Good luck this weekend to the Queensland cars and drivers heading to Sydney Speedway for the USC round !

Great to see the Queenslanders heading south then backing up the Toowoomba round of the USC next week 🤙🏻

Anthony Chaffey making a guest appearance in the 6SA and Clarkie back from the trek in WA where he ran to 2AU in the JBR rocketship.

This will be Scotty Farmers first run since his trip to New Zealand at Christmas and to round out the Queensland attack will be the 46Q of Glenn Wright , 11Q of Charlie Brown , 51Q of Tim Farrell and Ricky Robinson in his 56Q !!

Good luck boys give em a taste of Queensland !!

6SA Anthony Chaffey
11Q Charlie Brown
22Q Scotty Farmer
29Q Adam Clarke
46Q Glenn Wright
51Q Tim Farrell
56Q Ricky Robinson

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