Racers !!

Nominations for our opening night show on Saturday the 3rd AND Sunday the 4th at Archerfield Speedway are now open !!

All nominations MUST BE into Brock Dean by 5pm this coming Sunday to make the draws and have a pit bay allocated

Please its super easy …… text the car number and the word “Archerfield” to Brock on 0410 195 355, failure to do so will result in a ROF grid for the programme with the COVID plan in place we simply can not allow late nominations any longer so 5pm the Sunday before the show is now it.

Once nominated head over to and in the search enter “QSRA” and hit enter that will then bring up the round/s to be able to pay the nomination fee to race this must also be done BEFORE you arrive at the track or a $20 extra fee will apply.

We have all waiting long enough to go racing so now is our chance !!

Lets Race !!

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