It was a case of third time lucky for The Chairman of the Boards Charlie Brown in the 11Q HPS Spike Mopar on Saturday for the double point round 7 of the ATRS Archerfield Midget Series parking the green machine in victory lane after another P1 highest points scorer start.

Brown clocked the nights 3rd quickest time in the GSA Fastman event with a 14.087 he then went on to take two heat race victories which would see him slot into P1 for the 25 lapper.

The nights GSA Fastman award would go the way of Rusty Whittaker in the Steelmart Sunshine Coast 89Q BOSS Esslinger with a 13.885 from Brock Deans DTR Mechanical King Hawk on a 14.002.

The return of Callum Walker would prove an asset to the IBRP Team as he ticked the box for heat race number one in the IBRP Cool Chassis TRD 35Q in front of Brock Dean and Mitchell Rooke’s 34Q RJR Kitchens Spike as Nathan Mathers lead home Audie Malt , Reid MacKay and Corey Stothard was the 7th place finishing car.

Charlie Brown banged out a 103.866 kph lap speed in the second heat race on his way to the win ahead of The Bandit Brad Dawson in his GSA Spike SR11X and Matt O’Neill in the ASD Shock Doctor 16Q Porsche Glenn Wright was home in 4th from Scotty Doyle and Kody Stothard as both Rusty Whittaker and Darren Vine recorded unusual mechanical DNF’s

The 11Q HPS Spike rattled the top of the timing screens again in the nights heat race three with another blistering speed of 100.153 kph from Scotty Doyle in the Boss Hoggs Steakhouse 80Q Beast Gaerte from Reid MacKay’s RTM Hawk CP3 in third while Glenn Wright booked out another 4th place ahead of the Bandit who rounded out a slightly depleted field as Corey Stothard retired with a mechanical gremlin and Callum Walker along with Brock Dean both retired from “Bingle” damage.

Matt O’Neill stamped his mark on heat race four taking out the 10 lapper in style from Audie Malt’s SSS Car Clinic Spike Gaerte 5Q and Nathan Mathers Inksane Tattoo Studio 18Q Breka Esslinger as Darren Vine crossed in 4th Kody Stothard rounded out the top five finishers as both Mitchell Rooke and Rusty Whittaker parked on the infield after the Rooke car went off song after nine laps and Whittaker was seen doing the “Turtle” on the opening revolution in the 89.

Charlie Brown and Nathan Mathers filled the front row from Matt O’Neill and Glenn Wright , Brock Dean and Brad Dawson filled the third row Callum Walker and Audie Malt were next in front of Reid MacKay and Kody Stothard , Whittaker and Doyle were the second to last row as Corey Stothard and Cal Whatmore JNR rounded out the field.

Brown got the jump down into one and two at the drop of the green as Glenn Wright and Matt O’Neill were hard on the hammer slotting into 2nd and third on the opening lap however on a major charge was Rusty Whittaker from way back with one lap down was barking at the heels of Brock Dean who was running in 4th at times we had four wide action as Wright, Walker , Dean and Whittaker all battled for the same sections of real estate at slightly different times as the laps counted down Charlie Brown had set sail Whittaker moved past both O’Neill and Dean while Wright and Walker continued to linger just off the front runners waiting for a chance to pounce.

Cal Whatmore JNR was also on a clinic charge from last place and had worked his way to just outside the top five with ten to run it was only when Kody Stothard looped the 14Q in turn four that the field had a chance to change the leader situation and Rusty Whittaker saw his chance as we went green on the restart diving under Brown in turn one coming out the other side the new leader only to he relegated back to second just one lap latter as the duo of Brown and Whittaker battled to the chequered the rest of the field could only but battle for the minors while Matt O’Neill drove a calculated race for third from Callum Walker in 4th and Brock Dean in 5th, Cal Whatmore JNR came home in a super strong 6th from Mathers, Wright, Dawson, Doyle, MacKay, Kody Stothard and Audie Malt as Corey Stothard was the only retiree on lap 7.

Notable mentions go to Rusty Whittaker and Matt O’Neill for a barnstorming run in the 25 lapper from deep in the pack for Whittaker and a great night all round for Matt O’Neill also making the podium as well as Cal Whatmore JNR who had an engine gremlin sidelining the 3Q Singleton Racing Spike Esslinger very early in the night so the team decided to shoot home grab the 36Q Spike Gaerte and head back to the track for the 25 lapper to finish the night in the cash and points for 6th place !

We had 5 of our 6 titles awarded on the night in the form of

GSA Fastman Rusty Whittaker

Highest Points Scorer Charlie Brown

ATRS Feature Winner Charlie Brown

Bob Baker Challenge wasn’t struck due to the car count taking the green

Speedy Air-conditioning Hard Charger Rusty Whittaker

The ATRS “Lucky 7th” $100 voucher Nathan Mathers

That’s a wrap!!

Onto out next show which will be the Nexgen/Nupave Highbank Hussle this weekend in Toowoomba








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