He may well reside on the Gold Coast of New Zealand ….. oh no wait

He may well reside on the Gold Coast of Queensland but I am sure still knows the lines of Po Kari Kari Ana just as well as the residents of post code 0622 and he is bay far ticked some serious results boxes on his racing career CV

The first of the Queensland cars nominated is Kiwi (chur baye) and Gold Coast resident Michael Kendall !!

Currently on a streak of main quicktimes, Heat race and main event victories in the IBRP TRD 35Q MK already has one Queensland Title with his name on it and searching for #2

The 20/21 Inksane Tattoo Studio Queensland Speedcar Title “Take Two” just got real !

May the 8th in Toowoomba ….. where else would you want to be ?

Renee Leggo Photography and Designs

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