QSRA members we held our AGM Tuesday night (1st of September ) and can confirm the team leading the club into the 20/21 season are as follows

Gary Greenwood (unopposed)

Vice President
Chris Foreman (unopposed)

Dwayne Neilson

Craig Smith

Dave Williams
Brock Dean
Dan Occhipinti
Michael Harders
Chris Singleton
Lachlan Paulger

Speedcars Aust Delegate
Chris Foreman C (unopposed)

PR and articles
Dwayne Neilson

Race Officials
Gary Greenwood
Brad Allan

The new constitution was also passed and will now be sent to ASICS to be signed and sealed

More news following the AGM to come as well as correspondence to be emailed out (meeting minutes , financial audit ETC)

Massive Thank you to Brad Young and Sid Whittaker for the time they spent on the committee in the seasons gone by.


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