Racers !!!

Below are the grids for this weekends title seeded , drawn and reversed with swapped rows.

Heat 1
1) 11Q C Brown 2) 26Q C Singleton
3) 36Q C Whatmore 4) 95Q G McDowell
5) 89Q R Whittaker 6) 1A K Brown
7) 22Q S Farmer 8 15) N DJ Raw
9) 6Q D Vine
Heat 2
1) 28N D Meadows 2) 18Q N Mathers
3) 81Q B Dawson 4) 34N J Burns
5) 14N N Smee 6) 89A S Doyle
7) 29Q A Clarke 8) 8Q B Dean
9) 76N B Jackson 10) 94Q J McDowell
Heat 3
1) 98N B Wilmington 2) 57N H Smee
3) 97N M Jackson 4) 71SA T Ware
5) 63N M Brien 6) 67Q R Harrison
7) 46Q G Wright 8) 21Q B Harrison
9) 51Q T Farrell 10) 93Q N McDowell
Heat 4
1) 15N DJ Raw 2) 76N B Jackson
3) 1A K Brown 4) 29Q A Clarke
5) 95Q G McDowell 6) 14N N Smee
7) 26Q C Singleton 8) 81Q B Dawson
9) 28N D Meadows
Heat 5
1) 8Q B Dean 2) 51Q T Farrell
3) 89A S Doyle 4) 46Q G Wright
5) 34N J Burns 6) 63N M Brien
7) 18Q N Mathers 8) 97N M Jackson
9) 94Q J McDowell 10) 89N B Wilmington
Heat 6
1) 21Q B Harrison 2) 6Q D Vine
3) 67Q R Harrison 4) 22Q S Farmer
5) 71SA T Ware 6) 89Q R Whittaker
7) 57N H Smee 8) 36Q C Whatmore
9) 93Q N McDowell 10) 11Q C Brown

There will be hot laps and as you can see two rounds of three heats , there will be an 8 car pole shuffle (at this stage the old SSS way two cars on track) also at this stage there will be a B Main and then the Main Title race.

Transponders and one way receivers are compulsory.

Weighing and engine capacity checks maybe be preformed at random along with drug and alcohol testing.

There is no tire ruling and the $50 nomination fee will be collected along with the log books at the start of the night

The prizemoney break down will be
1st $1700
2nd $1200
3rd $800
4th $700
5th $600
6th $300
7th $200
8th $200
9th $200
10th $100
11th $100
12th $100
13th $100
14th $100
15th $100
16th $100
17th $100
18th $100
19th $100
20th $100
Tow Money will be paid direct from Speedcars Australia.

Please remember to stay around the pits after the show as the public will be allowed to wonder the pit area for photos and meet the stars.

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