When racing is good we all agree it’s good but when you have a bad night at the track the doom and gloom generally gets the team down however every dark cloud will always have a sliver lining.

The Speedy Air Conditioning/Rodney Singleton Racing 3Q Spike Esslinger of Cal Whatmore JNR had one of “those” nights in the recent ATRS Archerfield Midget Series.

The boys were plagued all night with engine gremlins which would see their patience tested however that didn’t dent their determination to make the grids each time and it was grid 16 – lucky last which delivered the rewards of the effort as the pill for 16 was drawn in the Bob Baker Challenge , taking the green Whatmore JNR knew the car wasn’t right and headed infield with a lap on the board … it was only after the race he found out they were the recipients of the BBC $500 cash !.

The Bob Baker Challenge is easy ….. run the show before , 16 or more take the green in the feature and if your feature grid pill is drawn you win $500 no questions asked !

Huge thanks to Bob Baker for supporting the Midgets and helping maintain the car count if anyone is interested in being able to win the BBC its even easier ….. nominate now !

Brock Dean is waiting for the text to add you into the grids for our next show on the 16th at Archerfield Speedway there were 22 noms for round two with some not being able to make it some crashed out some got too hot under the hood however 16 hit the track for the previous feature ….. are you one of them ??

Well Done the the 3Q Team see you at the next show

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