This weekend race fans we return to Archerfield Speedway for the Polar Ice Midget Series Grand Finale!!

This weekend see the return of Grant Draney in the Jason Gray Hawk powered 7Q along with the newly crowned 5 Crown champion Michael Harders in his 1Q KRE machine add in Darren Vine, Lance Towns and Chris Singleton and we have a real show on our hands of open wheel racing.

This show wraps up another year of the Polar Ice Midget Series racing which is in its 6th consecutive season now based at Archerfield Speedway.

Nominations are

7Q Grant Draney
10Q Ken Stanaway
12Q Tony Michelle
14Q Michael Harders
16Q Mark George
19Q Darren Vine
21Q Mitch Haynes
26Q Chris Singleton
33Q Lance Towns
36Q Cal Whatmore
48Q Brad Young
89Q Michael Kendall
95Q Gavin McDowell
99Q Brock Dean


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