Defending Polar Ice champion Michael Kendall secured his third round win of the season at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on Saturday April 9 and consolidating his points lead with just one round remaining.

Grant Draney (Jason Gray CP3/Hawk) had a win and a second in the heats with Kendall (Boss Chassis Boss/Esslinger) just behind with a win and a third and they would make up the front row of the A main. Kendall burst straight into the lead and was never headed despite a couple of stoppages. Draney settled into second leaving third placed Darren Vine (Mike Vine Turbos XXX/Turbo Esslinger) to hold off a big bunch of cars including Scott Wilson, Reid Mackay, Brock Dean and Rodney Harders. The first yellow light appeared when Chris Singleton (Spike/Esslinger) spun during lap 2. On resumption Michael Harders (Auto Upgrade Spike/KRE Eagle) tagged onto the back of the main pack as Brock Dean advanced to fourth. Gavin McDowell (Stealth/Gaerte) had been tailing the field with a missing engine and doing his best to stay out of everyone’s way until he was caught wide in turn 3 where he touched the wall and turned turtle. It was a fairly innocuous roll and once the car was back on its wheels he was ready to go again.

Kendall was easily maintaining his lead while Draney had a good break on Vine who was doing his best to hold the five cars of Wilson, Dean, Rodney Harders, Reid Mackay and Michael Harders at bay. Something had to give and with 8 laps remaining cars came together exiting turn 2 and Wilson (Western Landscape Supplies Boss/Stanton SR 11) was left parked on the edge of the track. # 42 suffered enough damage to put Wilson on the side-line. On the restart Stanaway had a close look at the back of Michael Harders’ car and came to a stop.

Vine was now under siege from Dean (Breka/Gaerte) who was giving the top line of the track a good go in an endeavor to pull off a pass. The top hadn’t been working for anyone but Dean was able to find a groove. However, with just 3 laps remaining Rodney Harders (Eagle/Eagle) and Dean came together exiting turn 4 with Dean coming to a halt. At this point the race was declared with Michael Kendall winning the penultimate round of the Polar Ice Series with Grant Draney and Darren Vine filling the other places on the podium.

The night didn’t start well for Tony Michell (GRP/Gaerte) who was back after his big roll at Archerfield on March 19 when he became a victim of the very wet conditions for Hot Laps. He clipped the wall in the main straight and rolled over. He was uninjured but upset that his night was over with a bent drive-line before it began. Reid Mackay (XXX/Gaerte) also fell foul of the conditions and rolled over which saw the Mackay team with all hands on deck to repair the car for the first heat. Jack Bell (CJR Motorsport Breka/Mopar) suffered a problem during engine starts and watched the racing from the outside of the fence. Due to the conditions timed Hot Laps were dropped in favour of draw and reverse heats.

Ken Stanaway (Rod Singleton Racing Alach/Esslinger) led the first half of heat 1 until Michael Kendall broke free of the pack and raced to the front with Chris Singleton snatching second in the last corner. Heat 2 only progressed to lap 2 when a coming together saw Brad Young upend his Spike/Gaerte in turn 3. Damage was significant but after a lot of work made the feature. Scott Wilson outpaced Brock Dean at the start and led at the end of all 8 laps. The first of the reverse grid heats saw Grant Draney take a well-earned win from Reid Mackay and Kendall. The last heat saw the addition of late arrival Mark George. George had purchased Chris Singleton’s Stealth/Ford and transplanted the engine into Chris Foreman’s second Breka rolling chassis. Darren Vine took the win with George content to follow the field around.

Only three meetings remain for the Brisbane midgets for the 2015-16 season with the running of the Danny Davidson Memorial at the Hi-Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway on April 23, the Grand Finale of the Polar Ice Midget Series on April 30 and then the annual Brisbane 50 lapper on May 28 to close out the season.

Heat 1

1 Michael Kendall (NZ) 2 Chris Singleton 3 Ken Stanaway

Heat 2

1 Scott Wilson 2 Grant Draney 3 Brock Dean

Heat 3

1 Grant Draney 2 Reid Mackay 3 Michael Kendall (NZ)

Heat 4

1 Darren Vine 2 Rodney Harders 3 Brock Dean


1 Michael Kendall (NZ) 2 Grant Draney 3 Darren Vine

4 Rodney Harders 5 Reid Mackay 6 Michael Harders

7 Lance Towns 8 Chris Singleton 9 Ken Stanaway

10 Brock Dean


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