Let’s go again !!

This coming Sunday race fans we are at it again !!

Polar Ice Midget Series returns to Archerfield not Saturday but Sunday instead

We are on the programme with the Australian Sprintcar Grand Final night so this is set to be a biggie like last weekend

Mitch Brien will be in the house from NSW as well as the local stars set to shine

We are back to a racer right rear rule and $50 nomination ….

don’t forget log books will be collected by Dave at the start of the night but it’s your responsibility to get them before you head home.

Nexgen/Nupave QuickTime award is on as well as some quest interviews by leading live reporter Singo Singleton

Ensure to check the Archerfield website for gate opening times otherwise catch you trackside

Q3 Mitchell “The Rookie” Rooke
Q6 Darren “The Veteran” Vine
Q8 Brock “The Rock” Dean
Q18 Nathan “The Hitman” Mathers
Q21 “Hollywood” Brad Harrison
Q26 “Captain” Chris Singleton
Q27 Audie “It Wasn’t Me” Malt
Q36 Cal “Shake N Bake” Whatmore JNR
Q45 Tom “The Tank Engine” Clauss
Q46 Glen “Speedways Craig Lowndes” Wright
Q51 Tim “I’m Too Sexy” Farrell
Q56 Ricky “The New Kid On The Block” Robinson
N63 Mitch “The Lone Mexican” Brien
Q67 Riki “Mr Worldwide” Harrison
Q77 “Mr Cool” Bodie Smith
Q81 Brad “The Bandit” Dawson
Q89 Rusty “Queensland’s Young Money”Whittaker
A89 Scott “The Theif in the Night” Doyle

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