With the 8th of May date lurking closer each day we have the prize payout for the 20/21 Inksane Tattoo Studio Queensland Title “Take 2” and it looks like this racers !

 The link in Trybooking is also now open for the nomination payment and then you can text Brock Dean on 0410 195 355 to have a pit bay allocated

 *Queensland Title is an open tire rule

*Draw and Invert Format

*Hot laps only to determine feature grid spots if tied on points after the heats

*30 Lap Main Event

 A Main

1st $2,000

2nd $1000

3rd $700

4th $500

5th $350

6th $300

7th $225

8th $225

9th $200

10th $200

11th $100

12th $100

13th $100

14th $100

15th $100

16th $100

17th $100

18th $100

19th $100

20th $100

 B Main

1st Transfer to A Main

2nd Transfer to A Main

3rd Transfer to A Main

4th Transfer to A Main

5th $50

6th $50

7th $50

8th $50

9th $50

10th $50

 The Bob Baker Challenge $500 – $1000 pending numbers taking the green in the feature

 **Any interstate cars that make the main event Bob will honour half the challenge cash if your grid is drawn weather you ran the last QSRA show or not**

 Nominations to follow

 #inksanetattoo #qldtitle #qsra #bobbakerchallenge




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