At this stage the next Polar Ice Midget Series round is scheduled for tonight back at Archerfield Speedway!

Weather permitting please keep an eye on the Archerfield Speedway website for any changes in planning.

NYE Feature winner Michael Harders leads the charge including Rusty Whittaker, Mark George, Brad Young and Reid MacKay to name a few

Archerfield Speedway Tonight race fans make sure you check the local weather before hitting the track

3Q Charlie Brown

5Q Rodney Harders

6Q Darren Vine

9Q Alan Woods

11N Adam Wallis

14H Michael Harders

16X Mark George

21Q Mitch Haynes

22Q Scott Farmer

36Q Callum Whatmore

41Q Brendan Palmer

44Q Corey Stothard

48Q Brad Young

51Q Darren Dillion

71Q Troy Ware

76Q Reid MacKay

78Q Rusty Whittaker

96Q Shane McDowell

99Q Brock Dean



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