Well with last nights sticker sale and our dedicated drivers heading into the crowd for fans to donate the drive for Reid was bigger than anticipated !!

Early figures in have us sitting around $5215.80 in sales and crowd donations !!

On top of this we had the extremely generous donation of $50 per car from Nexgen Transport and Nexgen Hire , $1000 from Bob Baker and the QSRA matching that dollar for dollar behind the scenes there are more donations being finalised all in support of the 76Q pilot.

So a massive thank you to each and everyone who has and who continues to support the cause 😊

Thanks to all the drivers who took the time to head into the stands and rally for Reid it was also a great chance to get up close and personal with the fans on a big night.

Thank you Jessie-Leigh Barton for helping to move stickers in the pits before the show and to all the support from interstate and even as far away as New Zealand your stickers will be posted Tuesday when I get back to work as Monday is a holiday here in QLD.

Anyone still wanting #staystrong76 stickers we have more coming so keep the orders flowing (just PM me here with postal address and quantities) they will be available again for collection at Archerfield Speedway on the 26th or we can post what ever suits.

Once again thanks to all

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