***QSRA Notice***
Just letting all QSRA financial members know Lance Towns has stepped aside from the Presidential role for business/personal reasons.
Vice President elected Gary Greenwood has filled the President role and Chris Foreman has now taken the VP slot vacated by Gary.
Sid Whittaker has been appointed Speedcars Australia Delegate. Two new committee members have been appointed by the commitee and are Dylan Byrne and Bradley Harrison.
So to recap as following
Gary Greenwood – President
Chris Foreman – Vice President
Dwayne Neilson – Secretary Treasurer
Sid Whittaker – Speedcars Australia Delegate
Brad Young – Committee
Brock Dean – Committee
Dave Williams – Committee
Dylan Byrne – Committee
Bradly Harrison – Committee
Catch you all this weekend trackside it’s full steam head racing as normal

Queensland Speedcar Racing Association

Queensland Speedcar Racing Association

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