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The Brisbane 50 Lapper is locked and loaded for this Saturday the 13th of May at Ausdeck Patios & Roofing Archerfield Speedway.

International Stars Hayden Williams and Chris Gwilliam fly in from New Zealand to tackle the Aussies, Recent Danny Davidson Memorial Winner Troy Ware, Current QLD Champion Nathan Smee Kaidon Brown, Brendan Palmer, Rusty Whittaker, NSW Jackk Black, Jamie Hall and Dan Biner also join in the list to name a few

THIS race fans is going to be a feast of open wheel action!!

Brisbane 50 Lapper ….. May 13 ….. Archerfield Speedway ….. Be there!!

Anyone interested in sponsoring a lap please contact Sid Whittaker on 0418 726 226 or Lance Towns on 0419 745 503 to lock in your lap

Current lap sponsors are

1 American Tire and Racing Services
2 Ti Bolts and Race Partz
3 Nexgen Transport
4 Nexgen Transport
5 Tamex Transport
6 In Memory of Shane Sollitt
7 Shock Absorber Therapy
8 Mudd Mafia
9 DTR Mechanical
10 BOSS Hoggs Steakhouse
11 Rondalee Metal Fabrications
12 JG Aircon and Electrical
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14 BOSS Chassis Australia
15 Sunshine Coast Reinforcing
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18 DSI Road Profiling
19 Mike Vine Turbos
20 Western Landscape Supplies
21 Kelly’s Winfield Team Racing
22 Inksane Tattoos
23 J & B Pest Control
24 Federal Tires
25 Ridgetrans Sand and Gravel
26 Syndicate Communications NSW
27 Rondalee Metal Fabrications
28 BHR Fabrications
29 Polar Ice
30 Bob Baker
31  TFH Temporary Fence Hire
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37 Mobile Injector Services
38 Nu Pave
39 Bryan Clauson Celebration of Life
40 Ash Media Speedway Footage
41 Eastlink Air
42 Spint Shack
43 Queensland Speedcar Racing Association
44 Speedcar Super Series
45 In appreciation of Barry Lane
46 Quillerat Racing Team #46
47 Priddey Trucking Company
48 Federal Tires
49 Pimpama Landscape Supplies
50 Sidtech

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North Coast driver Troy Ware led every lap of the 20 lap Danny Davidson Memorial race at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on Saturday April 29 to win this special race and add to the victory he scored last year in the same event.

Four drivers were tied on points after the ‘Draw and Invert’ qualifying heats with Troy Ware and Brock Dean sharing the front row of the A Main with Darren Vine and Rusty Whittaker slotted in behind. Ware (Troy Ware Constructions Spike/Mopar) sped to the front from the get go with Dean on his tail and the trio of Vine, Whittaker and Brendan Palmer next in line. Dean (ACERS Breka/Hawk) stayed with Ware for a handful of laps before he dropped back a couple of car lengths.

Vine (Mike Vine Turbos Spike/Esslinger), Whittaker (Ti Bolts & Race Parts King/Esslinger) and Palmer (EastLink Air Breka/Esslinger) were having a great dice and consistently changing positions until Whittaker surged into third during the twelfth rotation. He set out after Dean and moved to second 5 laps later only to be hindered by a lapped car which allowed Dean to recapture the position.

A jubilant Troy Ware greeted the chequered flag after spending the last couple of weeks repairing his car after damaging the chassis at the last meeting. The win was two-fold as it was also Round 8 of the Polar Ice Series and secured a place for Ware near the top of the points table for the 2016-17 competition. Brock Dean kept up his consistency with second while the PIMS leader coming into the round, Rusty Whittaker, finished third. Both Michael Harders (Auto Upgrade Spike/KRE Eagle) and Scott Doyle (Boss Hog’s Steak House Beast/Gaerte) moved forward during the race after starting deep in the field due to dropping a heat earlier in the night.

The opening heat turned into a shamble when four cars dropped out for various reasons. Michael Harders was out before the start with a flat tyre and then rookie Brad Harrison hit the wall and finished on his side. Chris Gwilliam (BOSS Chassis Australia) pulled in with an engine woe which turned out to be a water pump concern the team attempted to fix the issue the car was done for the night. The race win went to Troy Ware from Brock Dean and Gavin McDowell after the race was declared a lap short due to a stoppage for a spun car.

The second heat only made it to the first turn when Scott Doyle rolled and was out with minor damage. Darren Vine led from wire to wire for the win ahead of Whittaker and Dallas Sharp (EastLink Air Eagle/Gaerte). Dean and Ware swapped their finishing positions from the opening heat in Heat 3 and then Whittaker did the same to Vine in the last qualifier. This meant that Ware, Dean, Whittaker and Vine all finished with 47 points.

The midgets return to the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway in a fortnight, May 13, for the annual 50 lapper. This is always an interesting race and tactics play a big part as drivers must ensure they are still fast in the second half of the race.

If are interested in getting involved in the event by sponsoring a lap for $100 contact Lance Towns on 0419 745 503.

The 2016-17 Polar Ice Midget Series will come to a conclusion at Archerfield on May 27 and with four drivers, Rusty Whittaker, Troy Ware, Brock Dean and Darren Vine, all close on points the competition is still wide open.

Heat 1

1 Troy Ware 2 Brock Dean 3 Gavin McDowell

Heat 2

1 Darren Vine 2 Rusty Whittaker 3 Dallas Sharp

Heat 3

1 Brock Dean 2 Troy Ware 3 Michael Harders

Heat 4

1 Rusty Whittaker 2 Darren Vine 3 Brendan Palmer

A Main

1 Troy Ware 2 Brock Dean 3 Rusty Whittaker

4 Darren Vine 5 Brendan Palmer 6 Michael Harders

7 Scott Doyle 8 Dallas Sharp 9 Rob Stewart

10 Gavin McDowell 11 Tony Eickenloff



The years annual 50 lap event hits Archerfield this weekend and lap sponsor slots are still avaliable by contacting Lance Towns on 0419 745 503.

This weekends 50 lapper nominations as follows

3Q Charlie Brown
5Q Rodney Harders
6Q Darren Vine
21Q Mitch Haynes
22Q Scott Farmer
26N Jamie Hall
27Q Troy Ware
28Q Bradley Harrison
40Q Dallas Sharp
41Q Brendan Palmer
44Q Corey Stodhard
62N Dan Biner
69Q Nathan Smee
76Q Reid MacKay
78Q Rusty Whittaker
80Q Scott Doyle
82Q Hayden Williams (NZ)
89Q Chris Gwilliam (NZ)
91Q Robbie Stewart
97V Kaiden Brown
99Q Brock Dean
99N Jackk Black


This weekend the Polar Ice Midget series heads back to Archerfield speedway but this one has a “twist”

The 2017 Danny Davidson Memorial event will also be decided this weekend!

Current leader in the series Rusty Whittaker has nominated along with Brock Dean and Troy Ware who incidentally sit 2nd and 3rd behind Rusty!

The two Eastlink Air rockets of Palmer and Sharp return as well as the jet setting Chris Gwilliam from New Zealand to run the rebuilt 89Q.

This weekend race fans is on at Archerfield!! Catch you there

3Q Charlie Brown

6Q Darren Vine

14Q Michael Harders

16Q Mark George

40Q Dallas Sharp

41Q Brendan Palmer

44Q Corey Stothard

48Q Tony Eickenloff

71Q Troy Ware

76Q Reid MacKay

78Q Rusty Whittaker

80Q Scott Doyle

89Q Chris Gwilliam (NZ)

91Q Robbie Stewart

96Q Shane McDowell

99Q Brock Dean





Its coming !! The Queensland BIS Annual 50 Lapper !!
And the $100 per lap sponsors are open to be snapped up !!
Simply contact Lance Towns on 0419 745503 to secure your spot !!
13th of May at Archerfield Speedway is the location for the event again


Sydney’s Nathan Smee annexed his second Queensland Championship at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on Saturday April 8 adding to the title he won at Charlton in 2002. Due to the number of rain outs during the season the meeting also doubled as Round 7 of the Polar Ice Midget Series.

Smee had to work hard for his win after teenage sensation Kaidon Brown (NSW) took the ascendency from the drop of the green flag. Brown (TFH Aggressor/Hawk) earlier impressed the crowd when he improved his starting position from P 7 to pole in the three round Shoot-Out.  The 30 lap feature only made it to the first turn when Chris Gwilliam (Boss Chassis Australia Boss/Esslinger) climbed a wheel and rolled heavily into the fence.  He was uninjured but Dwayne Neilson’s car would need plenty of attention before racing again.  During the stoppage, Victorian visitor and Tasmanian Champion, Joe Lostitch, was forced to withdraw with a serious fuel leak when a line came adrift.

On resumption Brown again burst into the lead from Smee (Illuminated Industries Spike/Inglis Chev), Brock Dean, Rusty Whittaker, Adam Wallis and Darren Vine. During lap 2 Scott Doyle (Boss Hogg’s Steak House Beast/Gaerte) slammed the wall just past the pits and was out with front end damage.  When the action restarted Brown, a third generation speedcar driver, continued to lead with Smee while Dean had to contend with Whittaker and Vine as Brendan Palmer (EastLink Air Breka/Esslinger) pulled out with a fuel issue.  Smee maintained the pressure on Brown and on lap 15 took control of the lead and opened a small break.  Dean had also pulled away from his pursuers with Adam Wallis (Rondalee Metal Fabrications Aggressor/Esslinger) another withdrawal after running out of tear offs.

In the final five laps of the race Dean became caught behind a lapped car and after Darren Vine (Mike Vine Turbos Spike/Esslinger) dispensed with Whittaker (Ti Bolt & Race Partz King/Esslinger) closed on Dean (ACERS Breka/Hawk). With two laps remaining there was contact between the two at the end of the back straight with Dean hitting the fence.  He continued-on but during the time it took him to recover speed he was passed by both Vine and Whittaker.  Nathan Smee crossed the finish line becoming the 2017 Queensland Champion with Kaidon Brown second and Darren Vine third followed by Whittaker and Dean.

At a post-race enquiry Vine was relegated two positions to fifth with Rusty Whittaker officially third and Brock Dean fourth.

The track was very wet for engine starts and it took quite some time to get all the cars going. The Hot Lap sessions were also run on a wet track but with no points on offer most were content to take it easy.  The track was very fast for the first round of heats with Nathan Smee, Brock Dean and Kaidon Brown the victors.  Darren Dillon (Supercharged Graphic Eagle/Gaerte) was running well in the opening heat when an engine woe forced him out of the race and the rest of the night.  2009 Queensland Champion Mark George was well in contention during the Dean heat but faded near the end and withdrew from the remainder of the night with a problem with the Porsche engine.  Reid Mackay (Direct Plasterboard Outlet CP3/Gaerte) spun during heat 3 and was collected by Chris Gwilliam who tried to keep the engine running but only proceeded in hooking onto Mackay’s car and coming to a stop.

Heat 4 was drama filled. When rookie driver Tony Stephen was about to be lapped, he hit the wall on the start/finish line and rolled and during his gyrations his car contacted with Troy Ware’s # 71.  Stephen’s car was extensively damaged but the driver was okay while Ware was also finished for the night with damage to one of the high-bar down tubes.  Adam Wallis led away the restart and looked to have the race in his keeping only for Adam Clarke (Polar Ice Spike/Esslinger) to pass him around the top with a great burst of speed.  Unfortunately, Clarke’s run ended two laps later with an engine issue that would force the 2013 state title holder out of the main race.  The last two heats were both high speed contests that went non-stop with wins going to 2015 state champion Rusty Whittaker and Brendan Palmer.  Whittaker’s 10 lap time of 2:20.392 being the fastest heat time of the night.

The top 8 on points then contested the three round Shoot-Out with Kaidon Brown and Adam Wallis progressing from the Bronze session leaving Scott Doyle and Darren Vine on the fourth row of the feature. Brown and Brendan Palmer were separated by one thousandth of a second in the Silver round which put Wallis and Rusty Whittaker on row three of the main.  In the Gold Shoot-Out Brown again dominated ahead of Nathan Smee, Brock Dean and Palmer which completed the line-up for the 20-car feature.  One late change saw Troy Ware buckle-up in the Jeff Barton owned Spike/Brayton Ford but with no qualifying points was last car on the grid.

The next show for the Brisbane Speedcars is the Danny Davidson Memorial and Round 8 of the Polar Ice Series at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on Saturday April 29.

Heat 1

1              Nathan Smee (NSW)                      2              Troy Ware                           3              Michael Harders

Heat 2

1              Brock Dean                                         2              Adam Clarke (NSW)        3              Brendan Palmer

Heat 3

1              Kaidon Brown (NSW)                     2              Scott Doyle                         3              Rodney Harders

Heat 4

1              Adam Wallis (NSW)                         2              Darren Vine                        3              Joe Lostitch (Vic)

Heat 5

1              Rusty Whittaker                               2              Nathan Smee (NSW)      3              Jason Bell

Heat 6

1              Brendan Palmer                               2              Brock Dean                         3              Scott Doyle

Bronze Shoot-Out

1              Adam Wallis (NSW)                         2              Kaidon Brown (NSW)     3              Scott Doyle

Silver Shoot-Out

1              Kaidon Brown (NSW)                     2              Brendan Palmer               3              Adam Wallis (NSW)

Gold Shoot-Out

1              Kaidon Brown (NSW)                     2              Nathan Smee (NSW)      3              Brock Dean

Queensland Championship

1              Nathan Smee (NSW)                      2              Kaidon Brown (NSW)     3              Rusty Whittaker

4              Brock Dean                                         5              Darren Vine                        6              Jason Bell

7              Reid Mackay                                      8              Troy Ware                           9              Rodney Harders

10           Dallas Sharp                                        11           Michael Harders



***New race date!!**
Archerfield promotion have added a date in April for the Polar Ice Midget Series and the added event is Saturday the 8th!
Lock it in the top of the ladder is close and certinally one not to be missed!
25th March 2017 Queensland Title
8th April Polar Ice Midget Series
29th April Polar Ice Midget Series/2017 Danny Davidson Memorial
13th May Brisbane 50 Lapper
27th May Polar Ice Grand Finale/Jim Holden Tribute Night


It is with great sadness to hear the passing of John Walpole after a long battle with illness.

Everyone here at the QSRA offer our deepest Condolences to you Paul Walpole and your family.

R.I.P John life member of the Queensland Speedcar Racing Association.

The funeral service for John will be held on Monday the 27th March at St Ignatius Catholic Church, 30 Kensington Terrace Toowong at 10.30 am.



Its Queensland Title time this weekend !!

This is also a round in the 6 crown series to be run at Archerfield Speedway.

Nominations so far include

3Q Charlie Brown
5Q Rodney Harders
6Q Darren Vine
11N Adam Wallis
13Q Tony Stephen

14Q Michael Harders
16Q Mark George
22V Joseph Lostitch current Tas1
23Q Kristy Bonsey
29Q Adam Clarke
36Q Callum Whatmore
41Q Brendan Palmer
44Q Corey Stothard
48Q Tony Eickenloff
51Q Darren Dillon

69Q Nathan Smee
71Q Troy Ware
76Q Reid Mackay
78Q Rusty Whitaker
80Q Scott Doyle
82Q Jason Bell
96Q Shayne McDowell
97V Kaiden Brown
99Q Brock Dean

Dont forget to be in early for your favorite seat race fans !

Can Adam Clarke bag another feature and state title win ? Will the locals Troy Ware,Brock Dean and Rusty Whittaker grab the eagle or will Shayne McDowell,Corey Stothard or Scott Doyle be the dark horses ? All will be revealed this Saturday night !



The Polar Ice Midget Series continued at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on Saturday March 11 with Adam Clarke (NSW) winning Round 6 and his second feature win of the season at the Brisbane venue.

Chris Gwilliam (Boss Chassis Aust. Boss/Esslinger) sat on pole for the 20 lap main and led the opening lap before Adam Clarke, who started in the second row, took control. Rusty Whittaker (Ti Bolts & Race Partz King/Esslinger) also surged ahead of Gwilliam into second with the New Zealander dropping back and then out with an engine not running on all cylinders.  Behind Whittaker was a battle royal with Troy Ware, Mark George, Rodney Harders, Adam Wallis in a tight group until Ware spun and was sent ROF.  On the restart, Brock Dean (All Car Engine Reconditioning Services Breka/Hawk) was running the high line with Reid Mackay (Direct Plasterboard Outlet CP3/Gaerte) and Scott Doyle (Boss Hogg’s Steak House Beast/Gaerte) in tow as they worked their way forward.  Dean secured third on lap 6 with Mackay still right on his tail.

Rob Stewart (Spike/Brayton Ford) spun as the race approached the half way point closing-up the field for the next start. Clarke (Jack Berry Racing Spike/Esslinger) continued to maintain his lead while Whittaker was now under attack from Dean who was persisting with the high line.  Lap after lap Dean tried to secure a pass but just couldn’t make it stick.  With the laps running out Reid Mackay came up on the inside of Dean and was ahead as they took the white flag.  Clarke went on to collect the points for the win ahead of Whittaker while Dean fought his way back to grab third in the run out of the last corner.  Troy Ware (Ware Constructions Spike/Mopar) worked very hard to get back to fifth by the end of the race.

At the drivers briefing Rusty Whittaker drew the double points marble which meant that everyone on the night earned double the normal Polar Ice Series points. It was critical for Whittaker to finish ahead of Troy Ware and Brock Dean in the feature to maintain his lead in the Polar Ice Series. With just two rounds remaining there is only a very few points separating the top three.

The ‘draw and invert’ format was used for the qualifying heats with Ware and Gwilliam the winners in the opening round with both races going non-stop. The reverse grid heats began with Adam Clarke claiming the win from Whittaker and Darren Dillon (Supercharged Graphics Eagle/Gaerte) after Reid Mackay was spun around and collected by Cal Whatmore who had nowhere to go.  Mark George looked to have heat 4 locked in until Gwilliam came on the scene late in the race to collect his second win of the night.  Gwilliam finished top of the qualifying points ahead of Whittaker, Clarke, Ware, George and Rodney Harders.

Mackay and Whatmore were parked side by side in the pits and with the latter suffering a lot of front end damage in their skirmish looked to be out of the feature. However, the Mackay team came to the rescue providing a couple of shock absorbers for Whatmore to use to get him back on the track.  Mark George nearly missed the meeting when a blown head gasket was discovered when his car was started late on Saturday morning.  He and car owner Chris Foreman raced home and set about replacing the gasket which is no easy task with a DOHC engine.  They finished just in time to arrive at the track for the drivers briefing.

With Brad Young out with an injured wrist suffered during the international meetings he offered the drive of his car to his crew man, Tony Eickenloff. Eickenloff was due to debut at Toowoomba but the rain delayed it for a week.  At Archerfield, he stayed out of trouble and apart from a minor spin kept his car owner from reaching for the valium.  New drivers Kristy Bonsey and Brad Harrison continue to run up plenty of laps with both finishing the two feature races they have contested.  Bonsey, the more experienced of the two, has finished in the top ten on both occasions.

The next outing for the Brisbane speedcars is the 2017 running of the Queensland Speedcar Championship at Archerfield on Saturday March 25.  This time-honoured event has a rich history dating back to 1946 with some of the sports greats amongst the winners.  Will Michael Harders successfully defend the title he won in Bundaberg last season?  Will former winners Adam Clarke (2013) or Rusty Whittaker (2015) add another title to their resume?  Will Chris Gwilliam take it back to New Zealand?  Be at Archerfield on March 25 and find out who will be the 2017 Champion.

Heat 1

1          Troy Ware                   2          Rusty Whittaker          3          Adam Clarke (NSW)

Heat 2

1          Chris Gwilliam (NZ)    2          Rodney Harders         3          Mark George

Heat 3

1          Adam Clarke (NSW)  2          Rusty Whittaker          3          Darren Dillon

Heat 4

1          Chris Gwilliam (NZ)    2          Mark George              3          Brock Dean


1          Adam Clarke (NSW)  2          Rusty Whittaker          3          Brock Dean

4          Reid Mackay              5          Troy Ware                   6          Adam Wallis

7          Darren Dillon               8          Mark George              9          Kristy Bonsey

10        Scott Doyle                 11        Rob Stewart                12        Rodney Harders

13        Brad Harrison