Dont forget there is a club meeting tonight (20th)  and Chris Foreman will go over the latest Speedcars Australia AGM rule changes that went through , kick off at 7pm sharp

Also a reminder that EVERY car intending to run a practice must be inspected , have the rego paid in full and be full members of the QSRA otherwise you won’t be hitting the dirt with zero exceptions.

The inspectors will have the required paper work for the cars , new log books etc etc within the next week there …will be a link to pay the rego fee of $320 ( NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED )

Memberships are also due now if they havent been paid already and can bbe done so via the Club Mmbership link below (PLEASE DONT BRING CASH TO THE MEETING IT WONT BE ACCEPTED) You need to renew via the link as we no longer use membership forms and you can print your own receipt

Inspectors must be booked as they are busy in season preparations as well so contact

Michael Harders 0411 209 030
Chris Foreman 0419 604 012
Brad Young 0418 726 288
John Dean 0418 781 418
Colin Davies 0410 514 139

Rego Link…

Club Membership Link…


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