Some people have been asking what the Bob Baker Challenge is exactly so in a nut shell here we have it

Bob Baker offers a cash incentive to not only support the QSRA shows but ensure every effort is made to make the big race each night

To win the $500 cash that is offered the following conditions have to be met

There must be 16 to 19 cars on the track fired up ready to take the green for the first attempt in the main event.

A random draw of the starters (1 to 16 up to 19) will be done prior to the start of the race.

The car drawn once passing the green on the first attempt to run the event wins the $500 providing they attended the previous QSRA sanctioned show.

If one or more car(s) moved up one or more positions it is the car that starts in the draw position.

If the field starts 19 to 24 there will be $1000 up for grabs!
The winner of the lucky draw will not be announced until they finish the race unless that car DNF’s they will be announced then to help ease the pain of the DNF
Bob Baker has been offering the Challenge since 2017 and we are thrilled to have Bob back on board for the ATRS Archerfield Midget Series as well as the Highbank Hussle in conjunction with the Queensland Title in Toowoomba!

That’s 16 QSRA Shows including the 50 lapper!

Audie Malt picked up the $500 on opening night in the American Tire and Racing Services Archerfield Midget Series our next QSRA sanctioned show is the NuPave/Nexgen Highbank Hussle on the 26th of October ……. Who will take the Challenge??

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