Tim Farrell in the United Waste Services Eagle/Eagle 51Q banked the nights “QuickTime” $100 cash thanks to Nupave and Nexgen clocking in a 15.457 in the 3rd session of the night he would then go onto a 3rd and an 6th in the nights heats taking him to P9 for the main event eventually crossing in the same spot after the 20.

Another rising star to shine was Tom Clauss also with an Eagle/Eagle combination in the TPC Earthmoving/Springfield Lakes Panel and Paint 45Q car, Clauss recorded a 15.536 also in the 3rd session going onto a heat win and a 4th and slotting into P4 on the grid for the feature event.

The nights 3rd quickest time on the monitors was set by Rusty Whittaker in the Polar Ice/BOSS Chassis Esslinger 89Q and was the last of the cars in the “15’s” on the heavy surface, Rusty running in a 15.965 then going onto a DNF in heat one and a 2nd in his final saw him way back in the pack “fresh outta P12” however able to make the podium after the duration in 2nd.

The night’s eventual round winner ran a 16.034 in the hot lap session backed up with a 4th and a heat win taking the Mike Vine Turbo’s 6Q Spike/Esslinger to P3 for the feature and parking it in victory lane was Darren Vine.

Another Eagle chassis car lurking in the background laying down some super tidy laps all night was the 18Q Eagle/Esslinger of Nathan Mathers, Nathan punched out a 16.104 in the hot laps group 3 session followed up with a 6th then a 5th taking the Inksane Tattoo Studio car to P11 for the big and working up to 8th at the chequered.

Our only NSW hot shoe this week was Mitch Brien in the 63N Tumbi Tyres and More/C.A.R.S Spike/Hawk, Mitch ran in a 16.183 in the nights second group with a 3rd place and heat win which would ultimately see him P1 in round 7 of the Polar Ice Midget Series and making the podium on his series debut in 3rd.

The new kid on the block continues to impress and that’s Ricky Robinson in the 56Q Breka/Gaerte with a solid run in hot laps locking in a 16.251 and 7th quickest then sticking with the trend he went onto a pair of 7th’s in the heat race events then starting “lucky” 13th in the show finishing in 11th.

The pilot of the 27Q Spike/Gaerte Audie Malt blasted into 8th with a 16.301 then backing up with a 6th and an 8th in his heats which took the team to P14 in the main event and made the top 10 in 10th place respectfully.

9th in the session saw the Nexgen Hire/Pimpama Landscape Supplies Aggressor of Glenn Wright on the boards running in a 16.303, Glenn then wheeling the 46Q to a heat win and a 3rd being tied on points after the heats were all done and run however with the 63N car of Brien recording the quicker hot lap session time Wright was relegated to P2 in the show however unfortunately whilst battling at the pointy end was forced to park the rocket ship infield with just 5 to go.

Rodney Singleton Racing’s Mitchell Rooke rounded out the top 10 in hot laps with a 16.447 in the 3Q Spike/Esslinger, Rooke then going onto a 5th and a DNS which would see the youngster at the back of the bus for the main event however the racer was unable to take the green upon firing up and parked the car infield.

Scotty Doyle running the John Williams Auto Sales/BOSS Esslinger 89A was next to rattle to timing boards with a 16.635 , then in the 10 lap heats he went onto a pair of 5th and then P10 for the feature having a great clean run crossing in 6th at the black and white.

“The Bandit” Brad Dawson rolled out the first of the “17’s” in the nights very first session with a 17.260 in his GSA Advanced Machining/United Waste Services 81Q Spike/Eagle, Dawson then going onto 2nd in his first heat and a 4th in his final slotting into 5th on the gird, scoring the Revolution Racegear Sunshine Coast “Lucky 4th” place at the flag fall.

Cal Whatmore JNR recorded the nights 13th quickest in the Prolube/Speedy Air Conditioning Spike/Gaerte 36Q then with a 4th and a 3rd in the heats parked into P6 for the feature show however parking infield with 11 laps on the board.

The Nupave/Platinum Towing 67Q King/Mopar of Riki Harrison tucked into P14 on the times with a 17.573 then backing with a 7th and a 2nd in the 10 lappers he occupied P8 for the show however like Whatmore was seen infield before the duration was done.

“Captain” Chris Singleton rounded out the field for the hot laps on what was a super heavy track in the 26Q SSB Batteries/Northcoast Constructions Spike/Esslinger he then backed it up with a 2nd in his first heat race and a 6th in his final transferring those points into P7 for the main show, Singo holding his own finishing in the same spot of 7th.

The times in these groups certainly don’t show the capabilities of these cars as they were on what was a super heavy track however all managed to stay off the tilt tray of shame and making stars of themselves for all the wrong reasons.

The night’s highlights would go out to Tim Farrell for his first official Nexgen/Nupave QuickTime Award along with Tom Clauss in second and The Bandit just missing the podium in 4th.
Huge thanks to Mitch Brien and his guys for making the trek north after running the Queensland Title recently representing the NSW Speedcar Club and making the podium on debut in the Polar Ice Series!

Mega Thanks to Jack Berry and Polar Ice , NexGen , Nupave , Bob Baker and Revolution Racegear Sunshine Coast for the support!!

Our next show we head up the hill to Toowoomba!

This coming Saturday the 2nd of February is a QSRA Club Show to crown a “Midget King of the Ring”!!

See you there!

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