Competitors – please do not move the bins, as we anticipate a very full pits, space will be limited.  Also a reminder to place all clay in the clay bins provided and rubbish in the rubbish bins (and not in the clay bins!).  No tyres are to be left behind. 

 Pit gates will open at 2.30pm, Engine starts will be from 4.50pm with the first event at approx. 5.15pm.  Midget Hot Laps will commence from 5.30pm.

 A reminder that only the driver of the transporter is allowed to remain in the vehicle to enter the pit area.  Please ensure you have enclosed shoes already on, and if you have a Speedway Australia card, you have it out and ready to show the ticket girls.  This will help get everyone in in a timely manner.  If you have a junior driver, the junior (providing they meet the pit rules) is permitted to enter in the tow vehicle with the vehicle driver.

 And please – do not stop to have a ‘chat’ in the pit driveway, as this holds everyone up. 




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