North Coast driver Troy Ware led every lap of the 20 lap Danny Davidson Memorial race at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on Saturday April 29 to win this special race and add to the victory he scored last year in the same event.

Four drivers were tied on points after the ‘Draw and Invert’ qualifying heats with Troy Ware and Brock Dean sharing the front row of the A Main with Darren Vine and Rusty Whittaker slotted in behind. Ware (Troy Ware Constructions Spike/Mopar) sped to the front from the get go with Dean on his tail and the trio of Vine, Whittaker and Brendan Palmer next in line. Dean (ACERS Breka/Hawk) stayed with Ware for a handful of laps before he dropped back a couple of car lengths.

Vine (Mike Vine Turbos Spike/Esslinger), Whittaker (Ti Bolts & Race Parts King/Esslinger) and Palmer (EastLink Air Breka/Esslinger) were having a great dice and consistently changing positions until Whittaker surged into third during the twelfth rotation. He set out after Dean and moved to second 5 laps later only to be hindered by a lapped car which allowed Dean to recapture the position.

A jubilant Troy Ware greeted the chequered flag after spending the last couple of weeks repairing his car after damaging the chassis at the last meeting. The win was two-fold as it was also Round 8 of the Polar Ice Series and secured a place for Ware near the top of the points table for the 2016-17 competition. Brock Dean kept up his consistency with second while the PIMS leader coming into the round, Rusty Whittaker, finished third. Both Michael Harders (Auto Upgrade Spike/KRE Eagle) and Scott Doyle (Boss Hog’s Steak House Beast/Gaerte) moved forward during the race after starting deep in the field due to dropping a heat earlier in the night.

The opening heat turned into a shamble when four cars dropped out for various reasons. Michael Harders was out before the start with a flat tyre and then rookie Brad Harrison hit the wall and finished on his side. Chris Gwilliam (BOSS Chassis Australia) pulled in with an engine woe which turned out to be a water pump concern the team attempted to fix the issue the car was done for the night. The race win went to Troy Ware from Brock Dean and Gavin McDowell after the race was declared a lap short due to a stoppage for a spun car.

The second heat only made it to the first turn when Scott Doyle rolled and was out with minor damage. Darren Vine led from wire to wire for the win ahead of Whittaker and Dallas Sharp (EastLink Air Eagle/Gaerte). Dean and Ware swapped their finishing positions from the opening heat in Heat 3 and then Whittaker did the same to Vine in the last qualifier. This meant that Ware, Dean, Whittaker and Vine all finished with 47 points.

The midgets return to the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway in a fortnight, May 13, for the annual 50 lapper. This is always an interesting race and tactics play a big part as drivers must ensure they are still fast in the second half of the race.

If are interested in getting involved in the event by sponsoring a lap for $100 contact Lance Towns on 0419 745 503.

The 2016-17 Polar Ice Midget Series will come to a conclusion at Archerfield on May 27 and with four drivers, Rusty Whittaker, Troy Ware, Brock Dean and Darren Vine, all close on points the competition is still wide open.

Heat 1

1 Troy Ware 2 Brock Dean 3 Gavin McDowell

Heat 2

1 Darren Vine 2 Rusty Whittaker 3 Dallas Sharp

Heat 3

1 Brock Dean 2 Troy Ware 3 Michael Harders

Heat 4

1 Rusty Whittaker 2 Darren Vine 3 Brendan Palmer

A Main

1 Troy Ware 2 Brock Dean 3 Rusty Whittaker

4 Darren Vine 5 Brendan Palmer 6 Michael Harders

7 Scott Doyle 8 Dallas Sharp 9 Rob Stewart

10 Gavin McDowell 11 Tony Eickenloff


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