NSW Speedcar Title History

The later years

On Saturday, February 27, 2021 at Nowra Speedway the 78th running of the NSW Speedcar Title will be held.

What started off as a four-lap race billed as the NSW Championship for Speedcars at the former Sydney Sportsground during the 1937-38 season, has evolved into one of the longest running Midget events in the world.

The race winner is awarded The Neville Donnelly Championship Shield.

In the late 80 and early 90s two legends appear on the honours list.

Aaron Benny is a three times winner in 1988, 1991 at Sydney Showgrounds, and 1992 (actually 1991 but the season overlapped), this streak was interrupted by Terry King in 1990, that year the NSW Speedcar Championship was held as a “mini series” at two different tracks – the Newcastle Motordrome and Sydney’s Parramatta City Raceway (Valvoline Raceway).

It got down to a two man battle between ultimate winner Terry King (NSW 6) and the 1988 champion Aaron Benny (NSW 16), the final was one of the all-time great races as the two diced it out for the win with King taking the honours.

When Aaron won his first NSW Speedcar Championship (1988) it was a Sunday afternoon meeting at Sydney’s Parramatta City Raceway, racing on a Sunday was a rare event in NSW Speedcar Championship history.

Aaron Benny was a former NSW B-Grade Speedcar Champion before he moved into the A-grade ranks.

He also won the Australian Grand Prix (AGP) in 1991 at the Sydney Showgrounds.

Aaron had a relatively short career in Speedcars but made an impact in a short time, he followed in his father Gordon Benny footsteps. Gordon was a one of the leading Speedcar names who raced in the golden era at Rowley Park and the family moved to Sydney from Adelaide in 1967, the #16 was Gordon’s number also.

In more recent years Aaron has crewed for Reid Mackay who runs the QLD 76 car.

The Benny family returned to racing in 2018 bringing a young Kiwi Caleb Antonio Rooney to race in a few races at Valvoline Raceway including the Sydney 50 lapper.

Terry King is a long serving club member and now life member of the NSW club, he held President and Vice President roles during his tenure as well as being a car owner.

Terry ran in the last race at the Sydney showgrounds in 1996 and after finishing his career in the mid-nineties he retained the NSW 6 car and promoted many young drivers over the years in the car.

Of note was a long period with Troy Jenkins of the Jenkins speedway dynasty, a 3-time winner of the AGP (1993, 1997 and 1999) and NSW Champion in 2010, Darren Jenkins won the AGP in 2003 and the NSW Championship in 2004.

Terry has continued to promote Speedcars by running the NSW 6 car with several drivers over the years including his son in law Michael Jordan and now has completed an arrangement with the Geering family with Matt Geering running the car.

Terry has been the driving force behind his beloved AGP race which again is one of the oldest races in the Speedcar calendar since its inception also in 1938.

The history continues as we race again in 2021 for the NSW Title

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