Polar Ice Series


This weekend race fans we return to the home of Speedway in Brisbane, Archerfield Speedway for round 10 in the Polar Ice Midget Series.

With another stellar field of Midgets set to let rip on the track this round number ten is in fact the penultimate round in the 9-year series.

The Nupave/Nexgen Quicktime is back ,The Revolution Race Gear Sunshine Coast “Lucky 4th” Place is back and if 16 cars field the feature the Bob Baker Challenge is back !!!

The nominations are

3Q Mitchel Rooke
8Q Brock Dean
18Q Nathan Mathers
19Q Darren Vine
21Q Brad Harrison
22Q Scotty Farmer
23Q Zac McDonald
35Q Callum Walker
36Q Cal Whatmore JNR
45Q Tom Clauss
46Q Chris Singleton
51Q Tim Farrell
77Q Bodie Smith
67Q Riki Harrison
81Q Brad Dawson
89Q Scotty Doyle
89Q Rusty Whittaker

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Scotty “the fish” Farmer proved far too slippery for the rest of the field on Saturday night in round 9 of the polar ice series. It will go down as one of the best feature races this season, there was some great battles playing out across the whole field, racing was fast and the track had a fast top if you dared and a hooked up low line too.

In time trials it was Callum Walker driving the Ian Boettcher race parts Q35 who took out the Nupave/Nexgen quick time with a 14.024 edging out Scotty “the fastest fish on land” Farmer by .034 of a second.. (That’s a margin more accurately know as a bees… uh wing..) With less than half a second separating the top 6 it was definitely building towards a great night of racing.

In heat 1 it was Darren Vine that got the win in the Q6r, Rusty “the gas man” Whittaker in the Q89 in 2nd and grabbing 3rd was young gun Bodie Smith in the SBR Q77. Special mention must go to the Q81 with B’rad Dawson who drove one of his best heat races of the season, Dawson finished 4th but managed to lay down the fastest lap of the heat, keep it up B’rad and remember keep your hands inside your ride at all times.

Heat 2 saw the Q8 of Brock “the king” Dean cross the line in 1st, followed closely tho by Scotty “Fisher” in the Q22, Tim Farrell came home 3rd. A quick shout out to Tommy Clauss who showed great pace early, unfortunately did get the result he was looking for but has improved every time he straps into the Q45.

Heat 3 was another heat win for Vine, 2nd was the fastest Fish on land Scotty Farmer, and 3rd was the Q77 of Smith.

Although Vine got the win it was Farmer who was once again setting fastest lap in the heat by almost half a second.

Heat 4 it was Tom Clauss who got the chocolates (it’s just phrase Tom so don’t ask me for chocolates next time you see me), Bradley Harrison grabbed 2nd place and Callum Walker in the Q35 was home 3rd.

Unfortunately mid-way through this heat the red lights were on after Whittaker Dean and Whatmore Jr were fighting for the same bit of dirt, it was like three seagulls and 1 chip, all three DNF the heat due to slight damage.

15 cars started the feature and it was the Q22 of Scotty “the fish” Farmer getting the win, with a clinical display of driving and showing how all the experience he gained from racing in NZ earlier this season is invaluable as Callum Walker drove an incredible race finishing in 2nd place.

Walker was sticking the Q35 right along the fence on the high line the whole race and looked at ease in the car. It was great to see Callum back in a midget and more importantly fit and well again.

After taking the early race lead Darren Vine finished in 3rd place. Vine persisted on the low line and done a great job to hold of strong challenges from Dean on the high line and Whittaker on the bottom.

Dean finished 4th just edging out a fast finishing Whittaker home in 5th place.

1st Scotty Farmer
2nd Callum Walker
3rd Darren Vine
4th Brock Dean
5th Rusty Whittaker
6th Mitchell Rooke
7th Brad Dawson
8th Cal Whatmore
9th Jack Bell
10th Lachy Paulger
11th Ricky Robinson
12th Tom Clauss


Polar Ice is back this weekend race fans !!

After the weekends feature event in Toowoomba being our first and hopefully last rain out it’s all systems go for this coming Saturday the 9th.

Nominations in yesterday are

Q3 Mitchell Rooke
Q6 Darren Vine
Q8 Brock Dean
Q13 Tony Stephen
Q21 Bradley Harrison
Q22 Scotty Farmer
Q26 Chris Singleton
Q35 Callum Walker
Q36 Cal Whatmore
Q37 Lachy Paulger
Q45 Tom Clauss
Q46 Glen Wright
Q51 Tim Farrell
Q56 Ricky Robinson
Q67 Riki Harrison
Q77 Bodie Smith
Q81 Brad Dawson
N82 Jack Bell
Q89 Rusty Whittaker
A89 Scott Doyle
Catch you all trackside !

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Brock Dean in his Aliweld/DTR Mechanical King Hawk 8Q parked the brand-new Justin Insley Chassis car in victory lane on Saturday night after an action-packed round 8 in the Polar Ice Midget Series at Archerfield.

Dean held off a late race charge from the nights Quicktimer Rusty Whittaker and Cal Whatmore Jnr who joined Brock on the podium after the shortened feature event.
It was on from the get go on what was a super heavy track both Nathan Mathers and Audie Malt finding the turn three wall hard ending what turned out to be a hot lap session as the field was reverted to a draw and invert format.

Darren Vine and Brad Dawson became entangled leading up to record lap one in the first heat which resulted in both cars freight training into the wall on the back straight, Vine coming of worse for wear and taking a ride on the tilt tray as Dawson was able to continue Lachy Paulger and the first of our NSW visitors had a quick meeting mid turn one and two which put both the 26N and 37Q cars out as the field resumed at a frantic pace with just three laps done the 89Q car of Whittaker headed infield with an electrical gremlin and Tim Farrell went on to take the victory over Charlie Brown and Whatmore JNR ahead of Scotty Doyle in 4th Brad Dawson and Audie Malt as Nick McDowell crossed in 7th.

Brock Dean set the fastest speed in heat two with a 103.679 kph as he went on to take the win ahead of the other NSW visiting King Chassis car of Dan Biner in the 62 machine Glenn Wright crossed in 3rd ahead of Riki Harrison in the Nupave King 67Q WITH Mitchell Rooke and Tom Clauss rounding out the field, Gavin McDowell, Jason McDowell, Nathan Mathers and Chris Singleton all recording DNF’s at various stages of the race

Heat two was also the departure of the evening for “The Captain” Chris Singleton after brushing the right rear of the 18Q Mathers car this sent the 26Q Spike hard into the turn three wall and as a result Singo’s night was done.

The first on the 89er boys to take a heat win on the night was Scotty Doyle in the 89A BOSS Chassis Australia car in a text book race ahead of heat two winner Brock Dean, Cal Whatmore JNR, Tim Farrell, Dan Biner, Riki Harrison and Nathan Mathers finished in 7th as Lachy Paulger retired after 4 laps of the circuit.

The nights final heat saw the other 89er in the brigade and that was Rusty Whittaker take the win however only just as the field were counting down the laps the car seemed to develop the same problem that plagued the car in the first heat however hanging on for the win and the points the guys sorted it once and for all for the feature event Mitchell Rooke came home in 2nd ahead of Vine, Brown, Dawson, Clauss and Jamie Hall all on the lead lap and Nick McDowell went one down and Glenn Wright recorded zero laps run.

Brock Dean lead the field away in the Aliweld 8Q being chased hard by Doyle and Farrell in the early stages Mitchell Rooke appeared high to the fence coming off turn two on the opening lap dropping a few spots and the cars of Brown , Vine and Whittaker were on the move early after 2 laps Wright and Harrison were jostling for real estate as Harrison banged the wall off turn four the 37Q of Paulger tank slapped the Eagle off turn 2 and parked it facing the wrong way bringing on the first yellow , Dean lead the field to the green on the restart Whittaker and Vine were now on a serious charge to the pointy end while Doyle and Farrell continued their battle Whatmore

By now Dawson and Brown were also having their own ding dong battle at times most running three wide at pace , Dean continued to set sail with 13 laps to run he had a comfortable lead as the rest of the field were racing hard and fast, Riki Harrison brought on the next yellow bouncing the 67Q high in turn four coming to a stop and again it was Brock Dean faultless in leading the field away from Farrell Whatmore JNR Doyle and Whittaker.

Just one lap later Charlie Brown was seen on the tail of the field after a spin in turn one another restart and this time Vine and Farrell we duking it out for track placings as Clauss and Hall brought on yet another yellow it was just one lap later Farrell and Vine came together in turn four as Farrell gingerly tipped the 51Q on its side Vine and Doyle were parked on track avoiding the United Waste car which resulted in them taking up the seats at the back of the bus for the run home.

Dean continued to lead however Whittaker was now barking at the heals of the 8Q along with Whatmore and Dawson in 4th as the laps counted down Wright had a meeting with Rooke trying to execute an inside pass for 5th in turn three which would ultimately see the 46Q upside down and the 3Q with extensive exhaust damage the race was declared on a time basis as Dean took the 8Q to victory lane followed by Whittaker and Whatmore JNR.

Notable mentions from the night was the hard lick into the turn three wall by Singo and we all hope he’s back on track very soon, Scotty Doyle finding form late in the season with crew chief Bernie Clarke and The Syndicate boys for making the trek north with the immaculate King Chassis cars

Our next outing for racing will be back at Archerfield on the 9th of March with most guys looking to compete in the UCS round in both Sydney on the 23rd and Toowoomba on the 2nd.
We will be having a club meeting at the Vintage Speedcar Club Rooms on Tuesday the 19th of February and all are welcome to attend from 7pm sharp.


Tim Farrell in the United Waste Services Eagle/Eagle 51Q banked the nights “QuickTime” $100 cash thanks to Nupave and Nexgen clocking in a 15.457 in the 3rd session of the night he would then go onto a 3rd and an 6th in the nights heats taking him to P9 for the main event eventually crossing in the same spot after the 20.

Another rising star to shine was Tom Clauss also with an Eagle/Eagle combination in the TPC Earthmoving/Springfield Lakes Panel and Paint 45Q car, Clauss recorded a 15.536 also in the 3rd session going onto a heat win and a 4th and slotting into P4 on the grid for the feature event.

The nights 3rd quickest time on the monitors was set by Rusty Whittaker in the Polar Ice/BOSS Chassis Esslinger 89Q and was the last of the cars in the “15’s” on the heavy surface, Rusty running in a 15.965 then going onto a DNF in heat one and a 2nd in his final saw him way back in the pack “fresh outta P12” however able to make the podium after the duration in 2nd.

The night’s eventual round winner ran a 16.034 in the hot lap session backed up with a 4th and a heat win taking the Mike Vine Turbo’s 6Q Spike/Esslinger to P3 for the feature and parking it in victory lane was Darren Vine.

Another Eagle chassis car lurking in the background laying down some super tidy laps all night was the 18Q Eagle/Esslinger of Nathan Mathers, Nathan punched out a 16.104 in the hot laps group 3 session followed up with a 6th then a 5th taking the Inksane Tattoo Studio car to P11 for the big and working up to 8th at the chequered.

Our only NSW hot shoe this week was Mitch Brien in the 63N Tumbi Tyres and More/C.A.R.S Spike/Hawk, Mitch ran in a 16.183 in the nights second group with a 3rd place and heat win which would ultimately see him P1 in round 7 of the Polar Ice Midget Series and making the podium on his series debut in 3rd.

The new kid on the block continues to impress and that’s Ricky Robinson in the 56Q Breka/Gaerte with a solid run in hot laps locking in a 16.251 and 7th quickest then sticking with the trend he went onto a pair of 7th’s in the heat race events then starting “lucky” 13th in the show finishing in 11th.

The pilot of the 27Q Spike/Gaerte Audie Malt blasted into 8th with a 16.301 then backing up with a 6th and an 8th in his heats which took the team to P14 in the main event and made the top 10 in 10th place respectfully.

9th in the session saw the Nexgen Hire/Pimpama Landscape Supplies Aggressor of Glenn Wright on the boards running in a 16.303, Glenn then wheeling the 46Q to a heat win and a 3rd being tied on points after the heats were all done and run however with the 63N car of Brien recording the quicker hot lap session time Wright was relegated to P2 in the show however unfortunately whilst battling at the pointy end was forced to park the rocket ship infield with just 5 to go.

Rodney Singleton Racing’s Mitchell Rooke rounded out the top 10 in hot laps with a 16.447 in the 3Q Spike/Esslinger, Rooke then going onto a 5th and a DNS which would see the youngster at the back of the bus for the main event however the racer was unable to take the green upon firing up and parked the car infield.

Scotty Doyle running the John Williams Auto Sales/BOSS Esslinger 89A was next to rattle to timing boards with a 16.635 , then in the 10 lap heats he went onto a pair of 5th and then P10 for the feature having a great clean run crossing in 6th at the black and white.

“The Bandit” Brad Dawson rolled out the first of the “17’s” in the nights very first session with a 17.260 in his GSA Advanced Machining/United Waste Services 81Q Spike/Eagle, Dawson then going onto 2nd in his first heat and a 4th in his final slotting into 5th on the gird, scoring the Revolution Racegear Sunshine Coast “Lucky 4th” place at the flag fall.

Cal Whatmore JNR recorded the nights 13th quickest in the Prolube/Speedy Air Conditioning Spike/Gaerte 36Q then with a 4th and a 3rd in the heats parked into P6 for the feature show however parking infield with 11 laps on the board.

The Nupave/Platinum Towing 67Q King/Mopar of Riki Harrison tucked into P14 on the times with a 17.573 then backing with a 7th and a 2nd in the 10 lappers he occupied P8 for the show however like Whatmore was seen infield before the duration was done.

“Captain” Chris Singleton rounded out the field for the hot laps on what was a super heavy track in the 26Q SSB Batteries/Northcoast Constructions Spike/Esslinger he then backed it up with a 2nd in his first heat race and a 6th in his final transferring those points into P7 for the main show, Singo holding his own finishing in the same spot of 7th.

The times in these groups certainly don’t show the capabilities of these cars as they were on what was a super heavy track however all managed to stay off the tilt tray of shame and making stars of themselves for all the wrong reasons.

The night’s highlights would go out to Tim Farrell for his first official Nexgen/Nupave QuickTime Award along with Tom Clauss in second and The Bandit just missing the podium in 4th.
Huge thanks to Mitch Brien and his guys for making the trek north after running the Queensland Title recently representing the NSW Speedcar Club and making the podium on debut in the Polar Ice Series!

Mega Thanks to Jack Berry and Polar Ice , NexGen , Nupave , Bob Baker and Revolution Racegear Sunshine Coast for the support!!

Our next show we head up the hill to Toowoomba!

This coming Saturday the 2nd of February is a QSRA Club Show to crown a “Midget King of the Ring”!!

See you there!


Let’s go again !!

This coming Sunday race fans we are at it again !!

Polar Ice Midget Series returns to Archerfield not Saturday but Sunday instead

We are on the programme with the Australian Sprintcar Grand Final night so this is set to be a biggie like last weekend

Mitch Brien will be in the house from NSW as well as the local stars set to shine

We are back to a racer right rear rule and $50 nomination ….

don’t forget log books will be collected by Dave at the start of the night but it’s your responsibility to get them before you head home.

Nexgen/Nupave QuickTime award is on as well as some quest interviews by leading live reporter Singo Singleton

Ensure to check the Archerfield website for gate opening times otherwise catch you trackside

Q3 Mitchell “The Rookie” Rooke
Q6 Darren “The Veteran” Vine
Q8 Brock “The Rock” Dean
Q18 Nathan “The Hitman” Mathers
Q21 “Hollywood” Brad Harrison
Q26 “Captain” Chris Singleton
Q27 Audie “It Wasn’t Me” Malt
Q36 Cal “Shake N Bake” Whatmore JNR
Q45 Tom “The Tank Engine” Clauss
Q46 Glen “Speedways Craig Lowndes” Wright
Q51 Tim “I’m Too Sexy” Farrell
Q56 Ricky “The New Kid On The Block” Robinson
N63 Mitch “The Lone Mexican” Brien
Q67 Riki “Mr Worldwide” Harrison
Q77 “Mr Cool” Bodie Smith
Q81 Brad “The Bandit” Dawson
Q89 Rusty “Queensland’s Young Money”Whittaker
A89 Scott “The Theif in the Night” Doyle

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Putting on an absolute clinic of a drive from buried deep in the pack in grid 10 Darren Vine stormed to the lead at the half way point of the Stan Burrow Stampede last night and set sail to the chequered leading home the BOSS 89Q of Rusty Whittaker and Glen Wright in the 46Q Aggressor third.

Vine again topped the timing board in what turned out to be a hot lap session with the draw and invert format being used, Vines 15.892 edged out “Mr Fahrenheit” Glenn Wright who was running red hot with a 16.146 and youngster Bodie Smith running a 16.271 to round out the quick 3.

Sticking with the QuickTime’s Bodie Smith lead the first heat race field on a merry dance for the 8 duration with the track surface still heavy there wasn’t a great deal the remainder of the field had for the flying 77Q as they all shuffled and slotted into places in the freight train, Smith crossing the victor ahead of “The Bandit” Brad Dawson, Mitchell Rooke and Rusty Whittaker were next in the train followed by the “Beenleigh Bullet” Charlie Brown , Cal Whatmore JNR , Gavin McDowell , Jack C Bell from Moree having his first run in nearly 4 seasons and Ricky Robinson having his first drive in the Midget division rounded out the group. Vine was a noticeable exclusion from this race with a minor timing concern on the fire up which would see the team have corrected for a very dramatic heat race four further down the programme

Newly crowned Father Riki Harrison in the Nupave 67Q King wasn’t only the fastest on track in the second heat but showed the field how to get to the chequers hitting some perfect lines lap after lap, Tom Clauss and Glenn Wright battled for the bridesmaid honours while Audie Malt, Nathan Mathers, “Uncle” Brad Harrison all fought for track supremacy in front of Michael Harders and DJ Raw who crossed in 8th. Scott Doyle was a DNS with a left rear tire deciding to part ways with its key ingredient ….. Air, Corey Stothard was another who parked his ride on the grass without completing a revolution.

Mitchell Rooke led the programme’s third race from flag to flag in the Singleton Racing 3Q however he was run down to the wire from a hard charging Rusty Whittaker who clocked a 99.578 kph in the BOSS Chassis Australia 89Q machine, Glenn Wright backed up his first heat performance with another third at the flag fall ahead of Brad Harrison, Bodie Smith, DJ Raw, Riki Harrison, Cal Whatmore and “The Tattoo Artist” Nathan Mathers rounding out the 9 car field.

The night’s final heat in the round would see a major carpark in turns 3 and 4 with half the field eliminated from the 8 lap event. Corey Stothard was again infield without a lap on the board however it was lap one that saw the Foreman Racing car with Michael Harders at the wheel the only car out of the four still on “all fours” , it appeared as the 20Q machine turned down to a line the 81Q car of Dawson was traveling a lot quicker and collected the left front and as they say the rest is now history , after a series of violent flips and twists the cars of Dawson , Clauss and Malt were all left in the turtle position on the dirt and all sustained enough damage to keep a few crews busy in the lead up to the main event.

It was at this stage the 56Q car of Ricky Robinson wouldn’t refire for the restart so along with the 4 cars in the wreck he was also recorded as a DNF.

Darren Vine as mentioned had a minor timing issue that the team along with Esslinger Guru Craig Thompson had sorted and it was now Viney portraying the pied piper bringing the rather shortened field home ahead of Scott Doyle Charlie Brown , Jack Bell and Gavin McDowell who were all able to avoid the first lap incident.

After the 4 races we saw Mitchell Rooke the highest point’s scorer and would lead the field away with Bodie Smith out of P2, Whittaker and Wright filled row two, Riki Harrison and Charlie Brown were next from the third row, Bradley Harrison and Jack Bell banked enough heat race points to go from P7 and 8 respectfully McDowell and Vine locked into 9 and 10 , Doyle and a nearly fully rebuild 81Q of Dawson secured 11th and 12th , Whatmore JNR and another amazing effort by the 45Q Clauss guys had Tom take the track in 14th, DJ Raw and Mathers bolted into grids 15 and 16, Audie Malt and Ricky Robinson rounded out the field as Corey Stothard parked the 44Q infield.

The field were fired up along with the blue 8Q VW driven by Stan back in 79 now owned by Brian Spann after a few roll around laps Rooke brought the field to the green after Whittaker slotted in behind him for second the rest of the field jostled for track space Charlie Brown looped the Repco 11Q in turn one bringing on a yellow and a push truck after lap 5 Cal Whatmore was the first retiree heading infield by this time both the Harrisons were on rails along with Vine as Doyle and Bell were finding their feet as Vine hit the lead Tom Clauss pulled out on lap 11 with what looked like something not quite right in the rear of the 45Q.

Just one lap later DJ Raw headed infield with 12 on the board Mitchell Rooke headed infield in the Singleton machine leaving the final 7 laps to be duked out by what was now the parings of Vine and Whittaker and Doyle and Wright all battling it out as Brad Harrison was sitting back a little just waiting to pounce should any of the top 4 get it wrong Bodie Smith looped and parked the 77 mid turns 1 and 2 and was heading infield with 5 remaining we also saw the 81Q Dawson car was now parked on the pit straight entering turn 3 and like the Clauss car looking rather sad in the rear end department.

On the final restart the Whittaker 89Q was now barking at the heels of the Vine Spike however cool claim and collected the pair crossed in that order as Doyle and Wright continued to battle it out and we saw it was Wright who got the upper hand after the 20 with Doyle shuffled back to 5th because waiting in the wings was Brad Harrison for 4th, Brown Riki Harrison and Jack Bell rounded out the top 8 Nathan Mathers, Malt, Robinson and McDowell were the final finishers.

The night’s highlights this round are Jack C Bell running the 82 Breka who ran some superb laps and finishing in the top 8 in the main event , Scott Doyle having a stellar run in the feature and the 11th place by Ricky Robinson in the ex-Darryl Bonell car AND Darryl being there …. Great to see ya dude!

As mentioned also Viney Quick timed in the Nupave NexGen Award and Bradley Harrison picked up the Revolution Race Gear Sunny coast lucky 4th place in the feature !
Our next event on the calendar is our State Title on January 19th in Lismore, The QSRA, Dave Lander and team down there along with Lismore Nissan are running the show and it is set to be a cracker!

There is no tire ruling for this event and there is a $50 nomination fee payable on the night , ALL nominations need to be into Brock Dean on 0410 195 355 before 6PM Sunday the 13th.


The Date : Friday the 4th of January
The Location : Archerfield Speedway
The Event : The Stan Burrow Stampede !!
The Nominations : Currently sitting at 18

Race Fans !! The 2018/19 Stan Burrow Stampede is next on the list and January the 4th is locked in and Archerfield Speedway are ready for the event.

Every car that starts the A MAIN event will receive a cool $100 with first place paying $1,500.

This is also round 6 of the Polar Ice Midget Series so a controlled right rear is required

Time to pay tribute to “The Man” Stan Burrow with our 2nd memorial event this season , nominations are still open and must be into Brock Dean on 0410 195 355

Nominations so far are

3Q Mitchell Rooke
6Q Darren Vine
11Q Charlie Brown
18Q Nathan Mathers
21Q Bradley Harrison
27Q Audie Malt
29Q Adam Clarke
36Q Cal Whatmore
45Q Tom Clauss
56Q Ricky Robinson
67Q Riki Harrison
69Q Gary Hudson
81Q Brad Dawson
89Q Rusty Whittaker
89A Scott Doyle
93Q Nick McDowell
94Q Jason McDowell
95Q Gavin McDowell



Eagleby’s Darren Vine rocketed to the top of the timing monitor in the recent Polar Ice Midget Series round 5 which was run in conjunction for the 2018/19 Danny Davidson Memorial race at Archerfield Speedway.

In front of a huge boxing night crowd Vine clocked in with a 14.071 edging out eventual A Main winner Adam Clarke who ran a 14.203.

With QuickTime’s recorded it was the back of the bus in the heats for the dynamic duo of Vine and Clarke although we would see both cars 29 and 6 sit on top of the point’s board after the 4 heat races with points accumulated, Clarke form P1 and Vine scheduled to go from P2.

The “Hunter Valley Hurricane” wasted no time in settling into a groove in the JBR 29 Spike setting a blistering speed of 101.166 kph in the 10 lap duration hitting the front within 3 laps and really cranking the Inglis Chev up however hot in pursuit was the “Beenleigh Bullet” of Charlie Brown and the 3Q of Mitchell Rooke with the field crossing at the flag Clarke the victor.

Riki Harrison ran home in 4th followed by the “Peoples Champ” Braydan Willmington in the 89N, Bradley Harrison seems to have the fuelling issue that plagued his debut this season sorted in the ex-Abreu Bullet TRD running the race at pace in 6th as Nathan Mathers ,Tom Clauss , Glenn Wright and Gavin McDowell rounded out the field.

Heat race two of the night had the 3rd place QuickTime setter of Rusty Whittaker and the other 89 BOSS car of Scott Doyle make it a Neilson Motorsport 1 and 3 at the flag fall with Vine the only car separating the pair in 2nd.

Cal Whatmore JNR set his fastest lap of the heat on the final lap running home in 4th ahead of Gary Hudson, Bodie Smith, Audie Malt and Sydney’s DJ Raw in the 15N.
Brad Dawson tipped the 81Q over on lap 7 much to the delight of the kids in turns one and two with Brad emerging unscathed the Palmer Boys were able to have him return for the next event and Corey Stothard DNF’d on lap 3.

Back with vengeance in the third heat race was “The Bandit” Brad Dawson setting the dirt ablaze with a cracking lap time on the opening stanza of 14.556 at 98.928 kph he hit turn one in the lead and never looked back crossing the run taking the white and black ahead of Glen Wright in the 46Q Aggressor and Darren Vine in 3rd , Charlie Brown ,Braydan Willmington and Bodie Smith rounded out the top 6 from Scott Doyle in 7th, Tom Clauss in 8th Nathan Mathers was next through in 9th and Gavin McDowell rounding out the top 10 finishes , DJ Raw was the only car to drop out on lap 8.

Bradley Harrison went into 3 and didn’t come out of 4 early in the piece while running heat race four leaving Rusty Whitaker little time to arrest the 89Q car which would eventually see both cars on the infield to spectate Adam Clarke lead the field home ahead of Mitchell Rooke, Cal Whatmore JNR, Audie Malt, Gary Hudson the only recorded finishes as Corey Stothard was infield along with Riki Harrison who developed an engine stumble on a restart and the 21 and 89 cars of Harrison and Whittaker as mentioned.

With the heats done and dusted Clarke would edge out fast man Vine for the P1 grid and it was only on start up for the main event that Vine would learn his P2 grid would now be occupied by Wilmington as the 6Q car wouldn’t respond to taking throttle so he headed infield immediately.

Clarke put the hammer down from the get go in the 29 Polar Ice car and checked out however hot in pursuit were the gassers of Brown, Whittaker and Wright who were on charge’s from their allocated starting spots , Brown went top shelf again along with Rusty Whittaker trying to get it to come in for the Midgets and for a time there it looked to be working however as laps ran down it went away faster than it came in and the pair found themselves back amongst the crowd in various battle packs with Glen Wright battling for a podium with Charlie Brown as Brown crossed in 2nd and Wright just off in 4th , Wilmington crossed in 3rd again for the second time in his 2 trips to Archerfield this season.

Whittaker and Rooke battled for track position with Whittaker coming out on top of that one crossing the 20 lapper in 5th bumping Rooke back to 6th Brodie Smith put in another clinic drive in 7th just ahead of the “Nupave Flyer” Riki Harrison in 8th, The Bandit ran in 9th and Cal Whatmore JNR rounded out the top 10, Scotty Doyle may have been seen fist pumping for 11th which may sound funny but the runs those boys have been having just finishing was a small victory hopefully the black cat moved on and more finishes are on the cards , Mathers, Clauss and Bradley Harrison ran 12th 13th and 14th respectively with DJ Raw , Gavin McDowell and Audie Malt rounding out the 17.Corey Stothard was infield with just the 6 laps completed.

Clarke headed to victory lane flanked by Brown and Wilmington not only taking round 5 in the series but the 2018/19 Danny Davidson Memorial as well!

Building great momentum before the team make the mega trek west for the 2018/19 Australian Speedcar Title where Clarkie is no stranger to claiming that event.

Night’s highlights would have to go to Glen Wright in the Nexgen Aggressor of Dylan Byrne after starting out the evening with some small electrical gremlins he came on super strong from the flag fall in the main event and as mentioned only just missing a podium spot on debut for the 46 team, He also took out the Revolution Racegear Sunshine Coast lucky 4th place!

Nathan Mathers, Gavin McDowell and Audie Malt were all running very fast and clean laps the entire night.

Our next event on the calendar is the Stan Burrow Stampede Friday the 4th of January so ensure you are track side race fans because this is going to be huge !!

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