged form the outside of the front row to out drag Brock Dean to the first turn and led the opening lap until Darren Dillon charged from the second row to take over the lead and collect the win.  Rookie Nathan Mathers (Insane Ink Eagle/Esslinger) took off into the distance at the beginning of the last heat as Mark George and Darren Vine began a duel that lasted the duration of the race.  With George as smooth as silk on the bottom and Vine up high it was entertaining to watch as the two wheel twisters raced side by side without the hint of a touch.  As the race progressed they closed on the leader and Vine gained the impetus to get to second only for the yellow lights to appear at the end of lap 9 even though there was no incident on the race track.  The race was declared at that point with Mathers collecting his first midget win.

Some of the Brisbane drivers are now on their way to Mt Gambier for the Speedcar Super Series round this Saturday night and the Victorian Title at Warrnambool the following night.  We wish them a safe journey and a successful couple of nights of racing.  Queensland drivers Adam Wallis, Troy Ware and Scott Doyle will join Reid Mackay in what should be some action-packed racing on two tracks conducive for great speedcar racing.

The midgets are back at the Archerfield Speedway on Saturday January 20 for the running of the Stan Burrow Stampede.  With around $10,000 available in prize-money and $4,000 going to the winner it should feature a cast of the fast.  One driver who has already nominated is Nathan Smee in the TFH Spike/Inglis Chev.  A many times winner at Archerfield, the former Australian Champion is looking to collect some of the ‘big bucks’ on offer.  Additional nominations will be posted as they become available.  It is certainly a night not to be missed in honour of a great speedcar competitor and ambassador, Stan Burrow.

Heat 1

1          Scott Farmer               2          Cal Whatmore             3          Adam Wallis

Heat 2

1          Brad Harrison              2          Darren Vine                 3          Brad Young

Heat 3

1          Darren Dillon               2          Brock Dean                 3          Adam Wallis

Heat 4

1          `Nathan Mathers         2          Darren Vine                 3          Mark George


1          Scott Farmer               2          Darren Dillon               3          Adam Wallis

4          Mark George              5          Brad Harrison              6          Reid Mackay

7          Nathan Mathers          8          Brad Young                 9          Cal Whatmore

10        Kristy Bonsey              11        Dallas Sharp               12        Mitchell Rooke

13        Audie Malt                   14        Rodney Harders         15        Scott Wilson



Our first show in the “18” side of the 17/18 season will see us return to Archerfield Speedway on January the 3rd

Nominations are as follows

5Q Rodney Harders

12Q Audie Malt

15Q Darren Dillon

18Q Nathan Mathers

19Q Darren Vine

22Q Scotty Farmer

23Q Kristy Bonesy

25Q Anthony Chaffey

27Q Shane Malt

28Q Bradley Harrison

34Q Mitchell Rooke

36Q Cal Whatmore

40Q Dallas Sharp

42Q Scott Wilson

44Q Corey Stothard

48Q Brad Young

69Q Nathan Smee

76Q Reid Mackay

78Q Rusty Whittaker

89Q Adam Wallis

99Q Brock Dean



Current Polar Ice Midget Series points as of 15/12/2017

1st Scotty Farmer 167
2nd Darren Vine 163
3rd Reid MacKay 140
4th Michael Harders 118
5th Brad Young 109
6th Mitchell Rooke 105
7th Rusty Whittaker 100
8th Anthony Chaffey 81
9th Adam Wallis 75
10th Troy Ware 72

Still a few rounds left and its very interesting at the pointy end


Current QSRA Club Championship points as of 15/12/2017 are as follows

1st Darren Vine 195
2nd Scotty Farmer 173.5
3rd Reid MacKay 155.5
4th Michael Harders 143
5th Mitchell Rooke 135
6th Brad Young 131
7th Adam Wallis 110.5
8th Rusty Whittaker 105
9th Anthony Chaffey 82
10th Bradley Harrison 76

Remember the Queensland State Title in Maryborough Easter weekend 2018 is over two nights and carries 1.5 points



Darren Vine came from the clouds to claim victory in the Polar Ice Series round at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on Saturday November 26.  It was his third win in the four rounds held so far this season.

After finishing second to Vine in Round 3 Scott Farmer (Spike/Esslinger) was determined to go one better and qualified top of the points and thereby had pole position for the 25 lap A Main.  Vine, back in the family XXX/Turbo Esslinger, started his quest for another win from P 5 after a poor Hot Lap time affected his points tally.  The feature only made it to the back straight in the opening lap when a multi car bingle eliminated Adam Wallis (Boss Chassis Aust Boss/Esslinger), Dallas Sharp (Llewellyn Motors Eagle/Gaerte) and Scott Doyle (Boss Hogg’s Steakhouse Beast/Gaerte).

Farmer shot into the lead when the green lights appeared again with Reid Mackay, Mitchell Rooke, Darren Vine, Brad Young and Darren Dillon in hot pursuit.  Farmer quickly built a sizeable lead as both Vine and Dillon looked to improve their positions.  Young Mitchell Rooke was holding his own in only his fourth meeting in a midget and the first night he was eligible to take his qualified position in the field.

At the 10-lap mark Farmer still held a comfortable lead while Vine had advanced to second and Dillon to fourth and closing on the third placed Mackay.  Lap by lap Vine slowly appeared to be closing on the leader but with no stoppages it seemed he had little chance of achieving his second consecutive win.  However, when Farmer caught a couple of lapped cars and carefully threaded his way through he lost some ground to Vine who was now chasing even harder.  Meanwhile Mackay (Direct Plasterboard Outlet CP3/Hawk) was on his own in third after dispensing with Dillon who was then shuffled back another spot by Rooke (RKR Kitchens Rod Singleton Racing Spike/Esslinger).

With a handful of laps remaining Vine had Farmer in his sights and with the leader about to encounter some more lapped cars the race was still wide open.  With under two laps left Vine timed his run to perfection by using the lapped car and grabbed the lead and raced under the chequered flag to collect the win.  Farmer was second while Reid Mackay took the other place on the podium with a well-deserved third.

There were three groups in timed Hot Laps with Troy Ware claiming the quickest lap with a 13.780 time in the first group ahead of Reid Mackay (14.258) and Brad Young (14.329) who were both in the third group.

The one advantage that Vine gained with a poor qualifying time was a front row start in the heats after the 14 fastest times were inverted in the heat line-ups.  He won the opening heat over Rooke and Ware with Scott Doyle finishing fifth after starting at the back after failing to gain a time after a noise issue during Hot Laps.  Scott Farmer worked his way to the front in the second qualifier after starting from the third row and led home Brad Harrison (Nupave Asphalt Services King/Mopar) and Cal Whatmore (Speedy Air Conditioning Spike/Gaerte) who was having his first outing for the season.  Farmer’s time (2:22.306) was the quickest 10 lap midget time for the night.

Mitchell Rooke claimed his first ‘Midget’ win in Heat 3 with an all the way victory over Brad Young (Federal Tyres Spike/Gaerte) and Farmer.  The last heat was bunched together when they exited the second corner and unfortunately Troy Ware (Ware Constructions Spike/Mopar) climbed a wheel and cartwheeled a couple of times.  He was unhurt and unimpressed.  Once again Vine was first to the line to achieve his second win of the night.

‘Bits from the Pits’

Adam Wallis must be wondering what he has to do to make it past the first lap of the feature race after being an innocent victim of someone else’s accident at the last two Archerfield shows.  His one consolation last Saturday was that he collected $ 500 from Bob Baker as the winner in the ‘Random Draw’.

Young drivers continue to join the ‘Midgets’ and Mitchell Rooke was one who only began this season after racing in the Compacts last season.  The quietly spoken youngster has shown a lot of maturity in his driving considering he doesn’t even hold a driver’s licence.  Apparently, he was very successful racing large radio-controlled cars which has obviously helped him to develop quick reflexes.

For the second consecutive meeting Darren Vine has finished the night with a perfect score card, three wins from three starts and he did it in two different cars.  The multi times Australian Compact Champion has already equalled Chris Gwilliam who won the trophy for Most Feature Wins (3) last season.

Rusty Whittaker failed to get past Hot Laps after an oil pressure problem again affected his Esslinger engine.  He is too good a competitor to not be in the line-ups and I’m his Dad, Sid, and Col Davies will be working hard to rectify the issue.

Another suffering a recurring problem was Mark George when his Porsche engine again blew a head gasket after only a handful of laps.  Car owner Chris Foreman is at odds as to what is causing the problem that has not been an issue in all the years they have run this style of engines.  Let’s hope they find the answer so the former Queensland Champion can get back amongst the action.

This meeting marked the last show for the year for the QSRA with their next meeting at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on Wednesday January 3.  Some of our drivers are taking the opportunity to compete in the Speedcar Super Series round at Parramatta on December 9 and we wish them well when they venture south.

For those speedcar fans who are keen to witness the 2018 Australian Speedcar Championship it is being held at the Murray Machining & Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway in South Australia on Friday and Saturday 9 & 10 February 2018.  Murray Bridge is located about 70 kilometres by road from Adelaide.

Heat 1

1          Darren Vine                 2          Mitchell Rooke                        3          Troy Ware

Heat 2

1          Scott Farmer               2          Brad Harrison                          3          Cal Whatmore

Heat 3

1          Mitchell Rooke            2          Brad Young                             3          Scott Farmer

Heat 4

1          Darren Vine                 2          Darren Dillon                           3          Cal Whatmore


1          Darren Vine                 2          Scott Farmer               3          Reid Mackay

4          Mitchell Rooke            5          Darren Dillon               6          Brad Young

7          Rodney Harders         8          Brad Harrison              9          Audie Malt

10        Michael Harders         11        Cal Whatmore



Darren Vine logged up his second feature win of the season with victory in Round 3 of the Polar Ice Midget Series at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on Saturday November 4.

The returning Brendan Palmer (EastLink Air Breka/Esslinger) topped the points table after qualifying and led the way on the green in the 25-lap main event only for the red lights to appear before the field reached the back straight.   Darren Dillon (Eagle/Gaerte) had climbed Adam Wallis’ right rear wheel in the first turn and rolled a couple of times.  He was uninjured but out of the race due to the damage while Wallis was also sidelined with a broken right rear shock.

When the race resumed Palmer again led away only for Darren Vine (Mike Vine Turbos Spike/Esslinger) to surge past and head the field at the completion of the first rotation.  Rusty Whittaker (P2) also accounted for Palmer during the opening lap while Scott Farmer, Michael Harders, Reid Mackay and Anthony Chaffey pushed towards the front.  A spun car during lap 8 brought on the yellow lights and caused the demise of Dan Biner (NSW) with a bent front axle and Brad Harrison a flat right front tyre.

The restart gave Whittaker (Ti Bolts & Pace Partz King/Esslinger) a chance to attack Vine but it all came to nothing when he spun and although he was avoided by the cars behind was rear of the field for the restart.  On the next start Scott Farmer (Spike/Esslinger) moved inside Vine to take over the front running only for Vine to recover the lead before the lap was completed.  Whittaker quickly picked up some positions but encountered a bunch of cars including Scott Doyle, Scott Wilson and Jason Bell which momentarily slowed his progress while he threaded his way past.

Vine continued to lead with Farmer settled in second and Palmer next, but it was clearly visible that both Anthony Chaffey (Western Landscape Supplies Spike/Mopar) and Whittaker were gaining places as the laps began to run out.  Chaffey succeeded in passing Palmer for third near the end while Whittaker managed to climb his way back to sixth.  The top six were Darren Vine, Scott Farmer, Anthony Chaffey, Brendan Palmer, Michael Harders and Whittaker.  Michael Harders also had the honour of winning the first allocation of bonus money from Bob Baker’s Random Draw and picked up $ 500 in addition to his prize-money.

The Timed Hot Laps were run on a fast track and the quickest time see-sawed between a couple of drivers.  At the completion it was Rusty Whittaker (13.664) just ahead of Brendan Palmer (13.681) and Scott Farmer (13.709).  In all, there were ten cars that timed in under 14 seconds.

Reid Mackay (Direct Plasterboard Outlet CP3/Hawk) showed good speed to charge from the second row to win the opening heat from Farmer and Whittaker.  Scott Wilson (Western Landscape Supplies Boss/Stanton SR 11) swept into the lead of heat 2 but proceedings were brought a halt during the second lap when Brad Young (Federal Tyres Spike/Gaerte) spun and was collected by Dan Biner (Syndicate Communications Boss/Esslinger) and Adam Wallis who finished with wheels up.  Wilson continued to lead after the restart but Darren Vine (P5) was on a mission and grab the point with a couple of laps remaining.

Vine tasted success again in the next heat with Adam Wallis (Boss Chassis Aust Boss/Esslinger) and Rusty Whittaker chasing him all the way to the end.  In the last qualifier, pole man Scott Wilson was in trouble for jumping the start and sent back to the second row.  Reid Mackay took charge of the lead from the start and again showed plenty of speed only to roll during the second lap.  With the race back under way there was a three-way battle for the lead between Brad Young, Scott Farmer and Brendan Palmer.  They ran wheel to wheel for a couple of laps before a touch caused Farmer to spear into the fence in turn 3.  Palmer eventually fought his way to the front where he finished ahead of Young and Darren Dillon.

The damage to the cars of Farmer and Mackay was extensive with Farmer’s Spike needing a new front axle and replacement diff while Mackay had a hole in his oil tank plus a broken Jacob’s Ladder and other suspension components.  With many people pitching in to help with the repairs ever effort was made to get the cars ready for the feature.  However, without another diff it looked like Farmer was finished for the night only for Rusty Whittaker to offer his spare.  These two young guns battle hard on the track but respect each other’s abilities and it was a very generous gesture by the defending Polar Ice Champion.  Mackay needed an oil tank and Michael Harders came to his aid with one and helped with the fittings needed to connect the hoses and fit the tank.  Young Mackay made the race just in time and battled with a car that wasn’t handling the best to salvage a hard earned 8th.

Good to see Scott Doyle, Brock Dean and Brendan Palmer making their first appearance for the season.  Dean suffered an engine miss early in the night which didn’t help his qualifying points but after changing a crank trigger was 7th in the A Main.  Doyle, in his own Beast/Gaerte, had contested the first round of the 2017/18 Speedcar Super Series at Gunnedah a couple of weeks prior and picked up a Top 10 finish at Archerfield.

New South Welshman Dan Biner had a night he would rather forget being innocently involved in other people accidents on two occasions.  Team owner Jamie Hall (Syndicate Communications Racing) was philosophical about it and said they would be back again during the season.

The Malt family has been involved in Brisbane speedway for decades and now they can add midgets to the many divisions in which they have competed.  Audie Malt joined the ranks after buying the Scott Glazebrook Spike/Hawk from Perth.  This night was his first time behind the wheel and he was happy to just run up some laps.  Unfortunately, some damage forced him out of the feature.

Both Rob Stewart and Nathan Mathers were early withdrawals after hot laps.  The oil filter on Stewarts engine came loose and it dropped some oil so the it was decided not to run it again until everything was checked.  Mathers had endured a roll-over in his Compact a week ago and with his neck still sore found it too irritating for a night of rigorous racing.

The last meeting for 2017 for the Brisbane midgets will be at the Archerfield Speedway on Saturday November 25 for the Polar Ice Series Round 4.  With the car count growing at each show and the high calibre of racing thus far this season, it will, no doubt, be another night of thrills and spills and exciting wheel to wheel action.

Timed Hot laps

Rusty Whittaker – 13.664

Brendan Palmer – 13.681

Scott Farmer – 13.709

Heat 1

1          Reid Mackay              2          Scott Farmer               3          Rusty Whittaker

Heat 2

1          Darren Vine                 2          Scott Wilson                3          Brendan Palmer

Heat 3

1          Darren Vine                 2          Adam Wallis                3          Rusty Whittaker

Heat 4

1          Brendan Palmer          2          Brad Young                 3          Darren Dillon


1          Darren Vine                 2          Scott Farmer               3          Anthony Chaffey

4          Brendan Palmer          5          Michael Harders         6          Rusty Whittaker

7          Brock Dean                 8          Reid Mackay              9          Scott Wilson

10        Scott Doyle                 11        Mitchell Rooke            12        Brad Young