Ok race fans time to take in some figures the 1Q Auto UpGrade/ Speedsport Racing Team are off to Perth to compete in the Five Crown Series Grand Finale held in Bunbury WA this coming Saturday the 16th.

Leading the Series Michael Harders is on the verge of writing a page in Speedcar History looking to claim the maiden series Championship Crown.

So taking into account the Team have just raced at Archerfield on the 9th they head to Perth for the 16th then back to Toowoomba for the 23rd then wrap up the month back at Archerfield for the Polar Ice Midget Series Finale on the 30th !!

That’s around 11,000 kms bitumen travel , roughly 16 rear tires on the Spike 1Q , burning close to 500 ltrs of Methanol for nearly 120 laps ……. then there’s airfares , accommodation and other incidentals that go along with this type of exercise.

So the next time the 1Q Auto UpGrade Team hit a track near you give them and extra cheer for representing our home state of Queensland !!

Everyone here at the QSRA and I’m sure all the fans in the stands wish the team well and safe travels boys !!


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