When a youngster grows up watching midget racing at the famed Western Springs Speedway in Auckland there is a good chance his ambition will be to eventually race a midget.  That is the story of New Zealand born Scott Farmer who has been a revelation since buying one of Brett Thomas’ midgets earlier this year.  He has been on the cusp of winning a feature race a couple of times but on each occasion, came up short.  That all changed on Saturday October 7 when he won Round 2 of the Polar Ice Midget Series at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway.

Farmer (Spike/Esslinger) started the 25-lap feature from the second row behind pole sitter Rusty Whittaker (Ti Bolts & Race Partz King/Esslinger) and his front row partner Adam Wallis (Boss Chassis Aust Boss/Esslinger).  Whittaker took the command of the race on the green light with Wallis, Darren Vine (Mike Vine Turbos XXX/Turbo Esslinger) and Farmer next in line.  Further back Reid Mackay (P6), Troy Ware (P7) and Anthony Chaffey (P8) were advancing forward while Michael Harders quickly passed some cars after starting from the rear.  Harders was due to start from P5 but when a push car hit his left rear tyre he was forced to stop and replace the wheel before the race began.

Wallis rolled to a stop during lap 8 when the oil pump drive broke which brought on the yellow lights.  When racing resumed Farmer was second behind Whittaker while Ware (Ware Constructions Spike/Mopar) grabbed the third spot before 10 laps had been completed.  Mackay and Vine were battling hard behind the lead trio with Anthony Chaffey (WLS Landscape Supplies Spike/Mopar) solid in sixth.  Whittaker, the reigning Polar Ice Champion, looked to have the race in the bag until he caught a rut in lap 18 which slowed his progress momentarily and gave Farmer an opportunity to race past and into the lead.

Farmer would not relinquish the lead during the remaining laps and went on to score his maiden feature win.  Whittaker finished second ahead of Ware with Reid Mackay winning the battle with Vine.  It was a good race to win as the round carried Double Points towards the 2017-18 Polar Ice Series.

 The timed Hot laps featured a spirited swapping of the fastest lap between Scott Farmer and Troy Ware until Adam Wallis came from nowhere in the final lap to be the quickest with a 14.026 time.  During his Hot Lap segment Dallas Sharp, unfortunately, hit the fence and rolled but with some swift work and help from others was ready for his first heat.

Rusty Whittaker took the honours in the opening heat from Rob Stewart (Jester Race Engines Spike/Brayton Ford) and Reid Mackay (Direct Plasterboard Outlet CP3/Hawk).  Both Corey Stothard and Mark George failed to finish and their problems would eventually prove to be terminal.  Kristy Bonsey (Breka/Gaerte) led the opening laps of the second qualifier until a fuel fitting came loose.  Troy Ware surged forward from the third row to claim the win after an intense duel with Darren Vine.

Troy Ware didn’t get the result he wanted in heat 3 after he rolled heavily a couple of times after catching a rut.  The car wasn’t badly damaged and would be repaired in time for the feature. Wallis and Vine then raced wheel to wheel for some laps before Wallis secured the win from Vine and Mackay.  Anthony Chaffey (WLS Landscape Supplies Spike/Mopar) scored his first win in his new car in the last qualifier from Whittaker and Michael Harders (Auto Upgrade Spike/KRE Eagle).  Rob Stewart hit the wall during the race after a new torsion bar stop broke.  The resultant damage ended his night.

Relative newcomers Mitchell Rooke and Nathan Mathers were steady all night and benefitted from the experience.  Mathers has put together a new Eagle car for the season fitted with the Esslinger engine used last season by Darren Vine.

Next outing for the QSRA is round 3 of the Polar Ice Series at Archerfield on November 4.  The 2017-18 Speedcar Super Series kicks off next Saturday, October 14, at the Gunnedah Speedway in western New South Wales.  The contracted Queensland drivers are Troy Ware, Adam Wallis, Scott Doyle and New Zealander Jimi-Ray Quin in the Greenwood Family CP3/Eagle while a couple of others including Scott Wilson and Anthony Chaffey are also keen to race in Gunnedah.

Long term QSRA car owner and driver Peter Harders is facing a very delicate operation this week while current car owner Rodney Singleton is having further knee surgery to rectify a long-term problem.  We wish them both well for successful outcomes and a speedy recovery

Timed Hot Laps

Adam Wallis – 14.026

Scott Farmer – 14.042

Troy Ware – 14.110

Heat 1

1          Rusty Whittaker                      2          Rob Stewart                3          Reid Mackay

Heat 2

1          Troy Ware                               2          Darren Vine                 3          Anthony Chaffey

Heat 3

1          Adam Wallis                            2          Darren Vine                 3          Reid Mackay

Heat 4

1          Anthony Chaffey                    2          Rusty Whittaker          3          Michael Harders


1          Scott Farmer                           2          Rusty Whittaker          3          Troy Ware

4          Reid Mackay                          5          Darren Vine                 6          Anthony Chaffey

7          Brad Young                             8          Mitchell Rooke            9          Michael Harders

10        Dallas Sharp


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