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Are you thinking Toowoomba is soooooo far away to drive there and back in one afternoon/night ?

Then for the next Nexgen Hire/Nupave Asphalt Services Highbank Hussle on December the 7th why not stay in Toowoomba and make a weekend of it

Early Christmas weekend away with a splash of racing in the mix ?


This Saturday the 16th race fans we are back at Archerfield Speedway for round 3 in the ATRS Archerfield Midget Series !

Another sensational field have nominated and at this stage the Bob Baker Challenge will be $1000 providing you ran the last show and more than 16 take the grid

The GSA Fastman Award returns for round 3 also

If you aren’t at Archerfield Speedway this Saturday night you must be out of the state or at an early Christmas Party !

Racers if you haven’t paid the nomination fee via trybooking you have until this Friday to do so otherwise it maybe a waste in fuel driving to the track so its easy…. www.trybooking.com then in the search enter QSRA then the ATRS Round 3 Nomination link is there follow through the steps and print your receipt

The pit spaces are the same as the last show so if you can remember who you were parked beside you are welcome to go there again

This weekends nominations so far include.

Q3 Cal Whatmore
Q5 Audie Malt
Q6 Darren Vine
Q11 Charlie Brown
Q13 Tony Stephen
Q15 Darren Dillon
Q16 Matt Oneil
Q18 Nathan Mathers
Q23 Zac McDonald
Q25 Anthony Chaffey
Q34 Mitchel Rooke
Q41 Glen Wright
Q45 Tom Clauss
Q46 Chris Singleton
Q56 Ricky Robinson
Q77 Bodie Smith
Q81 Brad Dawson
Q82 Graham Flynn
Q89 Rusty Whittaker
Q94 Jason McDowell
Q99 Brock Dean

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Debuting a new chassis package in round 2 Nathan Mathers is back at Archerfield this coming ATRS Midget Series round 3 ……. and he’s fast !

Don’t forget racers you need to nominate to Brock Dean to have a pit space allocated for saturday the 16th 🏁

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Missing round 2 however Zac McDonald is back at Archerfield this coming ATRS Midget Series round 3 !

Don’t forget racers you need to nominate to Brock Dean to have a pit space allocated for saturday the 16th

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When racing is good we all agree it’s good but when you have a bad night at the track the doom and gloom generally gets the team down however every dark cloud will always have a sliver lining.

The Speedy Air Conditioning/Rodney Singleton Racing 3Q Spike Esslinger of Cal Whatmore JNR had one of “those” nights in the recent ATRS Archerfield Midget Series.

The boys were plagued all night with engine gremlins which would see their patience tested however that didn’t dent their determination to make the grids each time and it was grid 16 – lucky last which delivered the rewards of the effort as the pill for 16 was drawn in the Bob Baker Challenge , taking the green Whatmore JNR knew the car wasn’t right and headed infield with a lap on the board … it was only after the race he found out they were the recipients of the BBC $500 cash !.

The Bob Baker Challenge is easy ….. run the show before , 16 or more take the green in the feature and if your feature grid pill is drawn you win $500 no questions asked !

Huge thanks to Bob Baker for supporting the Midgets and helping maintain the car count if anyone is interested in being able to win the BBC its even easier ….. nominate now !

Brock Dean is waiting for the text to add you into the grids for our next show on the 16th at Archerfield Speedway there were 22 noms for round two with some not being able to make it some crashed out some got too hot under the hood however 16 hit the track for the previous feature ….. are you one of them ??

Well Done the the 3Q Team see you at the next show

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The nomination link is now open for R3 in the American Tire and Racing Services Archerfield Midget Series !

Please note nominations need to be into Brock Dean by Sunday the 11th @ 6pm for pit bay allocations and the nomination fee MUST BE PAID on line via the link as ZERO CASH will be taken at the track.

Simply text Brock on 0410 195355 the words with the car number (ie) “99Q in for Archerfield” its that easy then click on the link and pay the nomination fee 


Sunshine Coaster Rusty Whittaker stormed to a round win in the recent American Tire and Racing Services Archerfield Midget Series in the Steelmart Sunny Coast/RAW Metal Corp BOSS Esslinger 89Q

Whittaker clocked the nights GSA Fastman in the hot lap session with a 14.702 just ahead of what would be actual feature race top three in order and that was Brock Dean and Darren Vine (Dean 14.913 and Vine 14.950).

Scotty Doyle’s night came to a fiery end in the hot lap stint with his 80Q Ti Bolts and Race Parts Esslinger bursting into flames coming off turn 4 he had just clocked a 16.552 before coming to a halt and ejecting from the flames leaving the crash crew to extinguish the heat and the night the Doyle’s.

A fuel line fitting found to be the culprit and the boys will set about returning for the next round.

The Smith Brothers Racing Pilot Bodie Smith took line honours in the first 10 lapper heat of the night in their ED Pink Spike 77Q after a “ding dong” battle with firstly the Troy Ware Constructions Mopar Bullet by Spike of Troy Ware and Brock Deans DTR King Hawk , Ware and Dean swapped placings at the final flag ahead of the 46Q Aggressor of Chris Singleton in fourth, Audie Malt’s Spike Gaerte crossed in fifth from Mitchel Rooke in the 34Q, Matt O’Neil in seventh as Graeme Flynn in the 82Q King Gaerte rounded out the field.

The Rusty Whittaker and Darren Vine battle went into over drive in the night’s second heat race after Whittaker with the 89Q lead a majority of the distance Viney had the 6Q King SR11 full steam and on a charge it was with 4 laps down when Barry Gibbes in his 66Q Spike Gaerte departed for the night upending in turn one which closed the gap Whittaker had on the field, on the restart Vine kept the pressure on railing the MVT/Craig Thompson Machining King around the outside of Whittaker off turn four taking the lead and it wasn’t until the last two turns where Whittaker ducked 89 BOSS up the inside of Vine for the lead to the flag in front of Vine, Nathan Mathers 18Q Breka Esslinger, Glenn Wrights 41W was next over the line in fourth from The GSA Bandit, Tom Clauss in the 45Q Eagle and Gavin McDowell in seventh.

Troy Ware was on an absolute flyer in the third heat of the night smacking out a 106.163 kph best speed as he took the field to the chequered head of another strong run from the pairing of Dean and Smith, Matt O’Neil put in another solid session of laps with a fourth in the 16Q Breka Porsche from Audie Malt and Tom Clauss, DNF’s were recorded for the 82Q of Graeme Flynn and after leading for the opening lap Chris Singleton retired with a very ill sounding Eagle 46Q.

The APC/DRE Breka Esslinger of Glenn Wright took out the fourth and final heat on the programme for the Midgets leading home Vine and Whittaker from Nathan Mathers, Brad Dawson and Gavin McDowell as Cal Whatmore JNR recorded a second DNF of the night at this stage.

The feature main event was on for young and old at the drop of the green as Whittaker and Ware filled the front row it was only with a minor over cook off turn four from Ware that gave the hard charging field a chance to swoop spots and swoop they did shuffling the 71 race back to fourth, with five on the board the 16Q O’Neil car looped in turn four as Bodie Smith and Ware arrived on scene with nowhere to go the pair collided as a luckless Chris Singleton banged the fence and upending the 46Q Nexgen Hire car in the same spot.

O’Neil and Smith were refired as the Ware and Singleton cars headed infield, Smith would join the pairing with what appeared to be front end damage, Graeme Flynn also parked the 82Q infield with a deflated rear tyre as we now had the 3Q Whatmore JNR and 45Q Claus cars also on the grass.

After a few yellow flags came out before the end the restarts proved to be a very strong point for the 89Q Whittaker car and with car speed to match he continued to set sail as Vine was now barking on the back of the 99 machine the nights top three in the time trials would cross in this order at the black and white Mitchell Rooke ran home in fourth ahead of a super steer from Audie Malt and car 5 ran fifth , Matt O’Neil in 6th and the Bandit Brad Dawson in the ATRS Lucky 7th (Running American Racers all round he picks up the $100 voucher !) Glenn Wright banked eighth place points from Nathan Mathers and Gavin McDowell made the cash cut in tenth.

As mentioned Brad “The Bandit” Dawson took out the American Tire and Racing Services Lucky 7th place voucher with racers on all four corners and the extremely unlucky Cal Whatmore JNR who struggled to run more than 3 laps due to a mechanical gremlin picked up the Bob Baker Challenge $500 cash !

Notable mentions for Audie Malt running some consecutively fast laps and to a 5th place in the main event as well as Gavin McDowell recording a top ten finish and Mitchell Rooke who’s always looming near the pointy end !

Our next ATRS Midget Series round will be this month on the 16th so lock in the date and catch you trackside !

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Sydney’s young gun Kaidon Brown ventured to the Highbanks of the Hi Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway on Saturday and left with a bag of gold as the victor of the NuPave/Nexgen Hire Highbank Hussle.

It turned out to be a King Chassis NZ Domination in the 25 lap main event with Brock Dean in the 99Q DTR Mechanical King Hawk and Darren Vine’s Craig Thompson Machining 6Q King SR11 completing the podium.

Yandina’s Troy Ware in the Troy Ware Constructions Bullet Mopar 71 clocked a blistering 91.173 kph on his way to a heat race victory ahead of Brown and Dean while Cal Whatmore JNR’s night began with the first a night full unusual DNF’s in the 3Q Singleton Racing Esslinger.

Darren Vine began his night of success taking the victory in race two ahead of the 23Q Johnny Mc Towing Spike Hawk and the Steelmart 89Q of Rusty Whittaker.

Kaidon Brown continued the King victories in the third heat race ahead of Troy Ware and Tim Farrell in the United Waste 51Q Eagle while Viney wrapped up the round of heats in race four from Ricky Robinson’s 56Q Watty’s Fabrication Breka Gaerte and Glenn Wright in the APC/DRE 41W Breka Esslinger.

With two heat race wins under his belt Darren Vine would come out highest points scorer and drew the pill to lock the top ten is as they stood so that joker remains !

From the get go it was on for young and old , Brown and Dean attacked the front early while Whittaker and Ware were throwing slide jobs lap after lap as the rest of the field searched for any drive with the car set ups they had.

Brown, Dean and Vine had settled into the top three as Ware and now Chaffey applied the blow torch after Whittaker retired with a deflated left rear while Wright, Matt Jackson and Chris Singleton were coming on stronger as the laps counted down however after the 25 lap duration it was the three Kings of Brown, Dean and Vine heading to victory lane.

We had a large number of nominations the Bob Baker Challenge was amped up to $1000 unfortunately for the 46Q driver Chris Singleton P14 was drawn however as he missed the previous round the cash stayed with Bob.

This weekend we head back to Archerfield for round two of the American Tire and Racing Services Archerfield Midget Series with over 20 cars nominated again.

The NuPave/Nexgen Highbank Hussle Round One Feature
Results were,

97V Kaidon Brown
99Q Brock Dean
6Q Darren Vine
71S Troy Ware
25Q Anthony Chaffey
46Q Chris Singleton
41Q Glenn Wright
23Q Zac McDonald
56Q Ricky Robinson
97N Matt Jackson
51Q Tim Farrell
81Q Brad Dawson
34Q Mitchell Rooke
37Q Lachlan Paulger
45Q Tom Clauss
80Q Scott Doyle
89Q Rusty Whittaker
16Q Matt O’Neil
95Q Gavin McDowell
3Q Cal Whatmore JNR

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