Darren Vine in the Craig Thompson Machining/Men at work Exhausts King SR11 took out the round win on Saturday night in the QSRA Highbank Heist from the Hi Tec Oils Toowoomba Speedway

Pushing “Viney to the Liney” was Nathan Mathers having a dream run in the Inksane Tattoo Studio’s 18Q Breka Esslinger with Lachy Paulger running his ATG Eagle Chassis (Like Vine) bagging back to back podiums in 3rd

Heat race victories were claimed by Nathan Mathers, Rusty Whittaker and Darren Vine in that succession

Rusty Whittaker was the night Highest Points Scorer and drew marble 4 to invert the field while running down the 15 lap event Whittaker was the only retiree when the 17Q Esslingers fire went out with 5 to run

Vine went on to take the #1 carpark spot in victory lane flanked by Mather and Paulger

The night ended early unfortunately for the TI Bolts and Race Partz 8Q Esslinger for Scotty Doyle with a rear brake concern, Charlie Brown lost the fire in the pots after hot laps in the Heltec/HPS Spike 11Q , While the fans in the stands will need to wait a little longer for the return of Matt “The Hoff” Hefford after some control clearance concerns pulled the jake brake on hard in the 3Q Spike Esslinger which was later seen being thrashed about by its former pilot from the 19/20 season of Mitchell Rooke

Three rounds, three different main event winners!! And who said Midget racing in Queensland was boring!

Round 3 of the TFH Archerfield Midget Series returns on the 31st of October ENSURE you nominate to Brock Dean no later than 5pm SUNDAY THE 25TH


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