Nominations are in for the next round in the TFH Archerfield Midget Series!

The GSA Fastman Award is back for this round along with the ATG Heat Race Hustler, The Speedy Air Con Hard Charger “Coolest 50” and at this stage the Bob Baker Challenge is at $1000 (if 20 start the main)

Locked and loaded are

Bodie Smith Q77

Brad Dawson Q81

Brendan Palmer Q43

Brock Dean Q99

Cal Whatmore Q36

Chris Singleton Q46

Cody O’Connell Q3

Darren Dillon Q15

Darren Vine Q6

Jesse Harris Q72

Lachy Paulger Q37

Matt O’Neil Q16

Michael Kendall Q35

Mitchell Rooke Q34

Nathan Mathers Q18

Nick McDowell Q93

Reid Mackay Q76

Rusty Whittaker A89

Scott Doyle Q80

Tony Stephens Q13

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