This weekends Polar Ice Midget Series round 3 is set to be a sizzler !!
The biggest field this season and with the 3 NSW cars of Wilmington , Raw and Smee this coming Saturday night will be one not to miss !!
Archerfield Speedway race fans catch you track side
Nominations at 6pm are
Q3 Mitchell Rooke
Q11 Charlee Brown
N15 DJ Raw
Q19 Darren Vine
Q21 Bradley Harrison
Q26 Chris Singleton
Q27 Audie Malt
Q36 Cal Whatmore
Q45 Tom Clauss
Q46 Ricky McGough
Q51 Tim Farrell
N57 Harley Smee
Q67 Riki Harrison
Q77 Bodie Smith
Q81 Brad Dawson
A89 Scott Doyle
Q89 Rusty Whittaker
N89 Brayden Wilmington
Q95 Gavin McDowell

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