Troy Ware showed up at the Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway on Saturday March 24 with one thing on his mind, to win his third consecutive Danny Davidson Memorial race. In a determined drive he accomplished that feat and goes into next week-end’s Queensland Championship full of confidence.

The feature race was run without the in-form Darren Vine when he rode out a huge series of roll-overs during the Compact feature race and was sidelined with a dislocated left thumb. This moved Scott Farmer up into Vine’s P4 starting position and on the green light he drove around the outside of the front row of Ware and Mark George to lead the opening lap. However, Ware (Troy Ware Constructions Spike/Mopar) wasn’t letting Farmer get away and led a tightly bunched pack comprised of Mark George, Rusty Whittaker, in the Neilson Motorsport Boss/Esslinger, Reid Mackay and Callum Walker.

The first caution appeared during lap 3 for a spun car and after the restart Ware moved to the front while Whittaker went ahead of George (Flashlube Breka/Porsche) .Walker (Parts Plus CP3/Eagle) accounted for AGP winner Reid Mackay (Direct Plasterboard Outlet CP3/Gaerte) and set out after Whittaker. Once he caught Whittaker a duel went on for laps as they passed and repassed each other with the result only decided at the finish line.

Cal Whatmore (Speedy Air Conditioning Spike/Gaerte) broke his back axle during lap 11 but was able to manaeouvre his car off the track without causing a yellow light. Mitchell Rooke (Singleton Racing Spike/Esslinger) closed on Mackay in the late stage of the race after starting from P10. Ware had a handy lead coming into the final laps ahead of Farmer while Whittaker and Walker continued their battle. Coming into the final lap Whittaker had the upper hand only for Walker to race up beside him in the run out of the final turn to snatch third by .062 of a second. It had been a hard-fought race with Ware matching Michael Kendall with three consecutive Davidson Memorial wins. Scott Farmer continues to rack up top three finishes while Callum Walker again impressed with a good performance.

The big movers were Mitch Rooke who went from P10 to P5 and Brock Dean, back in his Aggressor chassis, from P15 to P8. New drivers Tim Farrell, Brad Dawson and Glenn Wright finished all-of their events. Farrell also races in the Compact division and as well as winning the Compact feature picked up a Midget heat win and was drawn in Bob Baker’s Random Draw which added $500 to his bank account.

Troy Ware again set the fastest time Timed Hot Laps with a 13.771 lap ahead of Rusty Whittaker (14.004) and Mark George (14.229). Brock Dean failed to run a lap due to a throttle problem which would force him to start his heats from the rear.

Nathan Mathers (Inksane Ink Eagle/Esslinger) led the opening laps of Heat 1 while Mark George advanced from the third row to take over the lead during lap 6 and went on for the win. Brad Harrison (King/Mopar) went to the lead at the start of Heat 2 and moved away from the field leaving Tim Farrell, Rusty Whittaker, Darren Vine and Callum Walker to fight over the minors. However, Harrison ‘turned turtle’ during the fourth lap which brought the race to a halt. The driver was uninjured and the car not too badly damaged. Tim Farrell led away the restart and soon had Darren Vine all over his rear push bar. Undeterred the former go-karter held his line and claimed his maiden Midget win.

Brad Harrison’s car was swarmed on by people from many crews to help the former Kiwi get back on the track. He believed he would miss his next heat, but a big effort saw # 28 roll out for his second qualifier. Darren Vine (Mike Vine Turbos XXX/Turbo Esslinger) was a clear winner in Heat 3 ahead of Cal Whatmore and Reid Mackay. Earlier in the night Whatmore’s car had an engine miss but with the help of Rod Singleton it was back on all cylinders. Scott Farmer was successful in the last heat despite numerous challenges from Troy Ware with Lance Towns (Federal Tyres Breka/Gaerte) third in Brad Young’s second car.

This week-end the 2018 Queensland Speedcar Championship will be contested over two nights of the Easter long week-end at the Fraser Shores Maryborough Speedway. Our event is part of the 60th Anniversary celebration meetings for the Maryborough Sporting Club. Three rounds of qualifying heats will be run on Saturday night March 31 and then the following night the last round of heats, the Pole Shuffle and the A Main. With a new track surface at the venue providing fast two lane racing the speedcar action is not to be missed.

Timed Hot Laps

Troy Ware – 13.771
Rusty Whittaker – 14.004
Mark George – 14.229

Heat 1

1 Mark George 2 Troy Ware 3 Lance Towns

Heat 2

1 Tim Farrell 2 Darren Vine 3 Rusty Whittaker

Heat 3

1 Darren Vine 2 Cal Whatmore 3 Reid Mackay

Heat 4

1 Scott Farmer 2 Troy Ware 3 Lance Towns

Feature Places.

1 Troy Ware
2 Scott Farmer
3 Callum Walker
4 Rusty Whittaker
5 Mitch Rooke
6 Reid Mackay
7 Mark George
8 Brock Dean
9 Glenn Wright
10 Tim Farrell
11 Brad Dawson


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