The Date : Friday the 4th of January
The Location : Archerfield Speedway
The Event : The Stan Burrow Stampede !!
The Nominations : Currently sitting at 18

Race Fans !! The 2018/19 Stan Burrow Stampede is next on the list and January the 4th is locked in and Archerfield Speedway are ready for the event.

Every car that starts the A MAIN event will receive a cool $100 with first place paying $1,500.

This is also round 6 of the Polar Ice Midget Series so a controlled right rear is required

Time to pay tribute to “The Man” Stan Burrow with our 2nd memorial event this season , nominations are still open and must be into Brock Dean on 0410 195 355

Nominations so far are

3Q Mitchell Rooke
6Q Darren Vine
11Q Charlie Brown
18Q Nathan Mathers
21Q Bradley Harrison
27Q Audie Malt
29Q Adam Clarke
36Q Cal Whatmore
45Q Tom Clauss
56Q Ricky Robinson
67Q Riki Harrison
69Q Gary Hudson
81Q Brad Dawson
89Q Rusty Whittaker
89A Scott Doyle
93Q Nick McDowell
94Q Jason McDowell
95Q Gavin McDowell


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